Nouvos ordo Seclorum – New World Order

Nouvos ordo Seclorum; a latin phrase of many beliefs surrounded with hints of scandal and conspiracy. The words themselves are innocuous however, the differing interpretations share a common denominator;  world domination and control. Whether the true definition is even know by some of the users remains to be seen. It is associated with the end of days, the bible book Revelation, the Mayan calendar and the Illuminati. In inevitable “New World Order” interpretation is also propagated throughout many religions believing this new form of governance at the global level will usher in the worst suffering mankind has ever experienced. Your belief system is sure to have some bearing on how you view Nouvos ordo Seclorum and what you believe (if anything). It is not surprising that the mere mention of the NWO sends many followings of different religions into an almost “panic state” combined with a sense of urgently; at a break-neck pace.

Have Thine Own Way Lord

Most religions use the NWO and Satan Himself to frighten the congregation into submission and conformance. All psycho whack-jobs throughout history began their ascent through the ranks of power by creating a looming situation on the near horizon; and that situation was created by someone or something desiring to kill, steal, destroy, rape, etc. a certain group of the population; usually members of some Holier Than Thou religious extremist group. Look at the work done by the infamous Reverend James Warren “Jim” Jonesthe founder and leader of the Peoples Temple.  He is best remembered for the mass suicide of 909 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana, along with the killings of five other people at a nearby airstrip (the only Congressman assassinated in the line of duty as a Congressman in the history of the United States) and over 200 children of whom were forcibly made to ingest cyanide by the elite Temple members. Their suicide according to Jones would spare them from the coming trials and tribulations but in reality, he knew authorities were coming to arrest or kill him, as the situation dictated. This was a man who banned sex in his “church” yet he filled his increasing appetite for the taboo by having sexual relations with both male and female Temple members. Jones however, claimed that he detested engaging in homosexual activity and did so only for the male temple adherents’ own good, purportedly to connect them symbolically with him.

Swaggart's confession

“I have fucked up badddddddddddd!! Please don’t take your money away!!!”

History is full of these cons that can sell ice to an Eskimo so it is not hard to see how liars like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Robert Tilton, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, etc. can seduce the population and tell them what to believe, what to do, eat, where to live, etc. What is interesting to note is none of these men forced anyone to join their cult; no one was in fear for their lives before joining these dysfunctional, delusional and in some cases, deadly groups.

Could it be that the xtians will usher in their NWO and force everyone else to comply and conform?

While society loves to call serial killers, child molesters, gangsters and other criminals Satanists, there is no substantiating evidence identifying a Satanic coven or group that went crazy and killed everyone or committed mass suicides. Even the Matamoros Murders, which were initially identified as a Satanic coven, was more of a voodoo / witchcraft / hoodoo hodgepodge used by superstitious drug smugglers and not real Satanists.

So why are the Satanists always accused of these wild, unbelievable conspiracies? It is more dangerous to walk through a parking lot full of religious nuts outside an abortion clinic. Satanists have never tried to make it legal to hang a pentagram on the wall of a courthouse or other government building. Think about it……..

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

3 thoughts on “Nouvos ordo Seclorum – New World Order

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  2. Looks like you know the issues. I don’t
    know all the details on evey issue. Perhaps
    I know enough to put two and two together.
    On the Ted Haggard issue; I was living in the same town of Colorado Springs, Co. at the
    very time that shit hit the fan. He is a high
    level expert sniveler for sure. It’s amazing
    how so many people kiss his ass even after
    two and three years after. This includes people who are supposed to be educated
    with good lifes. Ted H. and his church were
    preaching and raising community ruckus
    against homosexuals. What a guy.! For those who are not up on this; Ted H. had been seeing a male prostitute and doing meth,
    for over three years. He started that church
    some years ago. ( cannot recall precise digits)
    That church grew to the neighborhood of
    17,000 people attending. I seem to recall some bigger numbers for their bigger rally events. Oh, the fun of this one is that his wife
    did not split from him. Hhuumph ?? Ted H. was given a nice sum of money to get out of town
    and not to return. By this time they had a new
    corporate board committee. Ted was gone for two to three years, however there were occasional contacts in between. Then he manages to return to town and take up practice once again under the guise that he will provide counseling and traumatic relief
    for the poor whiners of a christain congregation. They actually let him come back. Bernie Madoff may be the number one
    con dollar wise. Concept and scheme wise,
    ole Ted H. may have grabbed that ribbon.
    The points of his wife staying and all the orher
    factors, wow. !! ching ching and ching.
    Does father god Satan get into anyone’s wallet like that ? Most of us know that answer.
    Sorry, did’nt mean to be long winded on this one but I was close up here. Yes, Colorado Springs, adds up to be quite the bipolar town.
    I believe I see your points on the remaining
    content you wrote of as well. I have been up to some research in the NWO concerns. I believe you are quite correct there also.
    Thankyou once again !
    Hail Satan even after the smoke
    clears! Hail Satan


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