The Propinquity of Satanism

“I hold communications with saints and angels, even with satan himself.”  Elizabeth Barton

Before I begin this week’s post, I want to thank everyone for their positive emails from last week’s “Olympics Opening Ceremony is Satanic Ritual”. I am happy to see that I am not the only one that finds these Satanic conspiracies funny………….and a bit crazy that some people actually believe the stuff.

Magic and Intelligence

I have always admired people who stand up for what they believe. Not the derelicts that commit social suicide daily; no, the one who balances prudence with audacity and repose with intestinal fortitude. These are the intelligent, mature and reserved Cognitive Warriors. The man who can make a young lady’s panties moist while whispering sweet “nothings” and minutes later, unleash a lexicon sampling of enigmatic terms reducing the biggest “bad ass” to a tongue-tied five-year old.

She is the woman who can make a man erect (rigidly upright, hard and straight) by just licking her lips; then, go toe-to-toe with a “Mensa 200 IQ, making them snivel and suck their thumb in the corner of the room after she trims them down to size.

 Marilyn Mach Vos Savant………….to me she is one of the sexiest women in the world!! I don’t care what anyone says, Intelligence = SEXY!!!!! And who doesn’t want to be with someone who is smart, witty and enlightened? Sex is one thing but conversation is where true bonding begins. It must be pure hell to be yoked to a partner who has the IQ of a box of hair.

Satanic SkullI am privileged to have known many intelligent Satanists over the years, all of which were very, very proficient practitioners of Satanic Magic. I believe the higher IQ allows the practitioner to accurately focus their high levels of concentration for longer durations without wavering or breaking the attention span. Those individuals who are able to “get into the zone” are the ones who can withstand long periods of time in a trance-like state of perdition. The ability to focus in a high state of awareness makes the magical operation more effective. I also believe sagacity of Aura Vibrational Cleansing plays a major role in the longer attention span and ultimate convergence of energy sources during successful magical operations. I believe this combination is the epitome of effective spells, curses, blessings, rites and rituals.

This is not to be confused with Satanic Meditation; it is not drifting through the levels of subconscious. Satanic Meditation allows the practitioner to exercise the mental faculties in order to achieve and maintain high levels of energy. The higher state of the “mind’s eye” and pinpoint focus propagates the energy resulting in a powerful “revving up” of the energy before finally releasing it into the atmosphere to be manipulated further by the being summoned for magical intercession. This is however, only my hypothesis and your position may be one of strict dissonance.

Messes Noirs

I was recently asked about the Messes Noirs (Satanic Black Mass) and my opinion of performing the mass to simply “mock all things xtian” versus any value-added for the coven. Here goes……….Naked Woman Crucified

Most people recognize the name “Black Mass” even if they are not familiar with Satanism per se. I believe it is the most widely used tag for the xtian bloggers wishing to draw an audience to their posts on Satanism. The mass is a tongue-in-cheek insult to the xtian church and the elements considered sacred by its congregation. At its core, the entire ceremony is “anti everything the established church stands for and believes”.

The Messe Noirs is practiced less frequently in most Satanic coven and it is actually performed more by those dabbling in Satanism or simply rebelling against the entire authority establishment. The ceremony still holds some theatric shock value for those exploring Satanism or unfamiliar with any other ceremony / ritual that could be substituted. Teenagers remain the demographic that performs bastardized versions of the ceremony found on the internet. I also offer a version of the Black Mass in my Book of Satanic Magic and Book of Satanic Ritual however, I offer other ceremonies that could be tailored and performed to fulfill the practitioners specific needs. As for value, I prefer to perform other “mass type” ceremonies that have specific meanings to our groups. If invited to attend a mass in a neighboring state or other location, I gladly accept and attend; respecting their chosen ceremony. 

Satanists who have been involved in Satanism for a while actually prefer a tailored ritual for magical operations. To me, the Black Mass is solely focused on the degradation of the established church, of which I care absolutely nothing about. Obviously, I do enjoy mocking the xtians in public however, dedicating a couple of hours to perform a private mass just for that reason is not value-added for our coven. I do not criticize anyone who performs the mass. It is up to the individual and the individual coven to decide what is right for them.

The Cyber Coven of Tomorrow

Technology changes quickly and it is sometimes difficult to keep up. As capabilities evolve, Satanism will evolve as well. Those who have visited my website recently know that I have been technical adviser for the “Gods of the New Church”; an international Satanic group that meets in a virtual sanctum. We have not held a virtual ritual at this point; only meetings, discussions and some “brainstorming” for problem solving IT issues.

She DragonSome people are very skeptical concerning virtual sanctum theory and some discount it as a “video chatroom on steroids”. I believe it will become an accepted method for not only meetings and chatting but it will be a viable media tool for performing rituals in the future. Magical operations begin and are generated in the mind and there are countless Satanists who already perform cognitive rituals with other coven members without leaving their homes. They experience great successful workings to prove the effectiveness of their methodology. In my opinion, the only part missing is the webcam; since the operations already take place. As with all things in nature one must evolve, adapt or die. I believe Satanism will survive.

A quick update on the documentary “The Resurrection Next Door” that explores modern Satanism and its increasing popularity. The producer of the project is having difficulty raising the needed capital to begin the project so for now, we are on hold until he secures the “green”. More to come…………..

Too Bad for Pagan

In a strange event, I have been “banned” from the website and I am not sure what instigated the action. I sent a message to the Administrator inquiring as to why I have been banned / suspended however, I have received no reply. It is too bad because I did enjoy reading the blogs however, the site changed oversight / management and it has slowly disintegrated for the last few months anyway.

A New Book

While traveling this week, I started the framework and outline on my next book. As a writer, I find there is a wealth of Satanic topics that I want to write about, so I begin as I usually do, just letting it flow, capturing every thought and trying to make sense of it all later with the editor.

The folks at my publisher, Loki / Speckbohne Media, are absolutely awesome and I thank them for their guidance, encouragement, hard work and support. What started as a real LONG SHOT, has evolved into 3 years, 6 books and unlimited distribution worldwide in every available publishing media; and we seem to be picking up steam!!!

“I sincerely thank each one of you who support my writing by purchasing the books that allow me to have the opportunity to further Satanism. Satanic Blessings!!!”

I will reveal the subject matter and a few details in the next weeks so drop by my blog. Here He Comes To Save The Day

Hail Satan!!

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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