Save My Soul For The Devil



It always feels good to release some steam from time to time. Keeping natural feelings such as anger bottled up inside is harmful to anyone. After all, everyone has a foible and many times, those of low moral character enjoy drilling into the defect like a root canal performed by a blind and drunken dentist……with about as much tact. However, it is nothing a pick ax cannot correct. 🙂 Westboro Baptist Church

Feed My Cheap Sheep

In a fucked up world, the Satanic inner sanctum is a great refuge. Anton LaVey called it an “intellectual decompression chamber”and I agree with this assessment. The quiet and the cool air are refreshing and reinvigorating while preparing for a ritual. The spent energy from so many years of magical workings almost floats like black angels around the sanctum.

“The “intellectual decompression chamber” of the Satanic temple might be considered a training school for temporary ignorance, as are ALL religious services! The difference is that the Satanist KNOWS he is practicing a form of contrived ignorance in order to expand his will, whereas another religionists doesn’t – or if he does know, he practices that form of self-deceit which forbids such recognition. His ego is already too shaky from his religious inculcation to allow himself to admit to such a thing as self-imposed ignorance!” Anton LaVey

The first time an Initiate sees the inner sanctum is usually an experience that is always remembered. The “theatre” quality and assault of his / her senses leaves an indelible mark upon the psyche. Part of the mind tries to rationalize while the other part symbolically runs toward the darkness; wanting more, needing more, craving more. Reality becomes a thing of the past and the events witnessed reinforce the fact that life will never be the same; he / she will never be the same.Do Unto Others

With demons of old lurking in every shadow, the parallax  view is perceived as all-encompassing. The devil is owed his due and the debt that was called is now collected. Those in attendance are witnessing a metamorphosis of epic proportion. Just was a beautiful butterfly emerges from the cocoon, the Initiate will emerge as a Satanist and a believer of true magical operation. There is no more doubt nor the loose tongue of mockery because there is undeniable evidence for the new witness. Future rituals may be exciting and awe-inspiring however the old adage is true; “Nothing compares to your first time”.

When I read about Atheists who claim to be Satanists, I really feel sorry for them in my heart. They will never experience anything so sublime as the Hosts of Hell in the blackest of orthodoxy, the true worthiness to be worshiped and praised with our Father Satan in all His stunning glory. They will never realize the other world is so close yet for them, so far away. Comedy, yet divine tragedy. The emptiness becomes overflowing and the wanting, longing are finally satisfied.

Dantes InfernoCan any other belief system fulfill its claim and provide that which is formed out of pure air? When was the last time a xtian saw the Nazarene? Why are there no witnesses to modern-day miracles, burning bushes and why does that which happened over 2000 years ago (if ever) never occur today? As the money-hungry bastards in $3,000.00 tailored suits jump around on the stage of a coliseum shouting JehovahJireh, those wandering fools paying to see this farce pretend to be filled with an angelic phantom. Jabbering in a meaningless babble while some other patsy claims to interpret this “mystical language”, the devolution of equanimity brings the zenith of “non event” to its moronic conclusion; understanding just about as much as a dullard comprehends enological axioms.Pure Evangelical Shit

Just as Tubal-cain forged weaponry, so will the army of Satan take much delight in revealing the inclusions of the diamond and chipping it into pieces. The screams of pain while clenching their teeth,  is sweet music to the Satanic ear and that which never was, remains nevermore. Evil stands strong and will triumph because Satanists are strong; we will be forever victorious with a foot across the neck of the weaklings and meek, as they inherit our wrath. It is not hate that drives our cause; no, do not mistake our resolve for such an uncontrollable human flaw.

We tread as we may because we call the xtian, jew and muslim liars and deceivers who have ruined many strong-willed people by crushing them underneath their minstrel parlor games. They have destroyed lives while brave men and fervent women are shamed away from the true and placed upon a religious treadmill that drains their happiness, finances, family and ultimately their very lives.

“Come forth Lazarus, where is your wallet…?”

Those once warmhearted brothers and sisters will be sodomized from the pulpit of insanity while the sheep look on. I say, “Hear me you hypocrites, we shall have our time and you will feel the yoke of slavery as it should be”. I will sling the blood from my Katana’s shinogi, to stain the earth crimson. Your pathetic daughters will know us all before the cock crows thrice. You have only one option; you must face the King of the World, the one you have condemned every time the doors to your whorehouse are opened. There is a clear point of no return and you have encroached upon the hot coals of our domain……you are mine now.Satanic Forgiveness

Belial, come forth and administer your violence upon these fools who have claimed a victory before the battle has started. Marduk, manifest your evil and impregnate the whores of the empty garden with your pure Satanic seed. Open their vaginas widely to accept that which they cannot fight. Burn the skin of their ears so that they may only hear the real truth without their Deus ex machina of deception.

“Feed them well from the cat o’ nine tails…..”

If you follow the fucked flock, you are ipso facto fucked. Save my soul for the Devil…….

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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