What Do You Believe?

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” 
― Malcolm X

Everyone believes in something. I believe in the existence of Satan and demons. I believe there are good people in the world and I also believe there are those who mistreat and misuse everyone they come into contact with during their life; even committing criminal acts. I also believe these individuals deserve punishment that fits the crime…..pure and simple.

Faith is different from belief and there are situations wherein both belief and faith coexists concurrently and there are those times when they do not coexist. Your belief system is the set of precepts which deeply influence your daily life accordingly, governing your thoughts, words and actions. Your beliefs serve as a litmus test used before your actions (or inactions) are taken. For the woman believing abortion is morally wrong, there is never a consideration of undergoing that procedure, regardless of the circumstances.

When young, we listen to what adults say, such as parents, in order to ascertain their beliefs and align our beliefs with theirs. As we mature, more questions are asked with the objective of eliminating the “grey areas” that are not as clearly defined and are more complex to analyze. Belief can often lead a person to an unpleasant reckoning and no amount of explanation or justification will change the person’s belief.

Information Filtering is often used by a Sender to introduce erroneous information which in turn, may cause the Receiver to misunderstand or question their previous understanding; and ultimately, their belief of a topic. If the belief becomes “questionable“, faith in the validity and accuracy of the belief is called into question……….at least it should be in pursuit of the truth. A dangerous chain of events may be set into motion if a person or group has an abnormally high level of faith in a belief; such a level in which the introduction of valid facts and data, contrary to the belief, are ignored or discounted. Indicators of the presence of this situation can be emotional rebuttal, abnormally heightened emotions to possibly include emotional escalation to the point of verbally (and in extreme cases, physically) attacking the Sender of the communications. The hostilities of the Receiver seem to be “over the top” creating an unprofessional and non-conducive environment. How does something so simple to discuss end in such an altercation?

In a word………..Faith.

When a belief is so important to an individual or group, two things occur; 1) The belief is accepted as an unwavering fact and 2) Faith is placed not only in the belief but also in the information that supports the belief, resulting in faith. During the course of questioning the information supporting a belief, the Believer begins to view this as a personal attack of their faith.

That is precisely what makes a situation of this type very dangerous for all parties involved; just as a flame in the presence of gasoline vapors can cause an immediate chain reaction.

Again, our example of an abortion. If a group believes abortion is wrong and they collectively refuse to listen to the supporting information and reasoning, the group may simultaneously retaliate to the situation by beginning a campaign to not only prove their point is correct but also, personally attack and smear the person or persons providing the information. It is a volatile situation that can quickly “get out of hand“.

Humans are genetically engineered with a need to believe in something or someone. That is why the xtian bible has been in print longer than most books. The hand-selected collection of stories are taken literally as truth by those following the xtian belief system. With their belief, comes an affirmation through their “profession of faith” which requires the public acceptance of the bible as the true word of their god. As with any pact, oath, charge, promise, etc. there is a contractual type of “consideration” given to the person offering allegiance. The xtians offer their life and soul in exchange for admittance to a heavenly place in the future.

The attributes of heaven differs from other religious belief systems; for example, the offer of virgins for their commission of fornication is not acceptable for the xtian belief of heaven. The premise of religious rules extends into their heavenly realm, just as they believe here on earth. Nonetheless, it is a quid pro quo arrangement of “I give to receive” for all religions.

Satanism underwent the same culling effect when Anton LaVey presented The Satanic Bible to the world. Anton wrote the Satanic Bible to provoke thought within those who are students of human psychological nature and who understand the assemblage of the Satanic Bible’s chapters and previously released treatises was to invoke discussion and consideration of ideas yet to be explored. Humans took the book and began to suggest (to Anton’s displeasure) that all Satanists should believe every word and take literally the precepts set forth therein in order to call themselves Satanists.

Cover of "The Satanic Bible"

In an effort to “hammer Satanism into a packaged religion“, the collection of LaVey followers splintered and have undergone several changes in structure over the past decades. It is this human need that often takes great ideas and bastardizes them to the point of only slight resemblance of the original idea. Whether for control of the group, monetary gains or otherwise, humans tend to fuck up just about all of the good things and ideas that come around……first by dictating the requirements, inventing some type of regulatory requirement and implementing a controlling compliance system (militia) to enforce their dictates and impose punitive measures for noncompliance. I suppose laws are often created to protect us from ourselves however, laws tend to stifle the creative process before reaching true fruition. In order to make great strides in any system, there must be the freedom for the system to mature; creating opportunities that were never dreamt.

Belief and faith may cause the undoing and demise of many humans in the years to come. The xtians watch the world stage for certain events they believe will usher in a new period of time. The Book of Revelation is the final book of the bible, written by a man who identified himself as John, exiled on the Greek island of Patmos. The book documents a dream the author had which alludes to future events leading to the end of time. Verses of the book are vague and heavily laden with symbolism and ambiguous and amorphous denotations, which cause speculation, conjecture and supposition. Religious groups often form their opinions and interpretations of these events and describe them as “prophesies given to them by god”. Followers of the various sects believe and begin putting faith into these prophesies; refusing to consider other ideas, theories or interpretations by any other person or group.

Armed with their beliefs, faith and intolerance of other ideas and religions, these may actually be “self-fulfilled prophesies” brought about through the manipulation of world events to orchestrate wars, famines, pestilences and world-wide death. These xtians actually look forward to these horrible events of suffering because they believe they will be exempt from these prophesies. Herein lies the root cause for fanatical religious practices and other religions are no different. Whether muslim, xtian or jewish belief systems, the same is true. Perhaps the subject matter and holy names are different but the premise and methodology remains the same.

Everyone in the world must suffer while their club members are spared by an imaginary god who prefers them enough to call them “Chosen People”.

Their beliefs are based upon lies; their faith is based upon fantasy; their salvation is based upon the demise of everyone else; their god advocates hate, murder and mass genocide; their “rule books” were written by pedophiles, murderers, bigamist, liars and thieves; they believe they control the keys to their imaginary kingdom where the same hierarchy and religious paradigm will be instituted, imposed and policed for all eternity.


I believe this will hurt!!

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?

  1. Looks again like you are hitting on all
    eight cylinders. Christains really do SUCK !
    Oh, and the part you said about the freedom
    to create and to many rules that stifle the
    process or goals, excellent. I am fifty-three
    years old now, and my whole working life,
    concurs and verifies that. The abortion issue
    is a great example of how screwed up they are. Who do you think started that twisted controversy ? Then keeps it going. It is no accident is going that way. I remember
    that issue from the eighties decade. My
    question for this issue and any other issue
    as well is this; How and why would people
    who live all the way across this country, thousands of miles apart think they can impose there self-righteous sniveling B.S.
    onto someone else. What are there credentials ? You have some great reading!
    hail Satan for sure !!


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