“Responsibility to the Responsible” in Satanic Society

“Following the Satanic creed of “Responsibility to the responsible,” in a Satanic society, everyone must experience the consequences of his own actions—for good or ill.”  Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program, Anton Szandor LaVey, 1988

The Self-Professed Satanic Gurus

The essence of Satanism is acceptance. Yes, I know some reading this will disagree with my statement and will reel in quick defense of their position to eliminate (or even eradicate) any philosophy that does not align with their own. Before doing so, consider this…………

It has traditionally been the xtians who have judged the occult arts as “unworthy” of respect and caused those practitioners to be heavily persecuted. Their minds have been twisted into an unaccepting and intolerant, single-focused conscience and “hate”. Yes, for all of their mouthing about “do unto others” they have in fact talked themselves out of the very thing they claim to believe.

Now, in the enlightened, information – accessible world in which we live, I see the same thing creeping into Satanism. Perhaps it is the misunderstanding of the Satanic Spirit that causes this phenomena to occur or (more likely) posers wanting to judge everything and everyone see Satanism as their “religion to do as they please……according to their will“. I will not prejudge their futile attempts to conjure demons, inability to perform effective rituals while they deposit their seed into some drunk chick or while they devalue the title of Satanist with barely coherent babbles. They should also not attack those they do not understand (or even have the capability to comprehend).Satanic Forgiveness

Anyone with a video camera can cook up some mambo jumbo about the LHP and be an overnight celebrity in the underworld. I believe it is because people are so hungry for something “real” that they will be fooled by the lure of the con. Even those who are truly believing in their minds that they are Satanists are often “making it up as they go”. Without a solid foundation in the dark arts, they grab at shadows for purely entertainment grandstanding. YouTube is loaded with these laughable caricatures who honestly think they are selling Satanism. Satan is not amused……

Many of the emerging groups today manufacture quantity without substance; babbling and bantering about why “they have all the answers” yet, no answers are revealed. Infighting and name-calling dilutes and represents Satanism as “a bunch of sideshow freaks, one generation removed from eating where they defecate“. I do not appreciate being associated with such a group of genetic – deficient misfires. Perhaps dear ole’ Mom stood up too quickly after their conception……….

Where are their years of training, experience and who mentored them? Are they in fact part of the sacred tradition of passing Satanic knowledge down through the rank and file or did they invest any time at all studying and finding something they truly believe? Satanism is not learned in a week, month or year; just as any proficient practitioner of any art or science must invest time and energy into learning something worth passing down the line.

The xtians play the same games with their flocks. The ever-illusive “salvation and blessings” are pursued by the naive hearted and they begin running on the religious treadmill chasing the carrot that is illusion itself. “Send more money, pray harder, do this, do that, now jump on one foot while rubbing your head……………..” Sacrilegious bull$hit. I see Satanism in the same state today. “Hate this person, that group is a fraud, we have all of the answers, here – look up this whore’s skirt……………”

The bait and switch con of the street artist where Satan is reduced to smoke and mirrors while mass communicated. The sad part of this is the Searcher who, knowing no better, is sucked into this cult-like worship of these “xtians in black”. So much time and energy is wasted going to these self-proclaimed witch doctors when SNAKE OIL IS NOT WHAT THE SEARCHER NEEDS. From the Online Satanic Blessings For Sale to the Hundred Dollar Laminated Satanic Membership Card, the traps are set for the unknowing. It is a sad fact that some lessons are expensive and must be learned the hard way. Satan will not be mocked.

Fear of Lightening

I was recently contacted by a gentleman; let’s call him Bubba :), who had been running a “Satanic Scam” on the internet……which he freely revealed in his opening email. I was amused after reading the first few paragraphs and I must admit, my curiosity grew rather quickly. It is not uncommon to receive email from those in need of psychiatric help however, this one was different. As he explained his scheme, I was waiting for the inevitable “I want to join you to make myself legit” offer; which is also not uncommon. His email was neither a proposal nor a question; it was a pleading. Having run his Satanism scam for some time, Bubba was truly frightened. I though it was a joke but after reading the entire email, I fully understood his self-imposed “bad luck”.

Satanic CurseRecently, he had experienced a bloody divorce and custody battle; of which he lost. He now felt true demonic presence around him and found it difficult to be alone or even sleep at night. He initially dismissed everything as stress and figured things would get better……….he was wrong. He had now reached the point where he not only considered suicide, but believed it was the only way out of what he called a “hopeless existence”. Finally after a lackadaisical journey down his “memory lane”, he asked me to intercede for him and perform some type of ritual to undo his doings.

“Don’t waste your time with people who will ultimately destroy you, but concentrate instead on those who will appreciate your responsibility to them, and, likewise, feel responsible to you.” The Satanic Bible

My question to him was “WHY?”. Even if I could help him in this situation, why would I? He preyed upon the weak and now that he was weak, other powers were preying upon him. It is the law of nature and I have no vested interest in this person. If he needs someone to tell him “it is alright…you are forgiven” go to a f_cking priest. HE CREATED HIS OWN SITUATION……….this is not happenstance. This was his ego, misguided ideas and limited knowledge of Satanism coupled with greed and stupidity. Satanism represents “we are gods” and as such, we form our own reality and ultimately, our destinies. Jumping on the Satanic altar will neither correct stupidity nor provide absolution………..the xtian church can; if the Price Is Right. LOL

Cause and Effect

If history has taught anything, it has illustrated than paradigms change as do individuals. Those selling Satanism today will be selling any assortment of conjecture in the future. Perhaps human nature, though years of evolution, has indoctrinated and instilled an additional pre-imptive defense mechanism: “F_ck You before You F_ck me” (I have censor my language so I am not kicked out of the social media………..YET AGAIN). I believe it is simply because people do not take responsibility for their own actions and they want someone else to clean up their mess. It is however, better for these blissful idiots to distance themselves from Satanism in their pursuit of their shell game. Some lines were never meant to be crossed.

Do they not understand that mocking Satan will ultimately lead to a huge phallic member being driven deep into their stretched anus?

If you f_ck – over the Master of this World, you should be prepared for a real f_cking……….Satan will not be mocked. Your clock is ticking.satan with a big dick

Until next time…………….or, maybe not.


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11 thoughts on ““Responsibility to the Responsible” in Satanic Society

  1. Well done! I wholeheartedly agree with your viewpoint.
    It is difficult to find a group of diverse and eclectic Satanists who “judge not,” but they are around. Most of them seem to lean towards the Theistic/Spiritual currents of the LHP, and Demonolaters would also fit into this group. I have found such a group with your Dark Arts Forum and I am deeply appreciative for that.
    It is so comically tragic that the Church of Satan has hijacked Satanism and because they are the most vocal and public about their views, their thoughts are accepted by the Mainstream as being the standards by which genuine Satanism should be judged. Selling an Atheistic concept and playing with Shadows…..maybe it is best that those of us who recognize and worship Satan and His authority are underground and below the radar.


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  5. It is interesting that most satanists rarely speak of it, yet this is the obvious thing after connecting with Satan. Full acceptance of everything, light and dark, in myself and around, in all its facets, without exception. It gives freedom and divine perspective. Unfortunately too many are hung up in the idea “we are right, they are wrong”, just like xtians are doing, while it doesn’t matter at all. Your own goals, your own creations, your own divine power expressing itself is what is important. Finding it and then exploring it is our life goal. One that never ends, because our nature is infinite and Satan is making us clear that we have all the freedom to live as we want. But it also means that we create our life and we are responsible for it. However responsibility also means power. If we created everything what happened to us, we also can change it. Satanism is path of power, path of responsibility for own life, path of freedom, path of acceptance and much more.


    • very well said and done !! I like your style.
      The element of acceptance is a worthy
      topic !! I like sex as much as the next
      person, but there are many other things
      and values in life. Youtube is good for
      some entertainment, but I believe it
      is quite a bit overrated. Making those
      videos sure does not make one a
      professional. Another of my favorite
      examples is so many people who are
      simple cooks, then seriously claim they
      are chefs. Actually it happens with all
      trades. Spirituality and Satan shouldn’t
      be confused with drugstore cowboys.
      Thanks for this great article, it will get
      my day started right. Hail Satan !!


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