On Hallowed Ground – Sacred and Magical Locations

Dedicated to my Satanic Brothers and Sisters in Louisiana…….

Witches and Satan

In Europe, sacred water wells were thought to have certain healing properties which increased in strength during the Summer Solstice. Wells have often been the community center (town square of olden times) since everyone came to the well to retrieve water. It was a place where the residents would visit and talk, some making a trip of several miles; a kind of news exchange complete with crop planting forecasting, catching up with friends from far away and plenty of good old-fashioned gossip. Since these sites were so special and in some cases, the only potable water within miles, the well became a spiritual and holy place. When christianity spread into these areas, many of the wells were made “holy” by the christian pope, father, etc. The well was sacred to the christians since their “Jesus”had been documented speaking to a Samaritan woman at a well in their bible.

Read the Bible

Read the Bible

As water sources were expanded and the wells no longer a necessity, many were simply covered up and abandoned. This did not stop the Pagans, who continued to meet at certain well sites to perform their rituals. As you can imagine, the christian church condemned the Pagan gatherings and of course, bloodshed and murder soon followed as the church attempted to stamp out the Pagans.

Man made stone circles and clusters can be found over the entire earth, which indicate humans have always strived to pay homage to their god(s) by constructing elaborate structures where burials, ceremonies and rituals have been held throughout history. Some of these ancient dwellings would be difficult to construct with modern tools much less primitive masonry and formation implements. Some structures, such as the great pyramids, took generations to construct and cost many people their lives.

Stonehenge is such a place where the ingenuity of our ancestors is not only impressive, but it still confounds architects and builders of modern society. How could such an assemblage of stones be placed in geometric situate with such huge / heavy stones and how has it survived the elements of history for so long? Without such mind-boggling questions, we will never know the true answers and these questions drive scientists of today to examine and hypothesize about their origins. These sacred sites were believed to hold harnessed energy and for Pagans and others practicing magical operations, the sense of power and the lure of fantastical results of rituals and rites was too strong to ignore. The Summer Solstice remains one of the highest regarded holidays in occult practices….even today.

Glastonbury Tor is another spiritual and magical site believed to hold special powers. Throughout its history, it has been a medieval monastery, temple, abbey, castle and fort. The legends of the site tell of a Faerie King, other world beings, an ancient labyrinth where it is believed people worshipped a goddess (Cerridwen) and even a UFO landing site. Many people today make the trip to visit Glastonbury Tor and report feeling “spiritually changed or different”after making the trek to the top of the hill, which stands some 500 feet.

Witch in the Graveyard

Nestled high in the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is one of South America’s most beautiful and sacred places. Built during the 15th century, it was a ceremonial city as well as an astrologer’s “mecca”; being a high elevation that gave early astrologers a better view of the celestial bodies. This was a place where the Inca gods (Apo, Inti, Supay, Ekkeko, Mamma Allpa, Coniraya) roamed free and unabated and communicated with the holy men of the Inca. Due to its “Sacred Geometry”, the temples of Machu Picchu are geometrically lined up with mountains and certain landmarks revered by the Inca. A number of ritual offerings have been discovered at the site.

Last, but certainly not least, is my homeland of Louisiana (the land of Voodoo, Hoodoo and Satanism) which has numerous sacred, spiritual and hauntingly wonderful sites that are worthy of mention in this post. The classic House of Voodoo Shop in the French Quarter is still run by family of the world-famous Marie Laveau; the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Marie was a real person who practiced the ritual and magic of Voodoo with unquestionable results. She was magical counselor to countless members of Louisiana’s social and financial elite. The website of the House of Voodoo Shop sums up their charge; “We offer a wide variety of items to help in both learning and practicing spiritual and religious ceremony, tribal masks and statues from around the world symbolizing our ancestors’ connection with the spirit and earth, talismans and charms directed towards many different supplications.”; simplicity at its best! Some of the numerous magic and ritual herbs they carry are:

  • Wormwood – Used for psychic abilities and rituals using astral travel.
  • Mugwort – Used for protection, dreams, divination and psychic powers and intuition.
  • Chamomile – Used for relaxation, sleep, meditation, as well as attracting Love and Money.
  • Rue – Common ingredient in healings and exorcism, also used for centuries to bring good fortune.
  • Rose Buds – A universal ingredient in Love spells, Rose buds are also used for relaxation and prophetic dreams.
  • Coltsfoot – Add to love sachets, also used for spells involving serenity, and to achieve psychic visions.
  • Five Finger Grass – Carry with you to help obtain the things you desire, both material and emotional.
  • Lemon grass – Used to break bad habits, overcoming obstacles, especially those involving communication, intellectual puzzles, or focus and confusion.
  • Mandrake – Hang over your doorway to ensure house protection and prosperity. Carry with you for protection.
  • Star Anise – Used to bring good luck, increase psychic powers, and for consecrations / protections.

While the shop has the “touristy” stuff, make no mistake, it has useful and required implements for the practitioner and much more beyond the back room. Subtle connections to the world of magical power can be derived from a short conversation with their knowledgable staff. Years ago, I would purchase items for rituals and receive a special “blessing” for the work occurring later that night.

Satanic Goat HeadThe St. Louis Cemetery (aka Cemetery #1) in New Orleans holds great magical power for the practitioner of almost any belief system. The energy of those laid to rest mingling with the spiritual world makes for an exceptional site. The cemetery is open to the public and has extraordinary architecture, unusual burial methods that are still in use as well as decayed ruins thinly concealing human remains. It is the city’s oldest cemetary and a “must see” for every New Orleans adventure.

Until next time,


BTW, for those celebrating the Summer Solstice by performing rituals and ceremonies, I send you Satanic Blessings and the very best for your magical working. I am always interested in the rituals of others so drop me an email.


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