Naturalia Non Sunt Turpia

“Some people view the human body, especially nudity, as vulgar. Some religions have made it a sin to appreciate the human body. The hypocritical and childish red faces of some “religious” groups astonishes me. The idea of sex and the guilty pleasures makes sweat form on their brow. Fools, hypocrites…..” Magus Richter Teller

Satanism has evolved over the years. I found my “home” in the Satanic coven many, many years ago and I admit, things are different nowadays than they were when I first entered the left hand path. I remember, as a young practitioner, going on my first “field trip”. I had recently been initiated into the coven and as a new convert, I soaked up every word, letter, syllable and sign that concerned Satanism. Satanic CunnilingusThe learning curve was straight up as with any new subject matter and I immersed myself into every aspect of Satanic Magic. Like a child with a new toy, I never grew tired of talking with coven members and listening to their reflections of their past experiences. Minutes turned to hours with relative easy……time was always the limiting factor for my new-found craft.

SatanicIt was June and we drove in a convoy to the west coast for the Summer Solstice Ritual. Our Magus had been in the music business in California for a few years and he always stayed in contact with his former coven. He arranged for the accommodations and we were on our way. I can still remember the excitement of my new-found family and the open road ahead of us. Somehow, I felt it would be a memory that would stay with me always and of course, it has.

The ritual was held in the Ojai Valley, which is a beautiful and almost spiritual area. My first impression was of how beautiful the women in the area were; almost angelic and perfect in every dimension (Brian Wilson was right). Warm days and cool evenings made for a really great experience. We camped near the ritual site and in the typical “hippie” fashion, we intermingled with those who had traveled from other parts of the country. Sitting around a campfire and listening to the stories and escapades of the generations before me was wonderful and educational. I learned so much just taking in the conversations and there was a family “feeling” the entire time. The ritual was amazing as it was the first time I had attended in such a large group. The energy was almost electrifying and taking it all in was overwhelming for the senses. It was jovial, brutal, mesmerizing, awakening and wonderful concurrently. The smell of the incense burning in the thurible and the candles mixed with the smells of darkness.

I continue to travel to ritual events with members of my coven even today. While I do not “drive” to California anymore, I do make at least an annual trip to the west coast. It is always great to see friends from another time and place. These are relationships forged over time and of which I deeply cherish. We share the same beliefs and the same outlook on life: “Fuck the world!” What could be better? OK, I know I sound like some old-timer that is reminiscing while stroking my cock so I will move on with the post.

 Many who email me ask how they can learn Satanism, magic, ritual, etc. My response is simple; “Be a student of Satanism.” Learning takes time and energy but the effort exerted will pay off great dividends for those who take the dark arts seriously and strive for perfection. Soak in as much information as possible while remaining cognizant that “Everything that glimmers is not gold”. There is an ample supply of disinformation in the cyber world so you must disseminate to separate the chaff from the grain.

Satanism is a journey and subduing your fear in order to take the first step is the hardest part. If you take that step (and I hope you will) you stand to inherit a kingdom of Divitiae Divitie and forming lifelong relationships.

Raise Hell and take that first step………we are waiting for you just beyond your comfort zone!!!

Until next time,


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