Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

Each year, many Satanic coven celebrate the Summer Solstice (Sommersonnenwende). Rituals, celebrations and other happenings are often observed by Pagans, Wiccans and other beliefs. Satanists enjoy this celebration as well. The rituals used by the different practitioners vary greatly from group to group however, an excerpt of the ritual our coven uses is below.

Photograph by Haarvey Aardvark

Photograph by Haarvey Aardvark

The themes of the Summer Solstice Ritual are Sex and Blood. Both are represented in the ritual we perform. Part of the ritual is acquired from the Throne of Moloch ritual. This ritual amplifies the “sacrifice” element which symbolizes the sacrifice of an infant or small child, intermixed with cannibalism of the body and drinking of its blood. The ritual is believed to have been created by the Pagans and adapted by other belief groups, including Satanism, however, Moloch is actually in the Law of Moses.

The beginning of the ritual is focused on the acquisition of blood and the conjure of Satanic energy. The remainder of the ritual fulfills the carnal, sexual desires (as below) during which the energy is increase to the point of orgasm and then released through orgasm. The ritual is not an orgy per se, however it becomes very much sexually driven to the point of climax when the energy is dissipated into the sanctum. The opening of the ritual mirrors the beginning of any other ritual. Once the coven has gathered in the Inner Sanctum and the opening completed, the Summer Solstice Ritual is performed as below.

Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (excerpt)

High Priest

To you Satan, Prince of Darkness and King of this World.


We dedicate ourselves to your service and glory!

High Priest

To the Demons of the Abyss, wondrous with Satanic spender.


Carry these words into the World as we worship of our King.

High Priest

Deliver to those in need of Satanic Blessings, these words in our Master’s name.

We call upon the four Crown Princes of Hell; Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan!


Satan, may our magic be blessed with your flame. May your wrath pour upon the earth!

Lucifer, bless our words with your enlightenment. Carry our voices upon the wind.

Belial, bless our ritual from the dark earth. Unleash your wrath upon those who would desire to bind us.

Leviathan, bless us from the watery depths. Allow us to drink deeply from your chalice at the gates of Hell.

High Priest

Blessed are those who hear these words, for the unfit shall flee from the sound of His Truth.

Blessed are the believers and practitioners of Satanism, for they command the darkness to fulfill their every desire.

Blessed are the Satanic Brothers and Sisters working diligently to nurture and ennoble evil for Moloch.

For the blood of Baal’s athame shall bring forth our Master; on the altar of Moloch, we shall deliver so that we may descry the Highest.

I will spit upon the kindred of the weak as they call to an empty sky; they have sealed their fate and are unworthy of the Devil’s knowledge.

The coven members circle the Altar as the High Priest begins to stimulate the Altar’s vagina area with his fingers. As each person touches the Altar’s nude body, the Coven chants the phrase below until her first orgasm.

Sanctus Satanas, Domine Inferi

The Sub Deacon raises the chalice, blesses it and drinks. He gives the chalice to the congregation and each person drinks and passes to the next person.

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11 thoughts on “Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

  1. Ektema es facil si os interesa y teneis los cojones para hacerlo puesto que debes ser dos personas del mismo sexo y se deben tener confianza entre ellos ,luego los condimentos elevatorios (mucho bob!) y alcohol para deshinibirse ,luego hablen quien sera el dominador y quien el esclavo que le servira en la ceremonia que es muy efectiva para los principiantes ,no creeirais cuanto!!ªcomo veras un giro positivo de todo tipo monetario e intelectual tu inteligencia se incrementa ya vereis,volviendo al tema el disco de lavey que es muy dificil ,si lo tienes eres afortunado y ya tienes el mayor dificultamiento luego consigue tu compañero y haganlo el dominador la va a pasar bien jeje el esclavo debera atenderlo,estaran a oscuras completamente no se veran practicamente ,deberan estar con miy poca ropa y poner todo el disco ,luego el esclavo hace lo suyo pero si o si es lo mas importante debera ingerir la semilla del dominante por eso decia que es placentero para el dominante juas!! ,me mandan un msj cualquier duda,y si lo hicieron las buenas nuevas que van a pasar !!!


  2. hello mystics, I am a Russian, hicela ceremony in my alone quarter with my friend Ianuth and the fue añl has changed to us the luck into little time I play ruñeta and gain greatly money and his bmw re-shines! I was the domineering one and the slave, we were not cheering the truth up but we join value and we did it and quite much ok, it was pleasant for the two and a lot of luck came to us, only buscaun close friend and with courage to cheer up it is not for anyone idiotically with prejudices….


  3. yes is the first ritual ,your medd a friend intimate and brave,the mass is a crygirl hahaha , but the ritual is easy ,is the firs and animated with a friend and the rich and fortine cpmming,remember 2 girls o 2 boys only ,is a powerfull ritual,i and me must best friens make it and verY much glorious too,is dificult a friend whit courage all chikens hehe Lavey is a master.


  4. The coven 2 members circle the Altar, begins to stimulate the Altar’s vagina or penis with his fingers and mouth of slave, person touches the Altar’s nude body, the Coven chants until her first orgasm. Very effective, I with my friend garantee!


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