Satan and Satanic Topics

A Few Random Satanic Topics

Satanic LoveI have always felt comfortable in darkness and the cool touch of fresh air outdoors late at night. I know the attraction for our ancestors to open their souls and dance while praising the gods of the other worlds. I imagine the witches around a fire concocting a position for health (or other more sinister motives), asking for blessings and success while believing in their hearts and minds that their desires would be delivered. Magic has been the instrument of “hope” throughout the ages and continues to be even in our modern existence.

Satanic ViewMagic will always fascinate the generations and there will always be those drawn to the secrets of the spirits. In my case, magic is in my life daily; whether writing about the subject, participating in rituals, reading and studying or meditating while increasing my energy. I find magic to be an endless source of questions and exploration of which I eagerly volunteer. My untiring pursuit of all things magic often leads me back to a common ground just as the circle around a pentagram encircles without end. It is a vast landscape that always holds a discovery just beyond the next hill. Magic and the operations of Satanism are also never-ending sources of amazement and discovery. I greatly enjoy witnessing others awaken the magician within and I share great pride in knowing I have taken part in their journey. Satanism is satisfying and fulfilling in an awe-inspiring fashion.

Satan reveals His magical secrets which you should swiftly documented in the grimoire for later reflection and contemplation. One of the most important elements of magical practice is the “building block” regiment that magical operations follow. The grimoire allows the practitioner to record the nuances that may (or may not) be a part of future successful rituals. After a ritual, I always take a few moments to write down what went right, what did not work, how the ritual progressed and the revelations that Satan offered. Continuous practice of magic allows the practitioner to receive Satanic blessings as a residual energy cast during the working. I enjoy the hours following a ritual because I (and those with me) are renewed, regenerated and excited to discuss what just occurred.

I find the Satanic sanctum to be a wonderful place to meditate. Sacrosanct energy remains within the sanctum for as long as days after a ritual has taken place. This untapped reservoir of forces can be channeled during meditation and this allows for higher mental awareness and transcendence of astral planes only dreamed of by the practitioner. Taking the energy and converting it into the usable potent stimulus that opens the mind and spirit. Once you have used this immense power, you will be truly addicted and nothing else will fill the void or satisfy your magical longing.

Head StonesSatanic Altars come in all sizes, shapes and compositions. Solitary practitioners will often have a small rectangular-shaped table filled with implements (a bell, Athame, a skull, etc.) and trinkets they desire and hold sacred. The Sigil of Baphomet is usually displayed as a backdrop for the altar. Candles are used not only for setting “the right magical mood” but also for lighting the room since no artificial lighting is desired during certain rituals. A chalice is used to drink at certain times during rituals. I have been asked what drink is used by most Satanists and the answer is; “Whatever you want”. The chalice does not have to contain alcohol; intact I usually fill mine with tea. The substance is not important. Some altars are large and extravagant and during coven rituals, a woman lies on the ritual table and is referred to as the “Altar”.

Hate destroys a person from the inside out. When you hate a person for a long period of time, it actually damages you more than the object of the hate. To mitigate this risk, the Satanist practices a Destruction Ritual as soon as possible to neutralize the energy that begins to build in the person’s mind and the immediate vicinity of the Satanist. We do not practice “turn the other cheek” unless it fills our needs or serves our desires. Satanists are not cowards nor do we retaliate blindly through stupidity or lack of judgment. Once the matter has been given due diligence and the proper course of action selected by the Satanist, retribution will be swift and decisive to be sure. The Destruction Ritual assists in resolving the issue by dispatching Satanic justice swiftly and effectively. In doing so, the matter is settled and the Satanic energy is neutralized as a byproduct. Praise Satan!!!

The Greeks gave the world some wonderful and wondrous mythological creatures. MaenadLittle known to the world are the Maenads, members of the orgiastic cult of Dionysus. They would often lose all self-control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and hunt down and tear to pieces animals — and, at least in myth, sometimes men and children — devouring their raw flesh. No point here – I just find them to be quite interesting!!!

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