The Spiritual Schism – Anamorphosis, Transcendental Meditation, Astral Projection and the Third Eye

I had a dream last night that was so vivid, I felt I needed to at least document my feelings and thoughts before tossing it in the archive of meandering thoughts. I rolled over and took the pad of paper and pencil that I keep at the ready by the bed and began to write by the light of the alarm clock. After a few thoughts, I dropped the pad and pencil on the floor and rolled back into the covers. This happens routinely and so I gave it no further thought until later this morning. Not remembering what I had written, I looked at the mostly empty page and read the few scribbled words; “The spiritual world would be a good blog subject”. That was it…..that was all written and at the time, it seems as though I wrote for thirty minutes or so. After staring at the page for a few minutes, I decided it would be a good subject to write about and so……….

666As with everything pertaining to life, there is a structure in the spiritual world. Sinister to almost comical, the cast of characters are for the most part, entertaining and interesting. The spiritual world lies just beyond the human grasp and while we interact with that world almost daily, we justify these awkward events as “happenstance” or “coincidence”. There are no accidents in the spiritual sphere and dismissing these events further suppresses the Third Eye (no, not Cyclops); the third eye (aka Ajna Chakra) is the portal through which we gain a view to the other side; the spiritual side. If you were to ask 100 people if they believe in the spiritual world, statistically you would find that 94% of the 100 believe in such a world however, if asked if they believe in ghosts the percentage drops to 77%.

Most people identify the spiritual world with their religious beliefs and so if they are devout followers of certain theologies, they want a reward for their “suffering, loyalty and abstinence” from those things considered sinful. Magical Third EyePeople tend to believe religious belief they were first taught when they were young (Law of Primacy). The Law of Primacy is equally applied to other aspects of human behavior as well. If a child is abused when young, statistics indicate that the child will continue the circle of violence by abusing their children (or all children). “Unlearning” something is very hard to do and without support and reaffirmation, learning seldom works. In keeping with this idea, if a child is reared in an evangelical church with that belief system reinforced by friends and family, that child has little change of raising a dissenting opinion. Like a flower in a desert, the idea will wither and die.

The reason for this “long way around the village” is so you will know why you either agree or disagree with me as this post evolves. Those who have already decided to close their mind to what is about to be discussed  do so because that is part of their psychological makeup and that is who they are, whether they reveal that to the public or not does not matter. All I invite the reader to do is consider what I am about to reveal and know that I have experienced the hidden world several times and I am not afraid of what the future holds; I know what the endgame looks like and I am OK with that…..what about you?

The spirit world is vast and incomprehensible to the human mind. Try to imagine time ceasing to exist; an infinite space that no matte how long you travel, you will never reach the end. Without boundaries, without form and without philosophy or reason; this is the spirit world. If you meditate and truly use this valuable tool to expand your mind and experiences, you probably know and can identify with what I am writing at this very moment. For you have probably cast your eyes into that endless chasm of which there is no destination or measure. Meditation opens your sub-conscience and allows you to increase the one thing that exists in the spirit world; energy.

Hallway of InsanityOur world is formed, maintained and ultimately defined by energy. As humans, we have learned to harness energy in metered amounts. We cannot harness the energy created by a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning, a hurricane or other displays for which our limited capabilities fail us. We can however, create electricity to power things, manufacture fuels that will become energy-giving and the very power needed to procreate life. We have a way to go to be totally competent in harnessing such energy forms but we have made (and are currently making) progress. Humans had to believe these things were possible before beginning the attempts to attain what was believed. If we can “dream big” in these areas, why do we dismiss other dimensionless energy sources? We cannot see wind but we can see the forces of the wind. We cannot see electricity but we know it will kill us in an instant if not properly prepared so what about the spirit world? We only use 10% of our human brains and that is part of the root cause.

The spirit world is formed by energy and there is only one tool we can use to harness that energy and that is our minds. We can exercise the mind through daily meditation and in doing so, open the mind to the higher levels of spiritual energy. Just as a sword maker spends countless hours harnessing energy and forging the steel to adhere to his / her will, the practitioner of magic invests time to harness the energy from the spirit world and shape it into a useable force for working his / her desires. The concepts are the same and the instrument created will be razor-sharp and deadly in both cases.

The Dark Arts captures this energy and uses it during magical rites, rituals and operations. The energy, as stated before, is what causes the changes desired by the magician and the stronger the energy, the stronger the magical workings. Through “transference” (non-Psychoanal Psychoneuroses) the energy is brought from the spirit world into our limited three-dimensional space and bound by the magician to their spell or other process. There is no differentiation between “good and evil” power and for this reason, Anton LaVey was correct in his statement that there are not White Magicians or Black Magicians since the energy is the same. One is reputed to practice the art with love and kindness while one uses evil and other negative drivers to deliver the “goods”. Energy is made up of positive and negative force and without either one, the energy (example electricity) would simply cease to exist. There are no white witches nor black witches……there are only witches. What they do with the energy is beside the point. What is good to me is bad to you and vice versa. Not everything fits in a nice little package so stop trying to make it so. Memento Mori……

The thin veil of space that separates our world with the spirit world is known as “Anamorphosis”. The fact that one needs a special ability (also known as a tool) to get a clear, undistorted view is an example of how close we are interconnected with the other side. Some people occasionally get a glimpse through the metaphorical curtain and they see events, past/present or future, unfolding for their observation. When a person is in psychological distress from pain, bad news or other mind altering events they are more susceptible. People near death are more attune with what is about to happen to them which is a defense mechanism for preparing the mind and body for crossing the energy bands that separate our worlds. Some who have experienced this phenomenal describe it as a form of mental Scotoma; distortion of the logic sensors and the mind’s eye which, in some cases, are followed by an epiphany, physical manifestation of “good or evil” dependent upon the person’s spiritual beliefs or intuitive perceptions. When a person practices meditation, the cognitive strengthening of the magician’s Astral Plane. Astral Projection PlaneThis is a good place to discuss this concept because it is essential to understanding our subject matter.

Astral Projection has been around for a long time and those who master the Astral Plane can (and do) have huge magical advantages over someone without the skill set. Most humans remain in the Physical Plane and never progress further. You must believe there is more in order to find more…right? Astral travelers will know at least two of these planes and the more advanced, stronger and dedicated magician will often operate on several different planes. You can easily see why they are at an advantage over someone who not only lacks the skills, but does not even believe in the astral world. Sleep and the mind operations that occur allow Transcendental Meditation to take place by opening the corners of the mind and allowing thoughts characterized as crazy or foolish to be thoroughly explored, investigated and rationalized. The impossible, absurd or stupid ideas become viable, achievable and valuable during these meditation events. Many great thinkers and meditation gurus in history have gained mental and physical advantages through the use of regular transcendental meditation techniques.

The Anamorphosis is a two-way door that can easily be opened from either dimensional side. You can enter or leave however, it is just as effortless for other energy forms to access. This is where the “good and bad” are often misidentified and for good reason. For humans throughout history, things not understood were often feared and with fear comes a primal urge to either incarcerate or destroy that which is not fully understood. If a human enters the void just beyond the Anamorphosis and experiences an event that is perhaps unpleasant, that event is often called “bad or evil”, especially dealing with the spiritual world which is still an untapped frontier. Much the same as the early pioneers and settlers going west across America, there were unpleasant events and scary “Red Men” who would not only kill a person but they would take their scalp!! Never mind how horribly the Native Americans had been treated; making them hate and retaliate viciously against all “White Men”.

Transcendental Meditation LevitationI believe anyone willing to invest their time and energy can achieve these higher planes or awareness; a most coveted skill to be ever sharpened through practice. Channeling energy and molding it to become a tool in your magical toolbox is a worthy, noble and commendable task that proves the magician’s higher knowledge and ability as well as their serious commitment to continuous improvement of their magical operations. Opening the mind is the first step to achieving these notable accomplishments. I hope this information opens the door to discussions and considerations for those interested in improving their magical abilities through meditation.

Until Next time,


5 thoughts on “The Spiritual Schism – Anamorphosis, Transcendental Meditation, Astral Projection and the Third Eye

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Reading some descriptions of the other side are so precise, they bring me right to that experience I’ve had. It’s a true gift to experience leaving this dimension and being in another, but surely makes one feel different in this place we exist. It’s difficult to not appear insane to people you chose to share with. Anyways, thanks for your knowledge and information.


  2. After looking into a number of the blog posts on your blog, I really appreciate your way of blogging.
    I book-marked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back


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