Satanic Meditation and Magic

One of the most overlooked tools in the Satanist’s arsenal is meditation. Far too many people dismiss this beneficial practice without realizing the true potential.

 The Christ
Meditation has been around a long time and is practiced by many different religious and spiritual groups across all demographic boundaries.  Those who dedicate proper time and preparation can reap countless blessings for the soul, body and mind. Besides the rejuvenating power of meditation, it can also recharge your spiritual battery and allow introspection and retrospection for the Satanist. While the physical person is refreshed, the psychic and cognitive attributes are restored, repaired and healed.
Satanic SkullMeditation also brings the Satanist nearer to Satan and His demons. By building a Mind’s Eye, the bounds of terra firma are slipped and the practitioner begins to learn and understand the celestial world where the time dimension is slightly off set and those beings of the other side roam free. The regular use of meditation will enable the Satanist to wield higher levels of power and exhibit greater control during rituals as well. Harnessing the ability of the mind to ever expand and contract according to the desires of the practitioner allows for greater energy levels being sustained and improved coping skills. All of these attributes are a byproduct of meditation.
Many people experience the manifestation of demons for the first time during meditation. Opening the mind to accept more than is normally offered during the course of a day is another product of healthy clearing of the chakras during meditation. The view through the magical sphere allows the practitioner to explore the corners of the conscience and delve into a more refined and higher awareness. Once the chakras are clear and unobstructed, the heightened perception and animalistic reflexes become in tune with all of the humanistic senses. The servant becomes master; the prince a king; a demon a devil.
With all things in nature, the primal urges are always just a breath away; waiting to be released. This is the nature of a “mob mentality” which often turns composed and reserved bystanders into vicious and cruel opportunistic savages. We live in a society that has tried through its best efforts to remove the animal from the human however, you cannot make that which is, “simply cease to exist”. Can you change the nature of a rattlesnake because you desire it to be a “pet”? I say no, the snake is what it is and will always be a snake. So why the sense of urgency to change a human and turn it against its nature? Have we as a society reached a place of total lunacy?She Devil
Meditation allows the body to stand apart from itself and recover though rest and introspect. Do well and often, it will also heighten your awareness and increase the powerful energy in your magic.
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