Malleus Maleficarum / Witchcraft / Email Spells

Malleus Maleficarum

Few books in the world are as unsettling for followers of witchcraft as the Malleus Maleficarum. For those who are unfamiliar with the book, it is a “hard book to get through“; especially because it is based upon fact and actual events of such cruel magnitude, it makes others pale in comparison. It is like reading a vicious Sadist’s diary complete with tips on how to inflict maximum bone crushing pain upon the victim.

OK, so it does not go that far however, it does explain how to extract confessions from witches and how to maneuver the “law” to convict the accused witch of satanic pacts, devilish deeds, cannibalism, Infanticide and casting evil spells to harm their enemies. While the book has been retired to the hallowed halls of libraries and digital repositories, just the idea that the work was taken seriously in the 1500s, is cause to reflect upon the fact that countless women were tortured and killed according to the direction the book gave. It is almost incomprehensible………even today.

So quickly can a society spiral out of control and become so obsessed with controlling that which is misunderstood. It also seems that every page is written in the blood of some poor soul that begged for death to ease their pain. The images bombard the reader’s mind; the breaking of bones, the ripping of flesh, the injuries that can never heal and the body that will never be the same even if the life is spared. This is what happens when a religion becomes so big, imposing and bullish. Humans are always quick to follow the leader that raves as a lunatic from the pulpits across the globe. So meaningless do trivial things like “human rights” become when distorted by a delusional madman screaming in the name of GOD. How devalued the lives of rational, reasonable and intelligent people become once the “holy chosen people of God” set their sights on silencing any opposition to THEIR GOD.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam have all been guilty of imposing their will upon others; to the point of death. In a world where civil liberties hang by a string, these groups chisel away at the rights of those who even question their religions. Even the idea of asking questions is seen by these groups as “blasphemy” and in many cases, subject to immediate torture and death.


While on the subject of Witchcraft, I have recently received several emails asking my thoughts on the association between Satanism and Witchcraft. I realize there are those who try to lump the two together in one nice package but there are not only subtle differences but they are quite different.

While members of a Satanic coven are often referred to as Witches, they are actually Satanists however, the magical operations practiced by both are similar. Anton LaVey made no differentiation between white and black magic with this statement from The Satanic Bible:

“There is no difference between “white” and “black” magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness and self-deceit of the “white” magician himself.”

As I have said before, I am not a LaVeyan Satanist however, I do appreciate Anton’s viewpoint on this subject and I agree with him. The same Satanic forces “black magic” we use during rituals is the same magic the witches I am acquainted with use in their workings “white magic“. I have had many discussion with these witches (who I call friends) and they also agree with Anton’s opinion on the matter.

Email Spells

I am often asked to write special Satanic “spells” that can be used to fulfill the desires of the follower. Everything from increasing wealth to attracting a lover; if it can be imagined, a magical spell is requested. Many of the ones emailing me the request are so far removed from the reality of magic, they simply believe a few words spoken and a candle will give them what they desire. I guess I could send these folks some spooky poetry but I prefer to attempt to educate these misguided seekers.

Magic is not a simple thing. Would you email a surgeon for “open heart surgery directions“? Magic is not surgery but the magical operation can either achieve the desired results or go terribly wrong and without proper education, the practitioner is playing Russian Roulette. Simply reading a spell from a sheet of paper will never render the desired results. There are no magical shortcuts nor are there any effective “off the shelf” spells. If someone claims to sell you a spell, save your money……….it does not work.

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