Satanism, Satanic Ritual and Magistra Tempi Rex Blanche Barton

“Who wrote the bible, Who set the laws?

Are we left to history’s flaws?”

Nikki Sixx

Disparate Satanists

In the world of Satanism, opposites play a role in the everyday following of the Left Hand Path. Anton LaVey wrote in The Satanic Rituals; “On the altar of the Devil up is down, pleasure is pain, darkness is light, slavery is freedom, and madness is sanity. The Satanic ritual chamber is the ideal setting for the entertainment of unspoken thoughts or a veritable palace of perversity”

Opposites, as any opposition, are direct polar extremes. In the case of a magnet, the polar opposites actually create a great source of power. Opposition in human life is, for the Satanist, a good thing. We learn to sharpen our energy forces and hone them into a force that can change reality. “Perception is reality” and the perception your adversary is under will be of great benefit to you in any oppositional situation.

Simply put, this defines magic. Altering reality becomes the reality and moving the energy as you wish is the greatest of all magical processes for the Satanist. This is not something you can acquire overnight and certainly you cannot create knowledge from ignorance without a change in motivation and behavior. The ancient sorcerers practiced the satanic arts and learned how to channel the energy needed to change the perception (and circumstances) of scenarios while recording their experimental operations in grimoires. Learning “what worked and what did not work” was the most critical step in the process for without it, the magical processes would simply become futile repetitions. The result must be accepted prima facie.

A human will never know more that what 1) they are exposed to or 2) what is taken in through one of the five senses. There is no such thing as spontaneous knowledge. If you have entered Satanism searching for knowledge, you will learn if you open yourself to experience “Satanism”. You must be willing to invest in your objective and relentlessly pursue Satanic knowledge for without this, you will waste your time.

Contemporaneous Turpitude

While opposites can attract, it is the skilled practitioner that can harness the magical energy in such a way that two changes simultaneously result; Perception Change and Reality Change. During a magical working, the coven attempts to leverage the strengths of the group as they minimize the weaknesses…………and yes, even Satanists with LARGE EGOS have weaknesses. Note: Quite often, their huge ego is their weakness; allowing them to be guided as a sheep to the proverbial slaughter.

Perception can be changed simply by moving the variables of the cognitive landscape around to rearrange them to your satisfaction. Women wear makeup, wear high heels and change their hairstyle to change perception………..the way they are perceived. Men color their hair, drive a sports car and brags about the woman he had sex with last night. This changes people’s perception. In Satanism, as in magic, changing perception works the same way but must be accomplished through process. If you are placing a spell on the man / woman you desire, you will use magical operations during the ritual to make them more open and receptive to your advances or you may simply want their attention and let the change of reality “close the deal“.satanic sex orgy

At the same time, the ritual serves as a vehicle through which reality may be changed in order for you to gain an advantage; whatever that may be. Again, the operations of the ritual will allow you to change reality and reap the benefits such as calling that man / woman “yours“. These spells and rituals are powerful for the competent Satanist who can learn from the satanic grimoires created long ago.


Change is everywhere in the world and the Satanist must accept an ever-changing magical topography. The Satanist will always be subjected to changes in magic, energy, coven, lifestyle, fiscal position, etc. because that is the pure nature of magic. Many of the sorcerers of old were nomadic (usually due to following the migration of their prime food sources) and thus the stigma of gypsies and those forever wandering and roaming the earth was created.

Because we as Satanists live in continuous change, we can (and often do) take advantage of those changes happening around us. Humans are “creatures of habit” and adapting to change allows the Satanist to take advantage of the chaos that usually ensues during times of change. Zeroing in on those who do not cope well with change will allow the practitioner to exploit that characteristic magically. If you know “_________ will cause ________ to happen“, you are now controlling the variables in what can often be a very complex situation. Take advantage of the confusion and uncertainty that comes with the changes and you will be in a better position to get what you want through magical ritual operations.dungeon

It has been said that Nostradamus was a brilliant prophet and through his knowledge of the celestial bodies allowed him to foretell some of the most important events in the history of man. Others have claimed he was an inept astrologer, artless without aesthetic aptitude, incompetent, maladroit and above all, a plagiarist. It is common knowledge that Nostradamus “lifted” many things he wrote from other books and other authors. What is interesting: most people recognize the name Nostradamus while very, very few would recognize the names of those authors he “borrowed” his ideas from. Say what you may but he certainly carved himself a place in history and a legacy that lives on even today.

Satanic PaintingNostradamus wrote about diabolical subjects, controversial ideas and prophesies that are still being interpreted by scholars. He embraced the idea of human suffering on an epic scale in his 942 Quatrains. Gloom and doom always sell but he took the writing a step further by actually making the reader “invest themselves” in the writings. These events would happen to people, just like the reader and this connected the reader to the subject matter the same way an American might become emotionally invested while reading the accounts of 9/11. Nostradamus found his niche and worked diligently to write about many different subjects within the context of foretelling the future. Thus, he will be known forever.

The Satanist must use the same approach to magic. He / she must learn, practice, record and repeat over again in order to build their competency. Nostradamus may not have been able to foretell the future but no one can deny he knew how to write!

Fallen Angels

Anyone who has read my blog posts or visited Aleister knows that I love women. I also know women can become some of the strongest satanic practitioners of magic. Those willing to apply themselves can become powerful, manipulative and magically competent allowing them to realize their deepest desires through magical process and application.

Magistra Templi Rex Blanche Barton had this to say about the female Satanist:

“The smartest, most passionate, most beautiful women I’ve met have been Satanists. I don’t mean “beautiful on the inside where it really counts;” I mean gorgeous, vibrant, curvy women. Most non-Satanic men find Satanic women intimidating – too intelligent or too pretty, or worse yet, both at the same time. It takes a special woman to be a Satanist. Only the most truly liberated are summoned to Satan’s legions. Up until quite recently, the ratio of Satanic men to women had been about 10 to 1, but that seems to be shifting. More and more young women are going through the process of exploring feminism and Wicca, seeking feminine pride, identity and power, and discovering only impotence, limitations and puritanical self-righteousness. Wicca and feminism share a flaccid, lackluster attitude and presentation. Satanic women like drama/adventure and know how to conjure it for themselves. Satanists have an innate complexity of mind that hungers for uncompromising examination and speculation, not superficially comforting pap. We don’t need to be comforted; we prefer the invigorating, bracing winds of truth and terror.”

Dance on your GraveI agree with this statement. The Satanic woman can open the doorway to control, power, respect, attraction and if she so desires………her enemies will tremble with fear. I have had the pleasure of attending rituals with some of the women described above and they are unquestionably some of the most magically powerful Satanists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A female Satanist with her mind in the right place and well prepared is an awesome force of nature. Hail Satan!!!

Ritual Preparation

I have written many posts on ritual preparation and I cover all aspects of Satanic rituals in my book; Book of Satanic Magic. One aspect of ritual preparation is the cleansing of the body; internally and externally. Opening one’s self to internal cleansing enables the practitioner to expel any stored negative energy while removing any blockages to the Chakras of the body.

The external cleansing is accomplished by bathing and is an important demonstration of respect for the demon(s) that are to be summoned and Satan himself. The cleaning of the physical body also shows respect to other coven members who participate in sexually oriented rituals requiring certain “acts” to be performed in order to increase Satanic energy to be used. I discuss how this works in several blog posts. Satanic Sex Magic uses the powerful climatic energy to be sent into the atmosphere where it accompanies the magical operation (and often a demon) to accomplish the practitioner’s desires.

Two or three hours before the actual ritual begins, I often invite one or two coven members to shower with me as a part of the ritual preparation. For me, having the opportunity to bath with a woman (or women) is a very sensual, erotic and enjoyable event in preparation for a ritual. There is a connection between us since we are becoming in tune with not only the approaching ritual but with our bodies also. The objective is not to have sex; that will come later at the ritual. The objective is to arouse one another slowly to create energy that will be released later during the ritual.

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5 thoughts on “Satanism, Satanic Ritual and Magistra Tempi Rex Blanche Barton

  1. I really like this one because I have had the opportunity to see some very powerful women at work. Women do possess this ornate ability to wield the dark magic better than their male counterparts.


    • Thank you for the comment. I agree; women are naturally talented in the magical arts. In my experience, women have always been able to produce potent and effective ritual operations.

      Thanks again!



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