The Free Spirit of Satanism

I want to do bad things with you………

Satanic ritual is very important and enhancing the performance of ritual is paramount to the magical flow of energy. Ritual is, in fact, what makes the magic happen. Without ritual or without taking the time to make a ritual satisfactory to Satan, you can only expect failure.satanicwitch

I have tried to clarify these points in previous blog posts. I believe that, given the past and my experience, I can speak intelligently concerning the black arts and more especially, satanic ritual. I receive a lot of correspondence and many times people are simply looking for a magical way of short cutting their way into the black blessings of Satan. In order to receive those blessings from the hell you must be willing to open those gates of hell and that means inviting those who will help you in such a Satanic endeavor.

This is the essence of magic for without ritual, magic will not happen and without adequate preparation, the ritual will be ineffective and ineffective rituals equal wasted time and energy. Also, without knowing the outcome of the ritual and without planning a ritual to take place at a certain time, date and in a certain manner then you can only expect failure. Satan is looking for those who have the knowledge, wisdom, endurance and fortitude to see a ritual through to its logical end. For without the ritual, magic will not happen and this is a fact.

When first beginning the ritual, harnessing the energy current is probably the most important step. Satan (or any measure of demons) may manifest during your ritual; especially if you invoke those spirits directly however, if you do not invite these beings into your ritual you are simply setting yourself up for failure. For how can magic truly work with out a transcendent messenger to deliver that magic in your behalf. Binding spells and incantations are important to be performed by the Satanic and they must be performed to the prescription or specification required to deliver that all-important energy. Satan nor his demons will respect a person who cannot or will not properly perform a Satanic ritual.satanicorgy

Free Spirits (aka Free Thinkers) roam the earthly realm seeking satisfaction for a longing that resembles an unquenchable thirst. Free Spirits explore possible answers to questions of the entire universe. These brave souls often encounter ridicule, jeering, aspersion, verbal (sometimes physical) attacks and other threats because they ask one question that irritates those liars hoping to sell falsity and through vituperation to the masses……………………..the question………..“Why?”.

The word is miniscule and quite trivial until asked at the right time and place. Used correctly, the word can bring the most powerful person to their knees; or at least make them run like HELL. It can put the fear of SATAN in a person and it cannot be circumvented if crafted by a skilled orator. It opens any subject for microscopic – diminutive scrutiny and can reveal shortcomings and the metaphorical “cracks under the paint”.

I have also seen Free Spirits destroy a Satanic coven that was based upon and practicing “Bullshit rituals created by a bullshit artist pretending to be a Satanic Magus”. One Free Spirit brought that coven to its end by simply asking “Why?”. It is a double-edged sword that can very well cut right through the pretension and reveal truth and motives.

The Free Spirit can destroy almost at will. In the eyes of established religion, a Free Spirit is “dangerous” and while the established church may take a stance of approachability, the church is very afraid of the Free Spirit. One thinker in a group can soon discredit a liar, con artist and / or prevarication. Yes, one person can hold the power of an entire army and the established church know that all too well.satanic altar

Throughout history, Free Spirits have formed public opinion once a viable communication medium was made available. The truth is not always “good news” and sometimes those who shout for the truth are the ones that try to stifle the message from being accessible to the masses. If a Free Spirit challenges the idea or opinion of someone well “impacted” in a powerful organization, it can be a bitter pill for the Free Spirit.

For example, Paganism had a great influence on developing Christianity, unknown to many today practicing the Christian faith. The cult of Isis and Osiris first spoke of rebirth and resurrection, cornerstones in Christianity. The images of Jesus on Mary’s lap was co-opted from that of Isis holding her son, Horus. The Cult of the Virgin was influenced by the more ancient Goddesses: Isis, Demeter and Artemis, with Mary sharing some of these Goddess’ epithets. No one can accurately cite Jesus’ actual birth date so Church officials in a very calculated move, chose December 25th, a date first associated with pagan holy days. In another move to convert pagans to Christianity, the Church closed pagan temples and opened churches on the same sacred sites of pagan deities.

A Free Spirit would certainly understand, and after due diligence, accept the statement above if there existed corroborating evidence and verifiable sources verified. A christian would, almost certainly, rebut the statement and attempt to discredit the Free Spirit, thus turning the attention of bystanders to that of the Free Spirit instead of the issue at hand. This is a defensive tactic called “redirection” and it is used extensively by the church today. One only has to challenge a long-standing christian belief to see the tactic in action. Sorry, I go off of the subject.Satanic Altar

Be a Free Spirit for Satanism. Always ask questions and never settle for a lie when the truth would be so much more liberating.

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