Demonic Possession – Part 1

As I have said before “Satan and Demons are real anthropomorphic beings”.  I know some people will never believe in demons however, once seen and experienced the first time, a person’s viewpoint changes forever. If you are reading this post while thinking “Yea right, demons are not real.” then you have never experienced the phenomenon for yourself. Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Atheist, Satanist or anything in between, if you do not have first hand experience with demons, you are not qualified to speak or write on the matter…………PERIOD!

In my blog post titledRituale Romanum – The Exorcist’s Handbook“, I explained how the Catholic Church admits their belief in demonic possession but writing, publishing and currently using the document as a process manual with an entire section on exorcism. Why would the church write a book such as the Rituale Romanum if they do not believe possession actually takes place?

“The Rite of Exorcism is not just sanctioned by the local parishes but certain section of the Rituale Romanum are figuratively redacted by the Vatican by including the following statement in the associated sections: “The texts of the Rite of Exorcism are restricted to the study and use of Exorcist Priests who perform this ministry under the direction of the Diocesan Bishop. In keeping with the Hocus Pocus line of thought and the conspiracy theorists’ revelation, the church actually refuses to officially reduce the selected section to writing and thus, the priest must have a “fail-safe” type of mission briefing to properly prepare for waging cognitive warfare on the demons of the Satanic Pit.” Rituale Romanum – The Exorcist’s Handbook

In the Christian Bible, the Christ performs an exorcism by casting out demons from the possessed. Whether you believe the events in the bible actually happened or not, there is certainly a precedent set (stare decisis) beginning in those written words concerning demonic possession.

For those who have analyzed William Friedkin‘s visual interpretation of the William Peter Blatty book “The Exorcist“, you should know that a broad artistic license was applied to the movie and while some parts are accurate, other parts are just for aesthetic purposes. for example, I have seen demons hurt people but I have never seen the demon cause cuts, disfigurement or other physical injuries to the demon’s host. It does not happen that way and while the host will experience much discomfort during and after the possession, the host is never disfigured.

Another point: “Demons seek those who seek demons“. That is right; a person who is dabbling with demons is more likely (and susceptible) to demonic possession than someone taking preventive steps using education, preparation and common sense. I often correspond with those seeking to “conjure a demon” and while this is certainly an admirable thing to aspire to, if they do not know what they are doing they may unwittingly open the gates of hell and unleash a demon that is “not so willing to assist in magical endeavors“. If you wish to use my books to conjure demons, I would advise you to take precautions and educate yourself before an attempt is made. Caveat Emptor…………..

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