Satanic Top 10 List: How to Improve Your Satanic Magic Rituals

People are fascinated with Top 10 lists so I thought I would offer a Satanic Top 10 List: How to Improve Your Satanic Magic Rituals. Since I often answer questions concerning this matter, let’s get started.

Number 10: Expect Results

I am surprised how many practitioners do not seriously imagine or expect results from their workings. Why not? The ritual is done in vain without a clear objective.

Number 9: Believe

When a ritual is performed you must not only expect something to happen but you must believe it will happen. One without the other equals wasted time.

Number 8: Plan and Prepare

You need to put some thought into the ritual and you need to know the direction of the magical working. Order is beneficial except when madness and chaos are needed. Write your spells, hexes, etc. and even a script if you desire. Your working will flow much easier and you will make the most efficient use of your time.

Number 7: Bless Your Body

Hygiene is important to the black arts during rituals…….it shows respect to the beings you are inviting. It is also more pleasing to everyone after the ceremony that may partake of fleshly pleasures.

Number 6: Bless Your Temple

Cleaning your temple or sanctum is another form of respect. Good housecleaning aside, arranging the altar, candles, etc. will also allow for a smooth ceremony. You should focus on the magic instead of tripping over a candle holder or other sacramental object. Ensure you have everything needed for the ritual.

Number 5: Create Groupthink

You should discuss and formulate a plan with the group as to what to expect. This goes well with Number 9 and 10.

Number 4: Prepare Initiates

While theatre and visual impact should play a part with Initiates, be sure you give them a short reassurance that everyone goes through an initiation and no one is there to intentionally hurt them. They are becoming a Satanic coven brother or sister and the night will be remembered for years to come.

Number 3: Open Your Will

As a group, you should open your will to all the Demons of Hell and Satan Himself. Whatever is desired should be fulfilled if at all possible during the ritual. Do not hold back; let yourself go.

Number 2: Focus

You have planned, imagined and now you are expecting results. When it begins to unfold before you, DO NOT STOP! You do not want to suffer from magical Coitus Interruptus……..keep the ceremony going on plan and do not stop unless the being commands you.

Number 1: Document

Document the ritual in your Satanic Grimoire for later study and review. Your magic will become better and stronger when you learn what worked well and what did not. You should also take a moment to personally thank the being(s) that graced your working.This instills favor to return to your group during the future.

Following these simple steps will help you achieve new heights in your Satanic Rituals, spells, hexes, etc.

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