Rituale Romanum – The Exorcist’s Handbook

During ceaseless study and research for my books and blog posts, I sometimes find an interesting point to further investigate in the search of satanic enlightenment.

Rituale Romanum. The words themselves conjure thoughts of the satanic, or at least the occult. Is this a sinister grimoire written by a coven or witches or a Magus performing a ritual of sacrifice?

Neither. The Rituale Romanum is actually a book of sacraments from none other than the Catholic Church. The book, originally written in Latin for those conducting “blessed and sanctioned” rituals from the church. The book covers several rituals including Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Matrimony and Death. Chapter XIII is reserved for an interesting ritual; something most people would never associate with the Christian Church…..The Rite of Exorcism.



In the middle of a Priest’s “how to book” we find an interesting subject that not only recognizes demonic possession but actually proceeds to explain the institutional foundation as a holy abutment; complete with step by step actions to assist the Priest with an effective and efficient exorcism of the demonic resident.

The reason I am going to great lengths to explain this in detail is simply a selfish motive. I have maintained that demons and Satan himself are real and tangible beings that have (and currently continue to) manifest themselves during our Satanic Rituals and ceremonies. I have met with “less that enthusiastic support” from others in the Satanic community in the past. Only those followers who have witnessed the happenings recorded in my books such as A Satanic Grimoire truly believe without some tongue in cheek roll of the eyes or contained chuckles. I admit, sometimes as I am confessing to such witnessed events, I often pause to ensure I am not going CRAZY but it is REAL. I have never lied nor embellished the events and I have recorded them exactly as they happened.

To add to my evidence of the existence of demonic beings, I submit the Rituale Romanum. To explore the artery of religious thought, let me begin by prefacing the following by stating: I am a believer of demons and Satan as anthropomorphic beings. Anything less would be a lie to myself and I will be true to my beliefs no matter what the rebuttal from the non believers.

Satanic Magic

Satanic Magic

My first point is quite simple and straightforward; If the church did not (or does not currently) believe in the physical manifestation of demons, why would they devote a chapter in their ceremonial “how to” book that is supposed to be interpreted exactly as written? The Rituale Romanum is not a book of philosophy nor is it a book of stark fiction. There is also the absence of arguments or hardline justifications for the rituals therein. The book does not ask those involved if they believe in matrimony, baptism or demonic possession; that fact is implied and accepted….no further discussions on the matter.

Frankly, the Rituale Romanum remains silent on the question of “does ______ exist” and it goes straight to the method to deal with the subject. Would the church open such a Pandora’s box of questions and speculation if they did not unequivocally believe in the anthropomorphic beings also?

If you will notice, I use the word “currently” when asking about the church’s belief. We have all witnessed the shifting sands of time that are forcing the established church to reassess their positions on many of today’s issues and we have also witnessed the about-face of some stances the church has taken in the past. This being said, it would seem that if the church currently dismissed possession and the amalgamation of such claims, Section XIII would surely have been removed from the Rituale Romanumin keeping with the changing position. It has not been removed from the document and remains therein.

Evil Spirit

Evil Spirit

The Litanies of the Rituale Romanum also support the acceptance of demons as real and communicable beings; able to transfer from one human to another through a methodology that humans have not yet been able to positively identify, This reminds me of AIDS, when it first arrived on the scene in the 70s and 80s. Some of the same questions were raised without ample information, facts, data or knowledge, Could AIDS be spread through a handshake, toilet seat or it a person sneezed…………would it infect everyone in the close proximity of the infected person? Everyone was grasping at answers.

In the Litanies, the same unknown is subliminally communicated to the reader: “Can the demon enter the priest, other in the room and / or “infect” them by touching, speaking to or other methods?” The core question being “Is evil contagious? Can a person “catch” evil?” If the church was and is so sure about the matters of the spirit, why would such a question even be presented in a handbook instead of some philosophical dissertation or treatise? The answer: The all-mighty church is unsure and cannot speak intelligently to the subject (Reference).

The Rite of Exorcism is not just sanctioned by the local parishes but certain section of the Rituale Romanum are figuratively redacted by the Vatican by including the following statement in the associated sections: “The texts of the Rite of Exorcism are restricted to the study and use of Exorcist Priests who perform this ministry under the direction of the Diocesan Bishop. In keeping with the Hocus Pocus line of thought and the conspiracy theorists’ revelation, the church actually refuses to officially reduce the selected section to writing and thus, the priest must have a “fail-safe” type of mission briefing to properly prepare for waging cognitive warfare on the demons of the Satanic Pit.

In the last subtitle of Section XIII of the Rituale Romanum subsists Exorcism of Satan and the Fallen Angels. Yes, there it is in black and white; the admittance of Satanic Possession, a fact I have known of and witnessed many times over my lifetime. The church not only admits the existence of this phenomena but also offers the checklist for dealing with “Good ‘Ole Satan” himself.

This is the part where I must provide some tongue in cheek-contained chuckles. I have witnessed Satan in His awe, glory and power and I testify before Him that a few well-chosen words, a couple splashes of toilet water and a crucifix thrown in for good measure will not – I repeat WILL NOT contain the Master of the World nor will it restrain Him any at all.

Satan and His demons are all-powerful. You cannot and will not contain that which is simply light years ahead of your humanistic understanding. As I have said before, we do not control demons or Satan; They control us. This is another reason I recognize novice “Satanic Gurus” immediately when reading their thoughts on this subject. You do not and will never be able to “command the forces of darkness” to appear, do your bidding or any other commandment. These beings are not trained animals…………they do not perform tricks and if you approach magic from that misguided perspective, you will learn the meaning of being the “Devil’s Wrath”. I digress.

A Few Closing Points

1. Satan is real. He is an anthropomorphic being that is capable of manifesting Himself as a physical presence.

2. Demons are real. They too can occupy physical space in our world.

3. The established church knows Satan and Demons are real and can possess those humans of their choosing.

4. The church attempts to provide guidance to priests concerning possession and exorcism through the Rituale Romanum.

5. The church continues to believe in the powers of darkness and attempts (without success) to mitigate and control those powers.

6. Satan nor His Demons can be controlled, coerced nor commanded to do anything nor abstain from doing anything they desire. This “commanding” language used by some Satanists is evidence of their lack of understanding and satanic knowledge. These individuals are treading dangerously close to a very “hard lesson to learn“.

PS: Rock of Ages, fall on thee……….

Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession

Until Next Time,


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