The Satanic Coven – Satan’s Aphrodisiac

I have been involved in the Satanic Black Arts for most of my life and that is why I have a very, very large extended family within the Satanic community. I do not use the word “family” lightly. I have a wonderful family that worships together and supports one another. While involved with the Christian church, I never felt as close to nor as comfortable as I do with my Satanic family. At the very core of this feeling is my local coven. I feel the nucleus of my family is the coven and all other involvement, whether with affiliated covens or the larger demographic, is adding value to the basic group.

All humans desire to belong in a group of like-minded individuals. We all have a deep need to be desired and loved. For me, the coven fulfills that yearning and makes me feel whole. There is also another wonderful advantage to belonging to a coven and getting to know the members intimately; the mental and sexual connection with the other demonic kindred spirits.

The need for sexual intercourse is a most powerful driving force in human nature; second only to food and water, so it is no surprise that people constantly think about, talk about, dream about and fantasize about Sex. The need to spread the seed or receive and nurture the very fluid that, when combined with the egg, can bring forth the possibility for another human being to be created is the very essence of continuing the human race. The very word “intercourse” stirs warm feelings in the erogenous areas of both man and woman; both aching and longing to satisfy the urges in orgasmic release. With the passing of time and the free exchange of sexual encounters in every corner of the world, it was only a matter of time before something would go terribly wrong…….enter AIDS.

As the epidemic swept across the globe, there were those narrow-minded fools that believed AIDS was a homosexual disease and heterosexuals were immune to the spreading illness. It was during that critical period that many “heterosexuals” contracted the deadly illness due to their ignorance. In the current society, everyone knows unprotected sexual intercourse could possibly be a “death sentence”; literally. So what does all this have to do with the satanic coven?

In today’s sexual protected and tense world, the satanic coven is an oasis in the desert of celibacy. Knowing the members of the group on such intimate terms is an advantage when dealing with the undeniable urge to “fuck”. Yes, there are many possible “mutually beneficial” alliances that can be successfully cultivated and both (or more) members can have very rewarding experiences. This begins with penis and vagina but sometimes, the sharing of a few moments of passion lead to a much deeper connection and sometimes reveals the illusive “soul mate” link that so many people search for their entire lives.

Another of the benefits is the fact that neither person needs to feel uneasy, uncomfortable or embarrassed with their desires and / or preferences. In the coven (as in Satanism itself) there is no place for shame or feelings of fear concerning their sexuality. If both (or more) individuals are satisfied, “mission accomplished”. Who wants to feel like they are being judged for secret desires they want fulfilled? Certainly, a Satanist will not have such feelings and / or apprehensions.

Deutsch: Frau und Mann in der Reitstellung Eng...

The Satanic coven can be much more than friends; the coven can be the strong social glue that holds the members together and allows them to fully realize their true potential as Satanists. Take the time to cultivate relationships in the coven and within other covens as well to expand your knowledge of our magic and to support one another while perhaps serving a much greater physical need.

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