A Satanist for President?

Question: If a candidate for public office openly admitted he / she were a Satanist, and their plans to address the serious problems and issues were aligned with your ideas, would you openly support them and cast your vote for their election?

Let’s face it, no matter what a candidate promises to the people it usually ends up with them doing “what they want” instead of “what should be done for the betterment of their constituency“. What if a candidate actually delivered on the promises and worked hard for those placing faith in them who voted them into office? I know it sounds a bit unrealistic for candidates to actually deliver as they have promised.

What if the candidate had a precise plan for dealing with the important issues, a viable plan for correcting past office holder‘s mistakes and empathetic lack of action in some cases and revealed the very fabric of their personal and social life so there would be no future surprises?

What if that person were a Satanist? Would this make a difference to you? Elections are about finding the right person for the job, right?

Do you think the world is ready for a candidate that is not a hypocrite, is not controlled by any special interest (I may be dreaming here) and is open and honest about what they believe and practice?

Could it be possible?

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

A Satanist for President?

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