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The Square and Compasses. The symbols employed...

Illuminati or Ignorance

An excerpt from an article by Andrew Crivilare

“Signs of the Illuminati are supposedly everywhere. But according to an Eastern professor, the Illuminati have not existed in more than two centuries and have no plans on returning.

Gustavo Albear, an assistant professor of secondary education and foundations, was the speaker at “The History of the Illuminati” lecture. Albear said the Illuminati were indeed once an organization with motives toward removing religious influence in European government, but collapsed under political pressure prior to the French Revolution. “You’re not going to be seeing one walking around anymore, they’re gone,” Albear said. “They’re off the face of the earth.”

Albear said that the first people to take the title of Illuminati were those baptized into Christianity, thus becoming “illuminated” with the knowledge of God. A group during the 18th century adopted the name Illuminati. They schemed to integrate themselves amongst the power brokers of Europe by aligning themselves with the charitable values of Freemasonry without informing people of their treasonous plot or the dangers involved, Albear said.

Today, the Illuminati are associated with Satanism and Devil worship, in part due to the influence of pop media such as Dan Brown’s stories, Albear said. “I want you to understand the Illuminati are not Satanists,” he said. “That’s stuff Mr. Brown shoves in for giggles.”

Albear said the Freemasons ties to the Illuminati more than 200 years ago continues to color public opinion on who the Masons are and their activities.”

Stop Whining

I regularly read numerous blog posts to get a feel for the current thought and rationale of mainstream culture. Some posts are quite interesting and well thought out, which is very refreshing to read while some are simply a “line of bullshit” in the form of prose. There have been more and more of the “dark and brooding” posts lately and some are well done as high art and others are just plain belly aching and pointless bantering.

There are more suicidal blogs emerging around the world and to tell you the truth…………it gets old very quickly. The world sucks, they have been “wronged” and no gives a shit about anyone else…….”Dry the tears and do something with yourself“. Every person has something to offer society so log off and shut up!!

Satanic Initiation

There are some people who will never be happy and that is an accepted fact. I do, however think some of these individuals would serve a higher calling if they would but stop feeling sorry for themselves. What you put into life is what you get out of it so if complaining is all that is put in there will be nothing but misery received. It is a vice that can be, at the end game, deadly in its conclusion. WAKE UP.

For the last two weeks I have followed this one young woman through this exact cycle. She is not a beauty queen but she is pleasant and certainly not grotesque. She has attributes and simply down plays her ability to be more that she is……currently. I find it to be a tremendous waste of time, resources and ultimately her youth; which runs out so quickly.

She is adamant to “fish” for complements from her visitors. I have never commented nor spoken to her at all. I watch while either young boys or old scallywags toy with her words in certain sexual innuendos and tedious responses. She is as a puppy seeking approval of her “guests” while deeply craving something more. She wants to leave the town she lives in; she wants to start over; she posts pics of her friends from long ago in some unattainable effort to resurrect the “good old days” of her past. She posts pics of couples having intercourse and acts of fellatio and cunnilingus while commenting a sigh or emoticons.

I have seen many girls who found Satanism after floundering in the same unproductive cycle and they became stable, happy and satisfied individuals; physically and spiritually as well. I have vowed to remain silent but perhaps finding Satan would have the same impact and break the chain that will one day figuratively (and realistically) strangle the life out of her.

Satan and the Satanic followers throughout the world recognize a person has strengths and there are possibilities that can be released with only the exchange of words. If the “world” does not want or need these individuals, Satanism will gladly receive them with open arms. As a Magus, I envision a person’s capabilities and look beyond the “face value” to find the strength that can be tangibly realized by that person if they will only stop crying and begin trying. There is always room at the Satanic feast and Satan wants you!!!


When working Satanic Magic spells, be sure to  clear your mind of everything except for the focus of the working. When you are having trouble concentrating, you should stop the ritual work and meditate for a few minutes or until you can control your thoughts. This is a very crucial part of magic overall but it especially applies to spells. The focus of your energy must be precise; it should be honed to a Laser point that you are always in control of and are continuously increasing the potency of the energy being generated. Anything less will fail to yield the desired outcome and will perhaps, harm you as a byproduct instead.

Many people overlook meditation in their daily lives and that is a real shame. There are so many benefits from frequent meditation and clearing of the mind, chakras and channels. Among the benefits is the repair of the brain through calming introspection and rumination. This maintenance and repair is needed to ensure the magic and spirit remain firmly connected; for without one, there can not exist the other.

Before your next magical working, invite those with you to meditate with you. Formulate the way you (as a group or alone) visualize the outcome of the magical working that will soon follow. When the group agrees upon one unanimous image in the mind’s eye, begin the meditation process. This may seem a waste of time for those new to magic so your group must be willing to explain and teach the benefits of such an investment of time. I am confident your workings will yield much greater, successful outcomes. Stress the importance of such an endeavor and make it part of future practices.

Satan Seller

Satanism is big business especially for Christianity and the Christian Church. I am often reminded of how quickly the church enters into judgment of anyone and anything related to Satan or the Satanic. When rushing through that wide gate leading to damning the Satanic Arts and giving the false impression of elevating the hypocritical dictates of the church, often the truth, facts and reality of the situation is detrimentally overlooked.

Case in point; The Satan Seller himself, Mike Warnke.

Mike Warnke claimed to have been a High Priest in a California Satanic Coven and “exposed” many satanic practices and supposedly “behind the scenes” actions that go along with a hard rocking, devil worshiping bunch of really bad folks doing nothing more than beingscary old Satanists. He recorded these supposed happenings in his book The Satan Seller.

Satan Seller

Satan Seller

Not really knowing what the hell to do to make a dollar, the book was released and when the holy rolling, big bucks, mega giant music company Word got financially behind Mr. Warnke, the dollars began to stack all the way to their heaven. Christians were eating this stuff up as fast as it could be published and the flood of money would have made old Noah build a bigger boat. 🙂

There was only one little bitty problem that no one had thought about it or they were willing to keep their mouth shut and continue the money trail. No one had verified the information in the book was true! The bomb was ticking and it was just a matter of time before someone asked the right questions to bring the house of cards down.

So while the Christians were lapping up the books, Mike decided to go on the church tour circuit as an expert on Satanism teaching how to fight those ole’ forces of darkness. He was a likable fellow; what’s not to like? He was charismatic, a gifted bull-shiter, quick with a joke and he was selling the “secrets” of Satanists…….what could be better? Once again, Satan was the scapegoat while religion made huge amounts of money.

Every kingdom must end and Mike’s began to unravel when in the late ’80s, Cornerstone Magazine quietly launched an investigation into his ministry and background. Warnke was being examined by his own people. When the final report was published, it was a long fall to the bottom. To make a long story short, his business as a Satanic expert was proven to be a lie and all of the information in The Satan Seller was pure bullshit.

Today, his long hair is gone but he’s still the same “Former Satanist” who scared the hell out of millions of Christians for nearly two decades. His lies convinced them that all witches, Pagans and Satanists are a threat to every family worldwide and that the occult menace of Halloween celebrations and rock music must be destroyed.

The rehabilitation of his career demonstrates that truth is of secondary importance to America’s Christian community.

Holy Hell………..

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