Satanic Rituals in Modern Satanism

Satanic energy is needed for working of magical spells, curses, rituals, rites, etc. Learning to harness this energy is a challenge for the beginner new to the Left Hand Path. There is one thing more challenging to the beginner; finding the satanic energy.

“Where does it come from and what can you do with it?” You begin the journey…………

Satan has made many of the mysteries of the past known and there are many good books and lessons on the subject. There is almost a “sensory overload” of satanic information out in the cyber world. How do you know you are doing it the right way? How can you protect yourself from harm when working with the energy? Is there a source to absorb and learn the many different aspects of magic? Who has the right formula for making the magic work?

So many questions and so few answers for the beginner. This is frustrating and often leads to the beginner simply giving up on the truth in exchange for fabricated lies of some “cult guru”. After wasting time, money and energy on a path leading to a dead end, the beginner goes on the the next thing he / she heard or read about…………….never truly knowing if Satanism was their answer and their life path. It is an overwhelming waste of epic proportion.

I have noticed some people searching………… week they are into “Hail Satan” and the following week they are speaking of the Cone of Power. Experimentation is fine but it should never define who the person is and wants to be. A person “searching and experimenting” should not loose sight of who they truly are.

The point is no one should loose themselves to the point of imitation when it comes to one’s beliefs. We see this happen in style and fashion everyday; white kids imitating a gangsta rapper. Flattery is the truest form of complement but Satan does not want imitations……………He wants the REAL THING. Those who will learn, experiment and always strive to become more powerful through the acquisition of knowledge. He does not want a fraud……….leave that for the Christians. He wants a pure heart and motivation with which He can mold and make a true Satanic Warrior.

Simply put: “He wants those willing to be the trend setter instead of the trend follower”.

Set your course and keep your mind open. Satan wants you to succeed and He will show you the way.

Dedicated to the Master of the World……Lord Satan.


7 thoughts on “Satanic Rituals in Modern Satanism

  1. This is undeniably true, as a beginner I am struggling to find how to start or what to do, there is a lot of information out there but it is never the simple basic knowledge of how to start my journey as a satanist.

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