Human Trafficking – Satanism is still the “Scapegoat”

Human trafficking. Main origin (red) and desti...

Trafficking Departure and Destination

Two weeks ago while scanning the news on my phone, I noticed an anomaly. There were four articles (in four different news applications) on the topic of Human Trafficking. The next day, I found three others so I decided to search every morning to see how many articles on the subject could be found.

FBI are satanism evilI started writing this post to emphasize the lackadaisical way the media throws the satanic community “under the bus” every time there is a violent crime and it is truly despicable that they get away with it………..over and over. When AlQaeda, Charles Manson, Osama Bin Laden and Adolf  Hitler cannot be used, the media just uses that “ole mainstay”…….Satanism….and it is pure Bullshit!!

Trafficking In Persons Report Map 2010


I do not deny human trafficking is a huge problem that is getting bigger and bigger every day but it is not because of Satanists!!! Perhaps the people that are the victims of human trafficking would be better served by the media actually trying to expose the perpetrators who are responsible but to do so, would take away the entertainment value of their agenda-driven objectives. Satanism sells and the media will use it any time they can in order to make a dollar (euro, pound, etc.).

Satanism continues to be blamed for the “wrongs of the world“.

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Human Trafficking Conference in Portadown

Human Trafficking Conference in Portadown (Photo credit: DUP Photos)

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