Finding Satan – Well Done Evil Servants

Each week, I receive over one hundred emails from those who have stumbled upon my blog. Some are writing to ask questions concerning the authenticity of Satanism as a life – changing event and some are really searching for answers along their spiritual journey. I also receive scathing email from those who call themselves Christians. They chastise, beg, barter, present bible babble and even resort to cursing me (yes profanity from the lips of the chosen ones) because I simply refuse to bow to their peer pressure and psychological warfare. There are very few people I actually invest the energy needed to hate them but these idiots – I truly HATE………at least for a few minutes anyway.

The Guibourg Mass by Henry de Malvost, in the ...

Often, I receive multiple correspondence from searchers and I always answer their emails and try to address their concerns and questions. As a result, I have actually formed a repoire with some of them and I enjoy discussing all things Satanic with them. Humans are social creatures and as such, I derive a great deal of pleasure from spirited volleys of differing topics.

I also have those Satanic Groupies (so to speak) that enjoy sending me pornographic pictures of themselves in certain Evil Noir poses……and I greatly enjoy lusting as I open the pics with morbid curiosity and delight. Women are such wonderful creatures and I take such pleasure in looking at their beautiful bodies………….true Satanic Beauty!!

I have a metaphorical “soft spot” in my heart for those truly searching and seeking spiritual truth. I guess this originates from seeing myself in their bantering, fumbling and overwhelming excitement as they discover Satanism and true magic. Many years I had to conform to the dictates of the established church and far too long did I endure the pain and emptiness of the church. Too many friends lost in the blinding “white light” of the congregation; under a microscope, every word measured, every motivation questioned, an open book to a world full of self – righteous, self ordained and self – worshiping theological rapists; symbolically sodomizing anyone who would question their doctrine.

I find the majority of my time is spent guiding and counseling our Covens. I have enjoyed being in a position that make people comfortable discussing their innermost feelings, concerns and thoughts. Our groups are closely tied and I often attend other workings so I too can receive something new; something fresh and something exciting. This does not mean I do not receive those things from my coven – it simply means I enjoy new experiences too. We are all searchers and we will always seek something that will renew our inner spirit.

Following the LHP is more than rituals, magic and fulfilling the carnal urges and primal proclivities. Satanism is about discovery, knowledge, willpower, emotions, understanding and a deep concern for the SELF. Without a healthy SELF, there is no hope of happiness, satisfaction or self discovery.

Just as clearing the Chakras is important for health, clearing the mind of unwanted “baggage” is a necessity. You will experience the greatest awakening when you begin treating YOURSELF as the most important GOD. Without this “key” you cannot open the locks that chain you to the lies of religion. Stop running, compose yourself and say “NO MORE”!!

Open your inner self to the answers and begin learning and stop lying to yourself. Established religion has nothing to offer you; but Satanism can give you the world. You are not alone………..ever. We are with you, the Demons are with you and our loving Master Satan is with you. He is willing and able to show you a world you cannot even fathom. He will guide you through the darkness of rhetoric and lies that the church has sold throughout history to those poor, dying souls. You deserve more and you can have more. You can have something real and tangible.

Satan calls………..will you answer?

Write me and let me know you have started your journey of truth. I would love to hear from you.

And ladies, feel free to send me some pics……….you know the ones I like!!! 😉

“In nomine Magni Dei Nostri Satanas. Hail Satan!”

Until next time,


Satanic Magic

11 thoughts on “Finding Satan – Well Done Evil Servants

  1. Like you, I started out as a xian. I’m 48, and I was in it until I was 45. I dedicated at 46 on 4/30/10. Started as a fundie and ended as a heretic. Then the scales fell off and I finally said “fuck this, I’m done”. It happened rather suddenly.

    It’s aggravating sometimes to think of all that lost time. But I understand that it had to happen that way. I had to learn enough so that I could slam the door on xian nonsense. Without that knowledge, it could have been just another episode of “backsliding”. I just hope I don’t have to do that again in the next life. I want to hit the ground running.

    I found that Satanism has its own set of problems. But, I don’t worry about it. Let the Blackwoods and Gilmores et al have their asses kissed by their lackeys. They’re no better than xians. In fact, this is one of the major changes that Satan(ism) has brought about. I simply don’t care about them. I work on myself.


    • Thanks for the comment. I believe many Satanists have given up and accepted the Satanic Atheist, follow the crowd mentality. It is a pleasure to hear from people like you who make Satanism their own!!


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