Do Not Resuscitate – Let Religion Die

As a Satanist, I have very few substantial fears. I am not afraid of the usual things others fear………..death, the Devil, the dark, etc. I do not hide in the crowd trying to become invisible. I like confrontation and I am not afraid of doing “what needs to be done” for the betterment of those who deserve better. I suppose of all the things I could fear, I am without that limiting emotional rock around my neck.

Let Religion Die

One thing I do fear is outliving my usefulness. While Satan has assured me that will be sometime in the distant future (since I continue to do His work, not my work) I do face that inevitable time with angst. Satan is not a Filicide. However, who wants to be around when no one wants them around or when their ideas and opinions no longer hold validity or are accepted as a well-made point?

With the advances in medicine, we are living longer lives. Our bodies have been preserved and preventive measures used to ensure the holistic health however, more often the physical body remains stronger than the mental health. For this reason, we as society are facing more elderly that are “fit as a fiddle“…..except for the all-important mind. These individuals are ofter “warehoused” in convalescence homes or other hospice facilities where they simply wait to die. Some say the solution is population control while others advocate laws that would protect the rights for such individuals to end their lives on their terms through assisted suicide.

Reductio ad Absurdum

Let’s face it, some people and institutions often outlive their usefulness to society as a whole. Religion is one such organization and it is time to ask “Has religion outlived its usefulness?” Since the beginning of time, humans has sought was to control one another and religion has been at the forefront in this endeavor. More blood has been spilled over religion than any other subject in existence. Why should it continue to be allowed to exist, since everyone knows the true motivations of their “flocks”? Why not snuff out religion completely; after all it has far outlived its hyperbole fabrication and as for usefulness…………..useful only to those wishing to in prison those free thinkers and rationalists.

If these evangelical criminals were removed from the throne of power and those intelligent people who know the church for what it truly is (big business that sells fake forgiveness for being human) spoke up and took the power and authority, the world would be a better place. The church is a club and a business. Being human does not require a blessing, forgiveness or a payment plan………….how long will the insanity continue?

Excommunication from the church is sometimes the only thing that saves people. Certainly, in a rational world, rational thought should overcome suspicion, lies, superstition and nonexistent proof. Since the beginning of recorded history, religion has symbolically crucified the average person and forced them to run in circles, jump through hoops and bow to empty statues in order to “fit” into the peer pressure-driven congregations of dying religions. Each generation is fooled into believing they must “measure up” to some fictitious standard and cease being human. Meanwhile, the liars have their hands in the man’s wallet and up the woman’s dress; filling their own greed-driven lusts and desires all the while hiding behind a veneer of sacred and holiness………….in touch with their so-called god.

The Sigil of Baphomet: emblem of the Church of...

Evil takes many forms and one of the easiest for the shyster is the illusion of an all-knowing, all-seeing and benevolent leader of the pack. What a farce and a great lie. There is only the law of survival and religion has ensured their survival by killing anyone who has ever dared to question the ludicrous and outlandishness of their guide book…………..a collection of foolish banter bound together in leather called the bible.

So who are the bigger fools? Is it those who sell such old, tired and useless lies or the ones who gobble it up like some fine cuisine? If people turned and walked away from the lies of religion, the leaders would soon find themselves without followers, without an audience and most importantly, without income. Without the lure of money, most of these con men (and women) would soon find their control over the populous evaporated.

Religion is old, tired and has lost its cognitive abilities. It is time to rise up and speak the truth……………Religion should be put to death. It is a brave new world and the future has countless possibilities.

If religion and the established church have a place in the future, it is because we (as society) have allowed it to live on…………well past its usefulness!!!!

Reductio ad Absurdum

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