The Eighth Enochian Key

The mid-day, the fifth, is as
In the Duat, made of pillars
Of hyacinth, in whom the Elders
Are become strong which I have
Prepared for my own justice
Saith Satan; who liveth and reighneth
Forever. Rejoice! In the glory of
The dragon that is triumphant and
Everlasting! How many are there which
Remain in the glory of the earth
Which are and shall not see death
Until Jehova doth fall and
His followers doth sink? Come away!
For the thunders have roared!
Come away! For the temples
And robe of Satan shall be
Crowned and are no longer divided.
Come forth! Appear! Unto the terror
Of the Earth, and to our comfort
And of such as are prepared!

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