SUSAN ATKINS – b05-07-48, Susan Denise Atkins
aka “Sadie Mae Glutz”,
formerly part of “The Witches of Mendocino” (notoriety), formerly independent
“Atkins came into contact with LaVey in San Francisco after being released from the hoosegow, and danced in a show he organized called the Witches’ Sabbath as a blood-swilling vampire. It was a precursor of things to come for the rootless girl. …

“Atkins and some other clan members lived in the idyllic artists community of Mendocino in northern California fo a while, but they were busted after distributing LSD to local kid. The Manson-affiliated group was dubbed ‘The Witches of Mendocino’” when they went on trial. …

“Atkins, Watson and Krenwinkle …entered the Polanski-Tate home and committed one of the most cold-blooded murders to disgrace the annals of crime, calling into effect the very nature of the human soul. What boggles the mind is the sheer evil of the event, the intensity of the killers as they lay waste to an innocent, heavily pregnant young woman and her three friends. When it was over, the word “Pig” was written in Tate’s blood on the front door of the house. …”

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