A Satanic Grimoire (Audio Book) Narrated by Aleister Nacht

Welcome to the Satanic website of Magus Aleister Nacht.

A Satanic Grimoire (Audio Book)
Narrated by Aleister Nacht

A Satanic Grimoire is a guide to using and interpreting the black arts for seduction, manipulation and one of the few books that deals openly with spirits of darkness. This book covers that forbidden area where sex, black magic and the Devil meet in an unholy and lascivious fusion. Included are essays, poetry and a stunning revisiting of magical workings performed by the Magus himself.



5 thoughts on “A Satanic Grimoire (Audio Book) Narrated by Aleister Nacht

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  2. Disclaimer notice:
    Intentionally hurting someone by violating his or her sexual boundaries isnot only morally wrong, but also extremely unsatanic. Molestation, rape, bestiality and other such actions are NOT acceptable, as they involve unwilling and often unable partners. But also remember on the other side, that if you hurt your sexual partner with consent, is really a turn on, it can be a totally new window open to indulge in some more hotter things.

    You have to say no more than that to make mouths gape and eyebrows-rise. I hope you will enjoy my recent thoughts about one hell of interesting topic for me. Satanism & Sex. I made some investigation and this is part of what I found on the Web, while looking for something really enlightening. Other part is my own personal feelings, and ideas of the topic. In Satanism, the idea is to be true to yourself and responsible for your actions. This holds true for sexual activity. You have the right to do whatever pleases you sexually, to indulge in whatever makes you happy. Satanic sex is to indulge in the pleasures that you certainly enjoy the most, we are animals in nature, so we have to feel free to fulfill that hidden part of us that so called modern society fights so much to keep in the dungeons with chains. Sexuality Is about freedom ! So free yourselves. As for fetishes and deviance’s, all is personal taste. Like orgies for example, they aren’t for everyone now are they ? Unless you could guarantee that you would find everyone else there attractive, it would be sort of strange. Apart from orgies I would cite literature. For me the finding of the Oeuvre of the Marquis de Sade was like discovering America ! How festive, how perfect use of language, how disgusting from time to time, but in short, the master of disaster, the total dissolute, the evil sexual incarnated.Everyone has fetishes, whether they realize it or not they range from the obvious, to the almost unnoticed. Like the woman who loves to wear her boyfriends shirt because of its smell or very tight clothes because of the squeeze. The man who works at a shoe store so he can play with woman’s feet, or the man who only dates bitchy and controlling women because he likes to be submissive. The Satanist knows that they have no reason to hide or deny their sexual desires. Unlike most people, who view anything that they don’t understand is ‘dirty’ or ‘wrong’. Satanists have the intelligence to explore and acknowledge their yearnings and lusts. Anything that makes you excited should be explored in a healthy and responsible way (Sometimes). It is sad that due to conditioning and a puritanical society most people never get a chance to explore their fantasies. So open up your legs, open up your mind, and get into the wild !They suppress them [fantasies], believing they are ‘unhealthy’. When in reality it is the denial of your natural feelings that is unhealthy. Sex, like everything in a Satanic lifestyle, should be something that is done for no one but the individual. If you want to masturbate a million times a day, so be it, if you want to have sex with your girlfriend every night, good for you. Remember though: rationality, self-awareness, and responsibility for personal actions are also Satanic traits. (WTF?) This is my choice and my article so any witches that may respond please do I am eagerly waiting for your response.
    This is my sex story with a witch during magik sex ritual of a black mass, to have the witch invocation of the (satanic penis possession), during magik sex and worshiping this lustful pleasures of witchcraft and sorcery, the witches summoning a demonic spirit to do the possession. Hail Satan and witchcraft my sweet hot sexy witches ! The beauty of the Satanic Witch penis possession is much deeper, satanic witches plays a large role behind the Satanic penis possession, where it is a sin not to utilize this creation for sexual healing and pleasure for her satisfaction and her ritual for penis possession using satanic witchcraft and sorcery to worship demons assisted with Satanic practitioner by using energy generated during sex rituals to cause changes in perception and reality; thus causing the desires of the possession to become a reality by having demons manifest in physical form during sexual ritual worship. The intensity and flow of powerful sexual energy allows the demons to possess the penis and to enlarge it size and actually enter our earthly flesh. Just as the air, these demons cannot be seen until they possess our bodies leaving a distinct tangible body-print such as a possessed enlarged penis. These beings including Satan look, and seek who to possess and enjoy satanic penis possession as we do and just as a cool breeze in summer is refreshing, so too can their possession into a penis be a pleasure and breath of fresh air. As for your possession and pure lustful pleasure of every inch to enjoy with your goddess. To have my penis possessed by Satan with all his evil lustful demonic pleasure of every inch to worship every goddess witches that Satan may grant to have magik sex with. So satanic witches, conquest this feat for you to invoke Satan to possess my penis. Witches I commend thee to summon satanic spell to create the possession. Hail Satan.


  3. I am seeking witches craft in channeling demonic cock possession this is not new and witches I ask thee for your powers of satanic possession. May the infernal lust of fire from satan possess my penis for the worship of thee oh my goddess of lust.


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