Open Your Satanic Mind and Find Yourself

In the role of satanic Magus, I often have followers of the LHP confide in me and seek my advice. I willingly assist whenever possible, as my mission is to further the cause of Satanism world-wide. I especially enjoy helping those “searchers” who know there is something more out there than the dictates of the established church or other “slave / master” arrangements.

Satanism and Nude Sacrifice
As with anything new, the searchers are apprehensive, suspicious and uncertain as to what Satanism is all about and especially the motives of our groups. More than this, the searcher is looking to fill that void in their heart and soul that desperately needs to be satiated. When a searcher takes that all-important first step, it is a step of faith: they are saying “I know there is more out there and I want more!”
Most are a bit surprised when I tell them there are no requirements to join our groups, they are not required to read and swear to a set of rules or regulations and they are not “directed” to pay any membership fees or other costs. For most, this in itself is quite refreshing; especially for those coming to us from the Christ-based religions. These social clubs always have their hand out (or in the pocket of unwitting individuals) from the very beginning. Their philosophy is based upon “revenue” and the more the better.
The next pleasant aspect for the follower is the fact Satanism is “individual”; meaning a follower can practice the craft alone or in a group. Satanism is more about what is right for the individual and if it feels right, IT IS RIGHT. No one will judge the person for what they do or say when it comes to their method. In my experience, searchers are very attracted to magic and the rewards of diligent practice of the dark arts. The questions quickly shift to that subject.

It is always enjoyable for me to speak with someone and open their eyes to the resources available to them and the support network that can (and will if they wish) be available to them during their journey. Satanists are social animals (as LaVey pointed out) and we long for the physical contact and interactions of other like-minded people. I am happy to say over the past 20+ years, I have had strong support and have reciprocated with those from every walk of life that are Satanists.

These searchers often quickly decide if they will continue their journey or not. The name “Satanism” alone is too much for some to accept. Others want all the benefits but want to just dabble in “Satanism”; which I always strongly discourage. Some are afraid and suddenly change their demeanor to that of the “Big Man / Woman” complex; suddenly turning into a “witness” for some religion and wanting to rescue me from Hell!?!?!?!?! LOL

It is their defense mechanism and I do understand that completely……..I do not need to be rescued from anything or anyone. That happened many years ago when I found Satanism!

I am not a social worker, nor do I truly give a shit about most people. I am a Satanist and will work to further the cause of all things satanic but if a person wants to become a Satanist, I am glad to assist.

For those who have questions, I am happy to correspond with you and answer any questions I can. Simply drop me an email and we can chat about where your life is going (or not going). There is something for everyone in Satanism but it begins with you……….not me………you.

It is your life, your happiness and your time……you can easily waste all three if you are not careful.

Aleister Nacht

14 thoughts on “Open Your Satanic Mind and Find Yourself

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  2. If christains were so good they would
    not have to be such pests the way they are. When I was merely 10 & 11
    years old I sensed their bullying and
    oppressing ways. Everyone is a hero or something attitude, HA, Ha !! They
    should learn that ” DENIAL ” is not a
    river in Egypt. How do you know when a christain is wrong ? I have come to see it is
    anytime they open their mouth. I checked out
    some ” atheist sites ” and what I found was
    loads of abuse from their own family members even. Nothing but a but of control
    freaks. Doesn’t say much for the human race.
    Their is not enough after effect support groups to go round. The ” big pharma Inc.’s
    do well with it. As the good Magus Says, Why ? I could also be known to say, How in the F___k, can their be so much Quackery ?? I have been holding that one for quite Awhile, so Thankyou for letting me get that one off.
    I received a news flash a few days ago. Victory is already locked in for those of us who are Satan’s. I am a dedicated warrior for Satan, because he showed me his true values. Satan is the most misunderstood god or being I know of. People should turn off their television. Again Thankyou for putting up this great website. Hail Satan forever even to
    the place known as Hell. Hail Satan !!

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      • I just wanted to clarify a point from my previous post. About the Atheist
        sites. My comment was not meant toward the Atheists. It was meant toward the many christains who try
        to infiltrate and troll. Again Magus Aleister Question of WHY ?, really fits here. There are many christains entering those sights because they are looking for a way out. Their lifes
        have been tormented and punished
        for trying to exercise their freedoms.
        Many have been eighty-sixed or other
        means of punishment from their own
        parents and families. I do have some respect for Atheists due to the fact they are at least freethinkers. Some of them get a little wimpy but their heart is in the right place. At least they are open for fair discussion. Christains, really bring out my worst side that no one should see. They are absolute enemies. I live, work, and breathe for the freedoms and due process that is rightfully mine. Satan being the most honorable god ever, wants us to have our freedoms, individuality, and all the best abundance of a prosperous life.
        Thankyou again, I am running late so must go. Hail to Satan > Ave Satanas !!


  3. I have been a satanist for 13 months now. I have researched many sites and readings. I have been somewhat slow in practical application due to financial barriers. I can tell anyone new however that Satan is a true and honorable god. He does not force anything and is actually easy going and very good with guidance. All he requires is to be true and genuine, and show your heart and love. He is true for his own. It’s the opponents and idiots that bring on their own wrath or maniacal experiences. Those without true knowledge will lose or mess their own self up. Satan is all about truth, his name roots from sanskirt and Sumer, mean truth. Any christain version of anything about Satan is always wrong and misinterpreted. Actually christains have nothing of their own holy bible interpreted correctly. LOL !!! I like what I have seen on your site so far, so I would like to join in.


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