Is Pornography Satanic? Really?

“Because pornography is a tool of Satan that exploits and distorts our God-given sexuality, women – especially Christian women – need to understand the increasing threat of online pornography.” Donna Rice

Conservationists say porn is corrupting the world and especially the youth. The Christians claim it is a disease.

The Pope even chimed in to add “Pornography in the media is understood as a violation, through the use of audio-visual techniques, of the right to privacy of the human body in its male or female nature, a violation which reduces the human person and human body to an anonymous object of misuse for the purpose of gratifying concupiscence; violence in the media may be understood—especially in this context—as a presentation designed to appeal to base human instincts of actions contrary to the dignity of the person and depicting intense physical force exercised in a deeply offensive and often passionate manner. A fundamental reason for the spread of pornography and violence in the media would seem to be a pervasive moral permissiveness, rooted in the search for personal gratification at any cost. Associated with this is a kind of despairing moral emptiness, which makes sense pleasure the only happiness human beings can attain.”

So, once again the church wants to get the government to do their dirty work and banish porn from the globe. Well, I say Bull$hit, with a capital B!!!!

Porno Pronto

Porno Pronto

The reasoning chosen by these idiots is “Pornography is the root cause of violence“. Again, Bull$hit!! Numerous studies and reports have been commissioned and the conclusions are the same; “Given the amount of explicit sexual material in circulation and the allegations often made about its effects, it is striking that one can find case after case of

Satanic Rebel

Satanic Rebel

and murder without any hint at all that pornography was present in the background.”

So what do you think? Drop me a line and tell me your point of view. Comment / Email.

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4 thoughts on “Is Pornography Satanic? Really?

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  3. Finally! Someone explains why I am a Satanist! (sarcasm intended)

    I am a webcam model and adult entertainer. It has helped me heal the places that were damaged by years of abuse as a child in ways NOTING else could! Being in porn helped me learn that my sexuality was just as valuable as any other part of me!

    It is very annoying how these people only see the bad things, and refuse to see the good… which is one of the reasons I left Christianity.


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