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Bride of the Beast and Fall Equinox Feast

Bride of the Beast and Fall Equinox Feast

Aleister Nacht:

Information for our coming rituals!

Bride of the Beast, Fall Equinox Feast and Joining a Satanic Coven

Hail Satan!!


Bride of the Beast and Fall Equinox Feast


Originally posted on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog:

“She enters and a response from every eye is demanded. She is a beautiful Black Angel; so delicately and perfectly prepared this night for our Father. Her natural scent is intoxicating as she approaches the altar. As her robe falls to her feet, I can feel the blood in my veins like a crazy man ingesting an overwhelming drug. She waits in silence for Him as He claims what is rightfully His.”

Nuns Masterbation

In my last E-Newsletter, I asked subscribers what topic(s) they would like me to write about in future blog posts. The most requested topics were 1) Satanic Holidays / Celebrations and 2) Joining a Satanic Coven, so I decided to combine the Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) celebration with Fall Equinox Feast ritual while at the same time, explaining the process to join a Satanic coven.

In our modern world today, the bonds of matrimony are………………as…

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Grand Climax Satanic Ritual – July 27, 2014

Grand Climax 2014 Satanic Sacrifice

Opening the “Gates of Hades”

Our numbers grow – 362,701 visitors

With the Grand Climax approaching, I wanted to provide some thoughts to those who are busy preparing for this unholy Satanic holiday. The Satanic Grand Climax is celebrated worldwide by covens of all sizes and walks of life and sole practitioners near and far. From eastern Europe to the tip of Argentina, the Black Flame will burn to honor Satan and the Hosts of Hell. The conjuration of Satanic and Demonic power used by the coven is both enjoyed and savored by every member. The true freedom and uncensored actions of the Satanist allows one to be totally honest without feelings of shame or perceived threats of ostracization. We belong to Satan and we look to His power for our wants and needs to be abundantly satisfied. This is Devil Worship; always has been and always will be. Hail Satan!

Satanic Rituals

There are countless conspiracy theorists who twist reality into their desired meanings. Many others seek their “15 minutes” of fame by allegedly discovering a plot; then speak on the subject as an authority. These purveyors of rhetoric come and go without substance or justification. To me, this is entertainment, not to be taken seriously at all.

We Are Going About The Father’s Work

As you can imagine, this week has been quite busy. Now, as we catch our breath, our Coven prepares to usher the Satanic celebration and receive the benediction of His charge. We send our Satanic Blessings to those of the grove and wish you the very best hijinx! You are a wonderful Satanic Concilium! LOL

As you can imagine, we all struggle with our collective goals and the metaphorical roadblocks placed in our paths. With this passing weekend, we begin to prepare for the coming of more nuisances. I am constantly bombarded with xtian aggravation and the atheistic “Satanists” who simply want to “speak of which they know nothing”. From one to another, I do not know who is the greater fools! “The Work” continues……

Father, Illuminate Our Path

I sincerely wish those who travel the LHP the very best of success tomorrow night and know that Magnum Opus is with you in thought and spirit. Do not be dissuaded nor let your hand tremble upon the hilt for mercy was decided long ago. From corner to corner, let the illuminating darkness fill the sanctum while flesh is rent and blood flows. We kneel before the blackest of love and the power of His will. We transverse the Parallax Dimension and invite the Satanic Court from on high! Grand Climax Satanic Sacrifice

Stand tall and offer the Praeludium as a conquering army of souls. Ring the bell and drink deeply from the chalice. From the Cardinals of the compass, our voices overpower with hate. They shall grovel at the feet of a stone yet their pleas remain unanswered.

Those who slumber in congregations, you shall soon be awaken to the glorious dawn; The Star in the night! This shall begin, as ages of old, with a voice in the wild. We shall answer and prepare HIS way.

Satanic Blessings!!!

Until next time,


Inverted Cross

Inverted Cross

The Grand Climax Satanic Ritual

Satanic Nude Women Magnum Opus

Aleister Nacht:

Nude Woman Magnum Opus Satanic Altar









This post remains relevant so I will repost it.


Satanic Nude Women Magnum Opus

Originally posted on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog:

As the Grand Climax week approaches, I wanted to share our coven’s beliefs and rituals of this most Satanic holiday. If you google the words “grand climax” you are sure to retrieve a gambit of information ranging from anal sex (the climax part) to Xtians claiming to have demystified the Grand Climax with descriptions of virgin sacrifice, child abduction or elaborate rituals performed by music superstars. Many Xtian “authorities” on the subject of Satanic rituals, holidays and celebrations are simply misguided fools who cut and paste horrid fabrications of human trafficking and “baby mills” to serve the escalating needs of the ever-growing Illuminati masses. From the elaborate schemes to kidnap just the right virgin to visitors from outer space who look like reptiles, the stories grow more outlandish and grotesque. If we are to speak on the subject, let’s use facts and truth instead of “Satanic panic”.

Satanic SexOur group, Magnum…

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Halloween, Satanism and Esprit de Corps (Part 4) – Satanic Rituals

Messe Noirs

Aleister Nacht:

Halloween and Satanism

To end the Halloween, Satanism and Esprit de Corps blog series, I felt like using my post about Halloween and Satanic Ritual from last year. I believe it sums up this very important Satanic holiday and allows me to close the series and move on to other elements of Satanism. I hope you have learned something from these posts that will contribute to your successful Satanic ritual this year.

You can learn more about Satanism, Satanic Ritual and Satanic Magic in the following books.

Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht

Book of Satanic Magic by Aleister Nacht - Kindle Top 100 Best Selling Books on Satanism

Halloween, Satanism and Esprit de Corps

Satanism and Satanic Rituals

Originally posted on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog:

All Hallows Eve / Halloween

Satanic Ritual Preparation

As another sacred Satanic holiday approaches, I wanted to write about the Halloween ritual celebration. “So, what is the central theme of the post going to be?” Flashback……..

I could write about the origins of the holiday itself or maybe the meanings behind the commercialized Halloween costumes, words and names; such as Jack-o-Lantern. Perhaps I could explain how the xtians followed Jewish traditions such as their “sun down to sun up” shtick to lead into another celebration of mediocrity called All Saints’ Day. Maybe I could go off on a wild tangent and applaud the xtian church for creating a holiday for all those martyredvictims, who received the moniker of “saint”………….after their xtian church murdered them. Ok, so anyone can Google that information and read until they pass out. I wanted to write something for the seeker, searcher…

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Grand Climax Ritual Tonight – Satanic Blessings

Grand Climax - Satanism

Satanic Brother and Sisters,

I have been quite busy preparing for the Grand Climax and tonight is the night. As I discussed in other blog posts, July is very busy leading up to this event. Magnum Opus is ready and tonight we praise Satan and ask for His continued satanic blessings.

For each of you who follow my blog, I send blessings for your rituals tonight. Satan is powerful and the demons of the pit shall be loosed as we call upon them to deliver our desires.

On this sacred Satanic holiday, Hail Satan!!!!

Satanic Blessings!


De Minimis Demurrer

Satan cums calling

Savage Mercy

Magnum Opus will meet tomorrow night for our ‘much needed’ Destruction Ritual. This powerful ritual is perhaps my favorite of all rituals since it consistently delivers satisfaction and fulfillment. It provides great satanic pleasure (at least to me) to release stored anger and regain magical equilibrium while “fist fvcking” those who intentional created the hostility. The pendulum of the universe regains a metronome – like cadence; retribution is delivered and normality returns. While I have seen the after – effects of these successful rituals over the years, I have not looked into the eyes of an enemy at the precise moment he / she realizes recompense is imminent. I can only imagine……… Satan cums calling

Execration Anathema

Odin gave his eye for wisdom, hung himself as a sacrifice from a tree for wisdom, and slept with a giantess to drink mead made from Kvasir’s blood for wisdom.

Knowledge for nothing? If that is the sincere desire of the Reader, you will be sorely disappointed in your Satanic journey. Stop reading this and buy a lottery ticket…….you will have a better chance of getting “something for nothing”. So many people are under the impression that someone owes them something for ………doing nothing. Investment of time, energy, diligent study, practice and the prerequisite of ‘silence’ are somehow beneath these individuals. For that reason, they will never achieve their desires because they are going to wait for someone else to deliver their desires to them on a silver platter. Keep waiting………..while those with determination and tenacity achieve and master.

There are many subtle nuances when it comes to magic and ritual. Those small (yet necessary) techniques are mastered through constant practice, study and meditation. If you have no idea what I am talking about, that should be an indication of your progression. A quick self-evaluation will certainly help the Seeker to develop and improve his / her magical skill set.

Goose mit KnoodleThere is always something more to learn, discover and master. If you approach your progression from a sincere standpoint, you will make great strides and reap the benefits from your investment. If you choose to wait on someone to “spoon feed” you the information, you will not only waste time but you may be fed a line of fecal material in the process. Investment = Return

Dedicated to Josef Stimpfle……….

Walpurgisnacht and Satanic Rituals

Walpurgisnacht / Walpurgis Night

Aleister Nacht:

Last year’s blog post remains relevant………so I will recycle (reblog) for you. Hail Satan and Satanic Blessings for your Walpurgisnacht!!!

Originally posted on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog:

As I have stated before, the time a ritual is performed is not as important as preparing, planning and executing the ritual for maximum benefit and result. There is however, a night of the year that lends itself nicely to the performance of magical operations. That night is Walpurgisnacht or better known in English as Walpurgis Night.



For generations Walpurgisnacht, which spans from April 30th to May 1st each year, has been celebrated by Witches, Pagans,Satanists and other occult followers. Walpurgisnacht is exactly six months from All Hallow’s Eve and marks the beginning of the warmer months leading into Spring and Summer. The celebration of “making it through another bitter winter” is implied during the festivities.
This holiday holds a special place in my heart due to my genealogy. As you may know, Nacht is German and my bloodline is from Germanic decent. My…

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Beltane/Walpurgis Night

satanic witch

Aleister Nacht:

A wonderful blog post from Cassie…..

Originally posted on Devil's Advocate:

I have been celebrating Beltane ever since I became a witch in my late teens. It has become an important landmark in the cycle of the year for me. Each Beltane is a bit different, some I have celebrated alone, some I have celebrated with others, some felt very spiritual and some were more raucous than others. This will be the first time I have celebrated with my Satanic coven and for them the festival is better known as Walpurgis Night. Will that; should that make any difference to the feel and type of ritual and celebrations?

For me Beltane always gave me a sense of getting in touch with my pagan soul. It was a celebration of life, of fertility, of being a hot blooded woman, of being part of nature, of being in tune with the seasons, of being a witch; and I suppose, of not being…

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The First Day of Spring (Spring Equinox) 2013 – Satanic Ritual

Equinox Satanic Ritual

As our coven prepares for the Equinox Ritual, I wish each of you a successful working and Satanic Blessings.

Equinox Satanic Ritual

Praise Satan and the Hosts of Hell!!

Aleister Nacht

An Obscure Footnote in the Pages of History

Nothing Compares To You

The Detour – Descent Into Madness

I wrote the first blog post on this site (Satanism and How to Summon Demons) on October 1, 2011. I wrote other posts in mid 2011 but after reading them with ‘fresh eyes’, I utilized something many authors grow to “love and hate”; the DELETE key. My reason for writing a blog was quite simple………

“It has been my desire in this blog about Satanism to transmit knowledge that will afford followers of the LHP the opportunity to deepen their magical skills and understanding.”vagina

Love Letters Without Love

In my opinion, I am an ‘Idealist Realist‘. I recognize certain ideals, positivity and creative forces in our physical spacial realm. I also openly admit some people are totally lost, represent zero (0) hope to the human race and lack any soft skills required for endeavors other than a faux pas, inauspicious unfulfilled promises or words and actions of mindless, pointless hate.

In the past, I have received email correspondence from individuals that fit squarely into this demographic. These exchanges are usually disguised as “Can you answer my question(s) on Satanism” however, some are similar to a “Bouncing Betty”; planted strategically on the path to enlightenment to “fuck someone up”. I answer their question, they respond immediately with a follow-up question and I answer it as well. This is usually the point when a “theological debate” or “religious argument” is attempted by the person. This maneuver lands their email (and their email address) in the trash however, I have wasted time on someone not worthy of my time.

I have also encountered the person who “desperately needs my advice” to undo what they have done or vice versa. I have been a real “sucker” for these. I need advice from time to time and reach out to objective and knowledgeable individuals for guidance. I, in turn, have chosen to give back by helping others. This usually ends up as a life-draining attempt for them to “change my mind” and suggest whatever he / she thinks the solution should be. This is a segue to either 1) ask for me to perform some ritual that produces what they desire (i.e. gimme what I want) or 2) ask me to “spoon feed” Satanic Magic to them so they can get learn everything about magic in 20 minutes (i.e. gimme what I want).

bath tubWhile I do appreciate them thinking of me as a fucking doormat, I always attempt to explain the “work = results” theory during more foolish questions, theatrical coercion, a nude photo (or two) and when reality sets in that they will not get what they want, the inevitable attack of my Satanic capabilities (last step).

Note: I would prefer to place the last step ‘first’ so they would not contact me at all. “If I do not possess magical abilities, why the fuck did you contact me seeking a magical solution to YOUR PROBLEM?”

“Mr. Nacht, Your Coven, Holding on Line One”

I love and appreciate my coven members; they are my family. I can (and often do) discuss very personal matters with them because I know they reciprocate my feelings. Respect is a crucial requirement of Satanism and without respect, the coven will soon become a bastardized “cult” entity lead by a person who will ultimately destroy any resemblance of true Satanism. Those who remain in the group will more than likely be the next Tex Watson,  Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel or Susan Atkins.Nothing Compares To You

Members of my coven persuaded and encouraged me to begin writing books. The idea was simple; “Share what has worked with the world”. So, the first book Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum (released in October 2011) was about our coven. I feel that from that day forward, I have put my work, blogs and social media first and my beloved coven second. 

Does This Story Have A Point?

Yes. I am glad you asked. I intend to rectify this situation going forward and thus the “point” of this blog post.

I am taking a sabbatical from blogging and social media. This week represented the “straw that broke the horse’s back” and it marks a watershed moment of clarity in a never-ending nightmare to make deadlines, return correspondence, weed out / answer sincere questions, attend speaking engagements – all while leading our coven. I am so busy telling people how great Satanism is, that I miss out on the rewards that I cherish and hold very dear.

My first obligation is to Satan, my second obligation is to our Coven and everything else falls in line after these two. In my hast to do more as an ambassador of Satanism, I have neglected the first two priorities while wasting time engaged with those lacking the capacity to grasp Magic, Satan or Demonic beings. These lazy, over-confident posers want a free ride and money. she is beautifulThey truly believe Satan will give it to they simply because they “decided to sell their worthless souls”!

From time to time, I have seen people drop out of the public / social Friends always know how to contact me and that remains unchanged. I dream of virtual satanic rituals and plan to pursue in the future.

For the egomaniacs, trolls, apathetic, indolent, arrogant, impertinent,…………….I will stop there and waste neither time, word nor thought ever again.

Until next time…………or maybe not,beautiful woman

Satanic Blessings and Good Luck…….

Aleister Nacht

Dedicated to Noraa

Sodomized by god…..Is Religion Worth Anything At All?

Naked Woman Satanic Altar

For Those Concerned For My Well Being

It has been a while since I let my “LEFT HAND PATH” opinion loose upon those in dire need of clarity, honesty, reason and sanity. I am OK and have only been busy soaking in the grimoire given to me during my trip to Germany. The energy is strong and powerful……….and quite positive. Most of those outside our “Silent Order” think Devil Worshipers (yes, that is what I am) are ‘negative’ however, that simply shows their ignorance of the subject matter truth. More about this topic in the future. I am alright, itching with evil, :) and I thank you for checking on me.

“Wait, I Read on the Internet that Satanists Commit These Horrible Acts Against Children…”

I was simply minding my business, reading the daily news headlines, and enjoying a cup of coffee when what should appear……….this:

Counselor’s Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse Is Halved, to 50 Years

Ok, I am accustomed to seeing the catholics, Baptists, methodists, church of god, church of christ, church of……insert bullshit title here; but this is a jew.

Now, before anyone goes “crazy” and accuses me of Antisemitism, being a nazi or any other untrue nonsense, this blog is not about Jews…….it is about “religion” and how no one is immune to the effects of atrocities against children. Mr. Weberman was convicted of repeatedly molesting a girl during therapy sessions over three years, beginning when she was 12. Before sentencing him on 59 counts of abuse, Justice Ingram told the court, “The message should go out to all victims of sexual abuse that your cries will be heard and justice will be done.”

I must applaud Justice Ingram for speaking for the victim and acting accordingly. Someone needs to speak for those who cannot and that was done in this case.

Father Fist-Fuck and Our Lady of Continuous Sodomy

So, from a few days ago, this headline:

Cardinal in Los Angeles Is Removed From Duties

Here is an individual who protected “child rapists” from Justice in a well planned and executed conspiracy for decades; from the 1980s till the present day. I thought those “bad ole’ Satanists” were responsible for all the bad things in the world however, the established church; the lying, conspiring, raping, abusing mobsters continue to violate the innocent and get away with it over and over again.

There is no way to truly know how many victims have been (and are currently) abused at the hands of the church; the very establishment victims were told would protect them and provide a safe haven for them. Instead, they were stripped of their innocence, virginity, faith, happiness and betrayed by those “doing god’s will”. In a sick world of religious “nuts” screaming “I know god’s WILL”, where is the voice of reason, truth and the voice that speaks for the victims? I guess it has been drowned out by the fanatics shouting their god’s WANTS, NEEDS and DEMANDS.

She Devil

Silentium In Persona Diaboli

I have been a student of the Dark Arts for years and I greatly enjoy learning new ritual techniques and magical processes. There are a few people I can call upon and I am always intrigued by their approach and execution of the work. I would love to have more people to exchange information with however, when it comes to reciprocity, most people like to “learn” but they often have very few (if any) methods I can use. Many people are seeking the shortcut to the realization of their desires; nothing more. After years of dedication, study and searching for ‘truth in magic’, I really get upset when someone wants me to make them a millionaire, “babe magnet”, a vampire (?!??!?), pass a driver’s test :) know the winning lottery numbers, etc. It is almost like “I’m surfing the internet, hey I’ll ask the Satanist to ________________.”

The grimoire, Silentium In Persona Diaboli, is a breath of fresh air to me after a period of stale, stagnant discovery. The level of learning is something I did not fully realize was lacking for me personally. I enjoy discussing Satanism with those members of my Satanic Forum however, most of the discussions soon assume the “teacher / pupil” structure. I sometimes hunger for one or two bits of information that I have not considered.

The original grimoire manuscript was written (circa) the late 1400s. The informal “Introduction” (Front Matter) makes reference to the first Spanish auto-da-fé in Seville, Spain. This event took place in 1481 which provides a plausible baseline supporting the hypotheses of those who, in the past, examined the book. The Quemadero De Tablada is mentioned as a ‘tongue in cheek’ slur at face value. After reading the entire section (five pages), it seems to be a very personal attack on the insanity that was gripping Europe as the Inquisition went into “overdrive”. The mention of specific events suggests the book was a “work in progress”, actually requiring at least a decade to complete. The text is distinctive as reproduced from the original book. It is written in German however, the dialect is predominantly Bavarian with a sparse peppering of Schwäbisch words and distinctive phrases that currently exist around the Stuttgart area.

The book does not credit an author. During discussions in December, I learned that it is commonly believed the grimoire was assembled from the workings of an entire thirteen member Witch’s Coven with each member contributing works from ‘literal lifetimes’ of passing the information through the lineage and persistent practice. The output of such dedication and devotion is a book of knowledge, documentation and meticulous transcription.Naked Woman Satanic Altar

After the book was completed, it is said to have traveled throughout Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, France and Prussia; surfacing just before 1740 during the annexation of Silesia by King Frederick II the Great of Prussia. From Silesia, the book surfaced one final time before World War II (1926) in Katowice Voivodeship. The book was purchased during a sale in München (1961) and  been ‘home’ with the coven ever since.

For those who are interested, I will write more about Silentium In Persona Diaboli in the future.

Until next time.

Aleister Nacht

Successful Satanic Rituals and Interviews in Germany

Aleister Nacht - Germany

Aleister Nacht – Satanic Rituals in Germany

Virtual Satanic Coven

I love experiencing new things and although I have traveled (and even lived) in Germany in the past, ever trip is a different experience. I am now back in Tampa (home sweet home) and had a good night sleep. Now, I can reflect upon the trip and what will be a very fond memory for me in the future. Part of the reason I enjoyed this trip so much this time is because so many of you came along (in the virtual world) to share the experience. Your emails, comments, texts and notes were very much appreciated and encouraging when the trip was becoming arduous and the demands of being a very public – “Private Person” were wearing me down.

I have had a desire for some time to form a virtual satanic coven. This trip was a good experiment in the logistics and limitations of technical tools available for such an endeavor. It was also a way to “weed out” the trolls and trojans wanting something free or causing chaos wherever they go. I was able to quickly identify them and will deal with them in the days to come. As for those who participated and were engaged for the right reasons, you will certainly be a part of my virtual coven.

Special Thanks

I would now like to thank the following people who made this trip and the rituals a great success:

First, thank you to Adam, my manager; “Your guidance, direction, advice, planning and attention to detail made this a great trip with no “surprises”. Now, you and Darin will certainly earn your pay at the table next week!!”

Thank you to Darin / Steven, my attorneys and legal team; “Your advice and guidance is invaluable as always. I sleep better knowing you are a phone call away and your team has my back!”

Thank you to our gracious Hosts in Germany; “You made the arduous trip a pleasure and your humor made it very enjoyable”

Thank you to the team at Loki/Speckbohne Media; “Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to me!”

A Special Thank You to my Readers; “To those who followed my trip and sent words of encouragement, THANK YOU!!”


Aleister Nacht


Occult Underground Interviews Magus Aleister Nacht

Pentagram and Satanic Candles

Occult Underground Interviews Magus Aleister Nacht

As he sips his hot mug of Earl Grey, you would never know that this man is a best-selling author or the leader of a Satanic Coven. However, that is what Aleister Nacht does as a full-time vocation.

“I believe people want to…..need to, have answers to their questions and the established religions simply raise more questions that are answered” Nacht says as he raises the steaming cup to his lips. “That is precisely how I am able to fill the void and bridge the chasm to reason and logic”.

Based in Augsburg for a two week tour of Bavaria, Nacht attended a Satanic ritual on Christmas Eve and plans to attend a ritual on New Year’s Eve to welcome in another successful year for his Satanic coven, Magnum Opus.
“This has been a great year and we look forward to 2013 as an even ‘better’ year for us” Nacht explains. “I am seeing a dramatic increase in readership of my blog and followers through social media outlets. “I believe people find what they have been searching for when they find my website or blog”.

Undoubtedly, Aleister Nacht has found his niche in a world begging for more ‘Satan’. Certainly, his numbers do not lie! Nacht is a best-selling author, outselling his idol, the late Anton LaVey, and he is sponsored by the deep pockets of his coven Magnum Opus. His limited number of speaking engagements bring five-figure compensation for his time. When asked about his mailing list, speculated to have over 100,000 email addressed, Nacht smiles and replies, “Slightly more than 100,000. Your number is a little low!”

Nacht is totally unassuming and modest when it comes to his readers. “I know who ‘butters my bread'; the loyal readers who purchase my books. Without them, I would certainly whither and die! I love my readers and always go out of my way to personally answer their emails.”

OU: Aleister, you have a very coveted lifestyle and your Satanic theology has been called “fantasy” however, you never rebut such accusations. Why?
AN: I have nothing to prove so when people challenge me on my beliefs, I don’t waste my energy. If it is a ‘valid’ question, sent with sincerity, I will always answer and elaborate on the topic. If the question is a quasi-personal attack on my beliefs or coven, I do not waste my time!

OU: You have written several books, you attend speaking engagements and book signings and continue to blog regularly. Number one, where do you get inspiration and number two, what do you dislike the most when it comes to the occult?
AN: I am inspired by simplicity and sincerity. Things do not need to be complicated however, most people make things difficult to impress others. It is pure bullshit. These Occult bullshit ‘artists’ spread lies and mislead people who are honestly searching for answers. These ‘gurus’ take the money, dignity and faith of the Searchers…..they cause so much pain and shame.

OU: What is your favorite book you have written?
AN: Book of Satanic Magic is my favorite.

OU: Your manager told me you are receiving an honor of sorts while in Germany. Can you share any information with my readers?
AN: Sure, it is not a secret or anything like that. During the New Year’s Eve ritual, I will experience a distinguished honor by receiving a grimoire of higher magic entitled “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”. This grimoire has been passed down through generations and contains a framework for the evolution of magic.

OU: So this book is for ……?
AN: The grimoire and the knowledge that is being given to me while in Germany will increase the power of our coven while closing the dimensional gap between our coven and the Hosts of Hell.

OU: One last question; when will your new book be released and what is it about?
AN: The new book is set for release in mid March 2013. It will explore the connection between ritual magic and Satanic energy.

I thank Aleister for speaking with me today. For more information about Aleister Nacht or Satanism, visit the links below.




Satanic Magic Blog:

Satanic Ritual in Germany Tonight

Satanic Gargoyle

The Blessings of Satan In His House Tonight

We are making final preparations for our satanic ritual tonight. The energy is strong, the magic is intoxicating, our coven is READY! Tonight we re-dedicate ourselves to the almighty King of the World; Satan!!

I sincerely wish everyone Satanic Blessings and I hope everyone can harvest the fruits of our combined “magical labors”. We are without name, without face, without form in a sea of vividness however, everyone in the world knows of our Master, mission and power. They tremble at the very mention of our association; for good reason!

We remember those who have passed before us and those who will come. We cast the spells, we invoke darkness and we unlock the sacred and ancient door to the dimension just beyond. For our day has come and our power shall increase as those hypocritical fools attempt to negotiate their slavery!

This night we will use a building dedicated to a myth, sanctified by senile old men in Rome and filled with dogma and death; we will make the bowels of the Basilican Xtian Ossuarium come alive!! Upon the bones of those buried beneath, we shall trample upon the sepulcher where the flesh-peddling whoremonger has been laid for the halfwits to adore while fidgeting with their rosaries.

Brother and Sister, enter the sanctum tonight with head held high and know we stand TOGETHER before His Altar. Partake of the sweet elixir and the softness of the Altar and focus your mind on attaining magical heights of ecstasy and Shout with Satan.

Call the Demons to assist in fulfilling you desires of flesh and spirit. Tonight we indulge in any wish for we are Gods; much more worthy of worship than the xtian myth and lie. As the bell sounds of 9, I will intercede for those who believe and have witnessed great satanical magical.

He shall reveal His power, desires and words to us; the true of the numbers. We take our rightful place at His left hand. Tears of joy and howls of delight!

Satanic Blessings!!

Magus Aleister Nacht

Satanic Ruler of the World

The Purest Poison

I sincerely hope everyone experienced a wonderful Halloween Satanic Ritual; Magnum Opus had a powerful working which produced great results shortly thereafter! The power of Satan is majestic and mind-blowing concurrently. The energy this time of year is almost ineffable so, I will change the subject.

Our world contains an ample supply of energy; physical and metaphysical. While negative energy can be a benefit in small proportions, too much can actually reverse magic operations and the desired effects of spells, curses, benedictions, etc. Nothing will kill the enthusiastic belief of a new Satanist more efficiently than the Poison of Negativity…….in fact, negativity can destroy a person mentally and physically.  It can also destroy family, friends and others with whom the sower comes into contact. The antidote to negative energy is knowledge. With patience, time and hard work, you will find that delicate balance to increasing your magical energy, limiting negativity and mastering the Satanic art of molding reality to fulfill your desires.

More Satanic Fiber

It is quite amusing when I receive email from such self-saboteurs. They often begin with the “fishing expedition” followed by a dose of bullshit flattery intended to figuratively butter my buns and then, the truth rears its ugly head to reveal the fountain of breath-taking repugnant cacology. To add a maraschino cherry to their pile of feces, the idiot then gives a “grand summation”; “Magic does not exist because it does not work for me!!!!”

Your Satanic Vessel

I have been asked to share my thoughts on the use of drugs during the performance of Satanic rituals so………“here you go”. If you have read my blog, you know that I am very liberal and very open-minded when it comes to the beliefs of others. I may not totally agree with their beliefs, just as I do not agree with everything LaVey believed however, that is a personal choice for each person. One thing I do believe: “A person must do what they feel is right and works for them.” So, while I will not use while performing a ritual, I will not condemn someone who feels they must. I also feel strongly concerning responsibility to the responsible. This premise is, after all, one of the Nine Satanic Statements written by LaVey.

For me personally, the effectiveness of rituals performed while under the influence are simply ineffective. I cannot focus my energy unless I can feel the energy. To me, it is like having sex while wearing a condom, which is almost a numbing sensation of nothingness. It is blasphemy and a punishment to enter the sacred womb, absent all the addictive sensuality! With sweet Abyzou, I never worry while putting cream in her coffee……….

Also, remember Satan does not demand worship; Satanists worship Satan because we want to and we receive spiritual fulfillment from doing so. The “bow down, worship me, smooch my ass because I SAID SO………” xtian mythological theology is not followed in Satanism. We are gods granted the powers of magic to do with as we see fit.

Pastor charged in killing of fiance’s daughter

Hot off the press………….

“A central Michigan pastor accused of beating and strangling a neighbor to fulfill a sexual fantasy was engaged to the victim’s mother and had asked church members to pray for the young woman before police found her body, a friend said Friday. Ex-convict John D. White told investigators that after killing 24-year-old Rebekah Gay in her trailer in rural Isabella County early Wednesday, he hid her body in nearby woods then returned to the trailer to dress her 3-year-old son in a Halloween costume, ready for the boy’s father to pick him up.”

Entertainment or Death

From the bowels of Abaddon comes yet another sacred (laugh and be cursed with an itchy anal sphincter) defilement of a……………book. Yes, I know this is an evil, unpardonable offense that should call for the maximum penalty and certainly this hardened eleven (11) year old criminal must be stopped. BRING BACK THE GUILLOTINE!!!!!!!!!!! Brace yourself as you read the harrowing story below. Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised.

Entertainment or Death

“On Monday, Pakistani police arrested the girl, known only by her first name, Ramsha, after accusations that she burned pages of the Koran, Islam’s holy book. In Pakistan, it is a crime to utter derogatory statements or insult the Prophet Muhammad or the Koran in any way. Blasphemy convictions carry an automatic death sentence.

The accusations, made by the girl’s neighbors in a mixed Christian-Muslim neighborhood, sent area Muslims into a fury, with some police reports suggesting an angry mob of hundreds of men descended on her home demanding authorities arrest her and charge her with blasphemy.”

via 11-year-old Christian girl could face death penalty in Pakistan for Qur’an burning | NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT | Top Nigeria Entertainment Site.

Yes, I know it is frightening and perhaps you may need to sleep with the light on for a while. What is the world coming to? Is there not anything sacred anymore??????????

What about this?

“Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who promised to burn the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2010, has backed the anti-Muhammad film that sparked riots and led to the killing of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.”

via `Quran-buring` pastor Terry Jones supports the anti-Islamic movie.

Satanic Ruler of the World

The Satanic Rituals are happening more frequently in Poland and the Catholic Church is ramping up to bring in more exorcists to help combat the forces of darkness!!!! This could get really ugly because these hardcore Polish Satan-istas are now resorting to carving pumpkin lanterns………….. The xtians may be right; “We are living in the last days before Armageddon!!”

Polish Pumpkin Carving Satanists

Polish Pumpkin Carving Satanists

“AFP: Halloween ‘satanic rituals’ alarm Poland Catholic church”

Over the 23 years since the collapse of communism, carved pumpkin lanterns and youngsters disguised as ghouls and goblins have become common on Halloween in Poland. A church alert comes amid a boom in exorcism in the country of 38.2 million people.

The number of Catholic priests qualified as exorcists has jumped from four to more than 120 over 15 years, according to the Polish church’s chief demonologist, Father Aleksander Posacki.

via AFP: Halloween ‘satanic rituals’ alarm Poland Catholic church.

Hey, maybe some of the bible-thumpers will team up with the Muslims to invade Poland and sort this out before the “highly addictive” Satanism gets a death grip on not only Poland, but the entirety of Europe. The Catholics can work the “exorcism plan” with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers; if that plan does not work, the Muslims can continue the evangelism explosion by sharing the Judas Cradle, which looks fairly benign until reading the following……………

“The Judas Cradle was perhaps a little less sadistic than impalement but still gruesome. The victim’s anus or vagina would be placed over the point of the pyramid-shaped cradle, then lowered on it by ropes. The intended effect was to stretch the orifice over a long period of time, or to slowly impale. The victim was usually naked, adding to the overall humiliation of the torture and sometimes weights were added to the legs to increase the pain and hasten death. This torture could last anywhere from a few hours to complete days. The device was rarely washed, so the victim could also be plagued with a painful infection.”

The Judas Cradle Torture Equipment

The Judas Cradle Torture Equipment

Well, I believe an hour of that would encourage most people to reconsider their position. Once the Polish Renegade Pumpkin Carvers are weeded out, I wonder if the Catholics and Muslims would fight; eliminating even more fanatics. Then, we Satanists and Illuminati members can move right in and capture all of Europe to our new sub rosa order; “The Honest Cadavers”.


Until next time,

Aleister Nacht


Halloween Satanic Rituals – Advocatus Diaboli

Fountain of Forgiveness - Aleister Nacht Satanic Magic

All Hallows Eve / Halloween

Satanic Ritual Preparation

As another sacred Satanic holiday approaches, I wanted to write about the Halloween ritual celebration. “So, what is the central theme of the post going to be?” Flashback……..

I could write about the origins of the holiday itself or maybe the meanings behind the commercialized Halloween costumes, words and names; such as Jack-o-Lantern. Perhaps I could explain how the xtians followed Jewish traditions such as their “sun down to sun up” shtick to lead into another celebration of mediocrity called All Saints’ Day. Maybe I could go off on a wild tangent and applaud the xtian church for creating a holiday for all those martyred victims, who received the moniker of “saint”………….after their xtian church murdered them. Ok, so anyone can Google that information and read until they pass out. I wanted to write something for the seeker, searcher, practitioner……….I wanted to write something for the true Satanist. Dim the lights, come closer to the screen and let’s get cozy with the Hosts of Hell.

Fountain of Forgiveness - Aleister Nacht Satanic Magic

Fountain of Forgiveness – Aleister Nacht Satanic Magic

We are going about the Father’s work.

The smell of incense fills the air. Our temple, our worshipful unholy void in the vastness of emptiness and we fill it with cries of pain and joy. We create a frenzy of lusts and invite evil to lay on our altar. Fate is the absence of direction; a truly causeless journey for cowards. We know what we do; what we say………..we are proud that we can offer the most precious of the young skin, so white and pale – barely a blemish on the canvas we are about to paint with our fallen fluids.

Bound at the four corners to secure the inevitable. The secret she came seeking and tonight she shall know us all.

Into our club we welcome her and into our family we abide and present to our quorum. I lick my lips and the bell sounds of the 9th. Open the chest with the air of shouting and claim the darkness for it belongs to us; HIS children. We fall into satanic ecstasy and the smell of her floats on the heated air of the candles. I love you Athame………….I will hold you tightly tonight. With precision you shall allow us to partake of great energy for WE ARE GODS! Across the neck of shame do I place my blade; you do not intimidate our child and we will stand tall and ring the satanic bell.

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi…………..

My eyes are as open doors for the concupiscence of her………I can barely hold my impious motivations. My robe warms with craving. My sword is as forged steel and my hands are impatient for the entropy of ritual and benedictions. The silk glides smoothly over my scepter. A thin line of  “dew of lecherous fissure” remains on the cloth. The wafer must be trampled before……………

As with any ritual, preparation cannot be overlooked or shortcut taken. As so many people have asked in the past about proper preparation, I feel as though this element is sorely overlooked. Without a plan, there is no fruition or realization of that being desired. Being patient in the approach will certainly pay great dividends; to that I can attest. In our “drive through” society, those who are not focused and willing to invest time, energy and patience will soon become flustered and disillusioned. I read the chatroom conversations of these underachievers as they turn into the “Atheist Satanists” (oxymoron)  through their own actions.

The Implements of Satanic Rituals

The implements of the Halloween Satanic ritual are similar to those used in other ritual workings with a few differences and additions. In my Book of Satanic Ritual, I cover many of the core items that aid the coven and bring value to the performance of the ritual. As a side note, finding and using identical or specific implements is NOT mandatory in order to realize the desired results. It is not imperative that the practitioner(s) use anything other than what is desired by the practitioner(s). I often receive questions via email from LHP followers explaining that certain items cannot be located for purchase in their surrounding area and they are “desperately searching” because they have been told by some knucklehead that their ritual will not be successful without certain “materials”. Rhetoric such as this reminds me of the xtian high roller evangelists who sell the ‘Jesus Mood Ring’ for $29.95.

“You can’t get through heaven’s gate with out the Jesus Mood Ring! Call now!!!!”

Add $9.99 shipping and handling plus a $5.99 “Love Offering” to send Prayer Warrior Missionaries to Mars

A $9.99 gift to the Evangelist’s Building Contractor Fund to help pay for the $100,00.00 Olympic-size Hot Tub in his mansion in southern France!!”

Move Over Mood Rings, Here’’s Your Own Personal Jesus

Riding on the wave of the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) jewelry craze and taking a cue from 1970s mood rings, come Mood Crosses. This newly launched line of jewelry allows you to witness the image of Jesus appear, from the warmth of your body, as you hold or wear the cross. Mood Crosses are the brainchild of Double M Marketing, Inc. based in Plainview, New York. Working the same way as classic mood rings, Mood Crosses use the wearer’s body heat to gradually depict the image of Christ when the cross is touched, held or worn.

Satanic Chalice - Aleister Nacht Satanism

Satanic Chalice

Satanism is about individualism. For example, I like to use ‘Rain’ incense during certain rituals and ceremonies. It has a pleasant aroma which is not overpowering like some of the other fragrances.  If someone in the coven were allergic to the incense, it could be substituted for another or omitted all together with no apparent affect to the outcome. Discretion can certainly be applied to the individual situation to produce a comfortable environment so the focus can be exclusively on the objective of the working. If you are sincere in your approach, there is no ‘wrong’ way to show your love and dedication to Satan; King of the World!

Satanic Blood and Sex Rituals

Halloween is an important holiday on the Satanist’s calendar, so the Satanic coven celebrates the milestone with Blood Ritual and Sex Ritual. These rituals may be combined and performed as one however, it makes for a very long ritual night. After Halloween, there is only one other Satanic holiday remaining in the year utilizing both rituals and that is December 24th; the Satanic – Demonic Magic Ritual.

The Blood and Sex rituals are often combined with a Satanic Sacrifice Ritual (by proxy). The three rituals joined together make a Satanic Trinity which is referred to, especially by older Satanists, as the “Sanctum of Pain”. The name was derived from pre-AIDS years when the group collected blood from each coven member, placed it into a chalice and each member drank from the chalice at the appointed times as directed by the High Priest / Celebrant.

The Sex Ritual combines the lust and pain element and in some cases, these rituals contained elements of Sadomasochism, combining “pleasure and pain” adopting Aleister Crowley’s approach to Black Magick. Some coven actually use this combined approach much more frequent than others, going as far as bringing special S & M ‘tool kits’ and agreeing on a “Safe word” they can use to signal the other coven members they have reached their pain tolerance maximum. Entering this realm requires the Magus/High Priest/Priestess to be in total control; truly becoming the epitome of “Adcocatus Diaboli”The Devil’s Advocate.

Caution: Due to the extremely high levels of Satanic energy, there is a possibility of a frenzied / uncontrolled environment developing. These combined rituals should only be attempted by experienced, seasoned and skilled practitioners. 

She takes me fully and I begin to accelerate in a steady ascent to the pinnacle perch of the sanctum. Chanting, chanting; “Bread Daily Our Day………” My head is spinning with sensitive, building passion amplifying with every smooth motion. I will soon reward her with the victuals of her labor.“Heaven In Art Who…..” She is taking me to that sublime sphere where all is seen in slowness and in a unity we allow the deepest to emerge. Father is unaffected by the young gasp and screams as a wounded animal being devoured in pieces. Hail Satan!!!

I explode as she points me toward a Paten of wafers in her left hand. I discharge the full load onto the contents of the plate. Father yells as loud as thunder and withdraws. The wafers then absorb the claret of her inner thighs… young and tender, she shakes. Our Father, as emerald lightning, departs and to us………HIS blessing lingers. The Paten is thrown to the floor and trampled………….my legs are weak but I deliver the benediction. Our princess is assisted by our priestess to a sitting position. It is complete! She is now “Family” and she will always have someone looking out for her and the interests of our “Silent Order”.

The Halloween Satanic rituals should be enjoyed and satisfying to everyone involved. With a little planning and preparation you, and your coven members, will be richly blessed, inspired and rejuvenated allowing your coven to grow closer, forming deep bonds with one another.

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht


Is Abortion a Satanic Ritual?

“With humans it’s abortion, but with chickens it’s an omelet.”  

                                                                                 George Carlin

“Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children.  Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children – but we pay heavily for them every day.  There should not be the slightest communal concern when a woman elects to destroy the life of her thousandth-of-an-ounce embryo.  But all society should rise up in alarm when it hears that a baby that is not wanted is about to be born.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Garrett Hardin

“Abolition of a woman’s right to abortion, when and if she wants it, amounts to compulsory maternity:  a form of rape by the State.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Edward Abbey

Is abortion evil? Are abortions considered Satanic Destruction Rituals?

It is no secret that I am Pro-Choice and I cannot think of one good reason to not be Pro-Choice. Unless you want someone to dictate what you do with your body, sanity, life and future, you are Pro-Choice too. Let’s cut to the chase; Pro-Life is fine if a person wants to be Pro-Life. I respect the decision that is right for the person however, having and rearing a child is a huge responsibility and bringing a child into a situation that give the child no hope or chance is a moral bankrupt decision. No child should be brought into a situation of pain and suffering however, society does it everyday of the week around the world. Why?

Now I am going to “bum you out” and read every fvcking word of the excerpt below:

“Once again, images of squirming infants struggling to hold on to their first minutes of life and stories of newborns shaking from withdrawal in neonatal intensive care units have reclaimed media attention. A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the number U.S. babies born with signs of opiate drug withdrawal has tripled in a decade, a finding that’s in line with evidence of an upsurge in abuse of prescription drugs. These infants have been characterized as the 21st-century version of the 1980s “crack baby” epidemic, which swept the country at the height of the war on drugs.” Source Reference

Does anyone else feel compassion for these helpless children? Unless they are extremely lucky enough to be adopted by responsible parents, children like this are doomed and sentenced to a life of abuse, neglect and health issues. Xtians are quick to fire back with “At least they are alive and god will take care of them”. I ask “What kind of god allows these innocent lives to suffer in the first place? Where is the “compassion” that so liberally spread like manure on ever page of the xtian’s bible?” What a monumental crock of shit #1.

Now, if I were to tie a man’s wife to the bed and repeatedly brutalize, sodomize and rape her I would be called a criminal however, Pro-Lifers want to do just that by banning abortion. They want to appease their god by taking away the rights of women. I guess women should not have control of their bodies so “the white bearded dude in the sky” will stop murdering innocent people with hurricanes, tornadoes, starvation, tsunamis, wild fires, earthquakes, floods,  drought, avalanches, heat waves, lightning strikes, volcanos, blizzards and diseases……….just to name a few. What a monumental crock of shit #2.

“The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.”

                                                                                                                                                    Ruth Bader Ginsberg

“Seventy-seven percent of anti-abortion leaders are men.  100% of them will never be pregnant.”

                                                                                                                                                   Planned Parenthood

OK men, listen carefully to this valuable advice: “Shut the fvck up! No one gives a good goddamn what you think about this matter……myself included. Shut the fvck up!” This is inherently a woman’s choice and I am sure she wants to be the one to decide what course her life is going to take. Let’s stay out of the matter completely and support the decision that is made.

If abortions can be banned by a government, castration can surely be mandated by the same government!!

For all the “bible thumpers” who hide in the shadows and read my blog every week (yes, I know you do), abortion is not a Satanic ritual, abortion doctors are not necessarily Antichrists and not everything is a Satanic conspiracy. Pro-Choice is not a Satanic agenda. Pro-Choice is a preventive action taken by an intelligent, responsible individual who does not want to become a“mother”; nothing more /nothing less. Abortion is not evil; evil is a woman who has her reproductive womb ripped out with a rusty coat hanger because a bunch of fat, balding, hypocrites outlawed her right to have a modern procedure performed by a competent, educated and vetted caregiver in a sanitary clinic with adequate  equipment to perform the medical procedure. Gentlemen, would you like your next prostate exam performed in a barn using a Louisville Slugger? Do you get the point?

“The states are not free, under the guise of protecting maternal health or potential life, to intimidate women into continuing pregnancies.”

                                                                                                                                                              Justice Harry A. Blackmun, Roe v. Wade, 22 January 1973

“One method of destroying a concept is by diluting its meaning. Observe that by ascribing rights to the unborn, i.e., the nonliving, the anti-abortionists obliterate the rights of the living.”

Ayn Rand

So to keep things in perspective:

1. I believe women have the right to do as they wish with their bodies…….period. 

2. I believe a great deal of suffering of the innocent would be prevented with a modicum of compassion in some cases.

3. I do not think it is wise to allow anyone the power and authority to prohibit / mandate any actions concerning a person’s body and their right to do as they please with their body.

4. Abortion is not a Satanic ritual.


Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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Bride of the Beast, Fall Equinox Feast and Joining a Satanic Coven

“She enters and a response from every eye is demanded. She is a beautiful Black Angel; so delicately and perfectly prepared this night for our Father. Her natural scent is intoxicating as she approaches the altar. As her robe falls to her feet, I can feel the blood in my veins like a crazy man ingesting an overwhelming drug. She waits in silence for Him as He claims what is rightfully His.”

Nuns Masterbation

In my last E-Newsletter, I asked subscribers what topic(s) they would like me to write about in future blog posts. The most requested topics were 1) Satanic Holidays / Celebrations and 2) Joining a Satanic Coven, so I decided to combine the Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) celebration with Fall Equinox Feast ritual while at the same time, explaining the process to join a Satanic coven.

In our modern world today, the bonds of matrimony are………………as serious as midget wrestling. All the preparation, anticipation, time and huge amount of money invested on a marriage seems to be a waste, considering the honeymoon may last longer than the actual marriage. I could go on with the hypocrisy of the xtian marriage vows assigning the woman to the man’s involuntary servitude; the couple that truly loves one another but are prohibited by law to marry because they are “same-sex” or the frequent flyers who are getting hitched for the 8th or 9th time. No, this blog post is not about marriage per se however, it is about symbolic acts performed during A Bride for the Beast (Bride of The Beast The Feast of the Bride); a satanic ritual.

Satanic coven range in size and diversity. Most coven are 13 members; when a 14th person is indoctrinated, usually the core coven will divide. Due to the size of our coven (Magnum Opus), we are building our 5th coven group thanks to the Blessings of Satan Himself.

Magnum Opus

*Prospects who expressed interest to one of our Brothers / Sisters are contacted and begin the vetting process during the Spring. Depending upon a Prospect’s history, the time required for the vetting process and if the results are acceptable, the Prospect is assigned a Mentor (usually the Sponsor the Prospect initially contacted) who teaches what must be learned before attending initiation. Our coven initiations are usually held during the Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) celebration. This allows new initiates to fully participate in the Fall Equinox Feast rituals and practices.

Satanic coven around the world are very individualistic and may differ greatly even if in relatively close proximity to one another. This diversity and individualism is, in my opinion, what makes Satanism interesting, appealing, engaging, refreshing and to the outsider, mysterious. Members of any organization must be satisfied and feel they are receiving a value or they will seek their  fulfillment elsewhere. During my decades as a Satanist, I have always felt a sense of belonging and contentedness. I was neither comfortable nor relaxed enough to cease and desist as a theological prevaricator until I found Satanism.

A Satanic Grimoire by Aleister Nacht

Autumnal Equinox, Festival of Dionysus or Witches Thanksgiving (aka: Fall Equinox) occurs around September 21st of each year. The two hemispheres of Earth are receiving an equal amount of sun and the night and day are approximately equal in length. The name equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). The sun is on the celestial equator which intersects our horizons at points due east and due west. From a historical standpoint, the Fall Equinox is a celebration of the harvest when summer has finished giving its fruits, which are collected in preparation for the long winter. In Celtic traditions, which still survive today, the Fall Equinox is a time of sacrifice; they made a figure from the stems of grain, which they sacrificed by fire. The extent of the rituals and celebrations usually differs from coven to coven. For example, some groups perform a Black Mass (Messe Noire) five or six weeks after the Fall Equinox while others perform magical rituals on the exact day of the Fall Equinox.

We have chosen the Fall Equinox / Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) for coven initiations. This is the first interaction the **Initiate will have with the entire coven (or smaller subset of the larger coven). The training and coaching received from the Mentor is designed to allow the Initiate to remain focused and successfully complete their initiation. Once completed, the person is thereafter called a Coven Member as he / she begins to form bonds and relationships in the Satanic family and Satanic community. As he / she learns, there are other opportunities if he / she desires however, furthering Satanism throughout the world remains paramount.

The Fall Equinox Feast is an opportunity for the newly indoctrinated coven members to attend a ritual / working with members of other groups or coven. This is truly when the coven member grows and broadens his / her satanic knowledge and wisdom. The coven serves as a support group to promote learning and self-fulfillment of all members.

Do you have questions about starting a Satanic Coven? Click Here

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

*Prospect – person who contacts a Satanic coven member seeking to be indoctrinated into that coven.

**Initiate – person who has successfully completed the prerequisite requirements to be initiated into a Satanic coven.

“Master, Open the Gates of Hell”

“From the darkness will light reveal; yet a conspectus is never viewed

Ancient demons who serve our Father; as we in His service due procure,

Neither hate nor evil can contain; emotion cannot abate studious perseverance

Those summoned to a concertina of time; honest and sedulous matriculation begins.”  

“Learning to Learn” about Satanism

Satanism and the study of holistic magic is a never-ending journey of enlightenment and an unlocking of cavernous wisdom found in remote cognitive corners of one’s own mind. To believe one has truly reached the pinnacle of Satanic knowledge is to only lie to one’s self. It does not end….ever. It is a life-long endeavor involving many sets of iterative processes; all of which require time, patience and tenacity to even begin to understand the most picayune of Satanic matters. It is a tuition the practitioner must invest in order to open the doorway to higher, loftier things.Satan and Women

The objective of Law School is not to teach the aspirant the law; it is to teach the aspirant how to think like a lawyer. Having the ability to verbally cite the subject matter comes with time however, one must master the ability to work through a question, apply the thought process of a lawyer and arrive at a similar conclusion as another lawyer would; given the same variables. This sounds quite simple yet, teaching a person to use this process can be a challenge.

When attempting to teach a person to “think” or decompose subject matter using a methodical, measured method, the true strengths and weaknesses of the individual come to light. The most commonly used method to teach “thought” to a person is using the “Socratic Method” created by Socrates. Since Socrates believed that the first step to knowledge was recognition of one’s ignorance, it’s not surprising that his method focuses less on proving your point and more on disproving the other person’s point with a series of questions (elenchus), resulting in theiraporia (puzzlement). A person uses this method to 1) analyze a problem 2) formulate a solution to the problem 3) imagine explaining your solution to perspective opposition and 4) be able to rebut any objections or counter assertions that would prove your solution invalid.

Ok, so you are asking yourself “What does any of this have to do with Satanism?“. I’m glad you asked. Learning is something every individual does slightly different from another. Some people learn by doing, and some learn by observing; some by reading and others by listening to lectures. In either case, the objective remains the same in Satanism and that is to learn and expand the person’s knowledge and ability while sharpening their skill set application. As a practitioner, you must be willing, able and disciplined enough to learn about the subject matter. Those who believe asking a few questions, buying some books and “talking the talk” will enable them to instantly work successful spells and rituals is sadly mistaken and destined to fail.Pan Satanism

Am I talking to you?

Only the Wind

Air is transparent; you cannot see air………..never been able to and never will. Yes, you can see the dust / dirt that is in the air; being carried and propelled by the wind however, the wind is transparent also. No one can deny humans need air to live or the wind is a powerful force. There are different influences on the wind such as the topography of the landscape, the presence or absence of natural barriers such as mountains and the Laws of Physics; especially the Venturi Effect. Regardless of the countless external elements and influences, the wind can either be cool and refreshing or it can have deadly intensity as with a tornado or hurricane…………but, it is air which cannot be seen.

Demons assist the Satanic practitioner by using energy generated during rituals to cause changes in perception and reality; thus causing the desires of the practitioner to become “reality”. Demons often manifest in physical form during ritual workings. The intensity and flow of powerful energy allows the being to slip the confines of the other dimensional side and actually enter our earthly realm. Just as the air, these beings cannot be seen until they encroach our reality; leaving a distinct tangible “body-print” in our space. These beings (including Satan Himself) look, speak and appear as we do and just as a cool breeze in summer if refreshing, so too can their manifestation be a pleasure and “breath of fresh air”.

There are times however, when our Lord Satan will not manifest yet, demon(s) will. Over time, you will become familiar with such beings and you will form a relationship with your Familiar. This being will go beyond the average interactions to form a bond with you. Satanists have described these demons with adjectives such as guardian angel, gate-keeper, brother / sister and friend. It is a powerful bond that continues throughout the Satanist’s life in most cases.

It is when the practitioner turns to “dabbling” instead of trying to learn, grow and focus that the trouble begins. As a general rule, Demons wish to bond with humans and work together in harmony but MAKE NO MISTAKE, we are not their equals nor are we immune to their wrath. To dabble blindly in Satanism is to do so at not only your risk, but at the risk of any other people you know, associate with and / or love. It is a lesson that may be difficult to learn and a price too high to pay for the practitioner. For more information, I cover this topic in other blog posts and in my books on Satanism.Save Our Souls For Satan

I have actually had readers email me in hopes that I can help break their bonds allowing the practitioner to go free. I’m afraid that I cannot be of assistance in the matter and once a situation is “fucked up” it must be “un-fucked” by the practitioner alone. What you initiate will not be so easy to dispose of; in extreme cases, the practitioner feels there is no way out and simply succumbs to their accepted fate.

Ring My Bell

Question: “Why is the bell rung nine times to open and close Satanic rituals?”

Nine is Satan’s number. It has commonly been interpreted to be 666 however, the “Six Trio” is found in the xtian bible and it is the number for man; not Satan. The ringing of a bell nine (9) times (during ritual work) clears the air inside the Inner Sanctum. Anton Lavey described the Inner Sanctum as the “intellectual decompression chamber” in his book The Satanic BibleClearing the air inside this “chamber” allows the resonate harmonics and low-frequency oscillation to manifest in useful satanic vibrations. His explanation is quite simple yet cognitively advanced. Anton LaVey provides good commentary on the subject as well:

“The formalized beginning and end of the ceremony acts as a dogmatic, anti-intellectual device, the purpose of which is to disassociate the activities and frame of reference of the outside world from that of the ritual chamber, where the whole will must be employed. This facet of the ceremony is most important to the intellectual, as he especially requires the “decompression chamber” effect of the chants, bells, candles, and other trappings, before he can put his pure and willful desires to work for himself, in the projection and utilization of his imagery.”Bible Cocaine

Until next time………….Hail Satan and Satanic Blessings,

Aleister Nacht

The Grand Climax Satanic Ritual – July 27th

As the Grand Climax week approaches, I wanted to share our coven’s beliefs and rituals of this most Satanic holiday. If you google the words “grand climax” you are sure to retrieve a gambit of information ranging from anal sex (the climax part) to Xtians claiming to have demystified the Grand Climax with descriptions of virgin sacrifice, child abduction or elaborate rituals performed by music superstars. Many Xtian “authorities” on the subject of Satanic rituals, holidays and celebrations are simply misguided fools who cut and paste horrid fabrications of human trafficking and “baby mills” to serve the escalating needs of the ever-growing Illuminati masses. From the elaborate schemes to kidnap just the right virgin to visitors from outer space who look like reptiles, the stories grow more outlandish and grotesque. If we are to speak on the subject, let’s use facts and truth instead of “Satanic panic”.

Satanic SexOur group, Magnum Opus, celebrates the entire week with daily recognition and observance of sacred acts designed to Exalt the most high King of the World, Satan. The week’s activities build upon one another so as to culminate in the celebratory ritual on the final night. While this tractate is a brief description of a week-long event, hopefully you will be able to extract any elements that you may find to be of interest. The Grand Climax, as Satanism itself, is open to the practitioner’s interpretation instead of tired,dead or meaningless dogma. The Satanist adopts the things that represents meaning to them and there is no “right or wrong” way of expressing our love and dedication to our King and the Hosts of Hell.

The Grand Climax falls at the end of July on the Satanic Calendar. The ritual is based upon blood and sex; the two main focus “operations or operators” involved. Each event on the Satanic Calendar is represented by one or more of these operations in observance of the particular date. Satanists embrace the operators due to the magical significance of the specific deed. Nothing herein would prevent a Satanist or coven from deviating from these operators for certain dates; again, it is totally left to the discretion of the practitioner to find what is right for them. It is noted (and has been witnessed our coven) that using the specified operator at the designated milestone date will render a much more potent magic and better dividends / rewards. Some elders speculate that it is the accumulation of “the many” which results in the magic being stronger and more intense during these workings. Their hypothesis is based upon the “numbers theory” whereas the same ritual(s), operation(s) and deliveries serve to amplify the Satanic magic allowing the demonic Familiar(s) to exercise greater power and authority in summoning and performing the acts desired of the practitioners. Whether the “safety in numbers” or the “strength in numbers” hypothesis works as explained is always up for debate. One thing is quite clear regardless of the root cause; the Satanic power of magic is stronger on these sacred ritual dates.

Blood rituals, if performed properly, have historically yielded great rewards through the fulfillment of the group’s desires. As discussed in my other blog posts, I do not advocate the proverbial “pact with the devil” as so many stories of old describe. Some Satanists believe this act of renunciation of the Xtian faith and embrace of the Satanic darkness makes their magic more potent; more powerful and allows them to feel closer (figuratively speaking) to Satan himself. I do not denounce this belief because Satanism is about the individual…….if this pact feels right and satisfies a deep seeded desire for the individual, that in itself is enough reason to recognize it as a value-added operational element.Nailed Crucifix

There is however, one part of the “pact belief” that allow for acceptance and that is the “Magical Reciprocity Effect”. While not based entirely upon the “Three-fold law, The Balance and Reciprocity” laws of magic, it does explain how magic seems to consistently behave. Nothing is free in the world in which we reside and magical operations must be “paid for” symbolically speaking in order for the practitioner’s desires to be met. Have you performed rituals that produced “nothing” in return? Perhaps you should evaluate your methodology to gain a better understanding of cause and effect. The blood ritual does just that………you give so that you may receive. It is a gesture of sacrifice in itself which allows the demonic spirits to close the dimensional gap in order to do your bidding; thus granting your desires. This simple premise has been reiterated in magic books and grimoires throughout history.

Sex rituals are sometimes misinterpreted as wild orgies and uncontrolled primal urges acted as drunken debauchery. While this explanation my be accurate in some Satanic groups, the purpose and performance of the sex ritual is much more refined, controlled and exacting. The sex ritual delivers much more than sexual satisfaction; it is an operation that delivers powerful, focused energy. The magical Law of Synchronicity plays a role as the timed release of the energy is compounded by the group. While the promise of orgies and sex within the coven are great sales tactics to attract and influence new initiates to the coven, it is not to be overlooked as a powerful tool of magic.

There are many different methods for performing a sex ritual. A High Priestess may stimulate a male coven member on the altar until ejaculation, while the coven gathers around the altar. I prefer manual stimulating a female coven member as she serves as the altar. The wonderful thing about women is multiple orgasms which creates an enormous amount of magical energy. I use my fingers on her soft G Spot which helps to control the climax, as well as allowing her to relax and enjoy the event without apprehension. Timing is important however, you must be sensitive to her needs and never leave her “hanging” or unsatisfied when completing the ritual.

The week of the Grand Climax is a flurry of activity. Our coven enjoys gathering for meals and the invitation extends to any visitors that will attend the rituals. It is a celebration and very enjoyable to all involved. Most outsiders see Satanists as gothic, sinister and antisocial beings who constantly sit in a dark room with the curtains drawn. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Humans are social animals and we as Satanists cultivate a feeling of family and a “belonging” to our coven brothers and sisters. The coven is a refuge from the world that encourages and rejuvenates its members.

I hope you will have the opportunity to participate in the Grand Climax Satanic celebration this year and use the occasion to reaffirm existing friendships and open the doorway to make new relationships within the Satanic community. You will be glad you did!

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

Just as the tides of the oceans, magic ebbs and flows. There are certain times that magic contains more energy and taking advantage of the surges is beneficial for the Satanic practitioner. The desires of the practitioner are carried directly to the source and their wishes are granted by Satan and the Hosts of Hell. Those are wondrous experiences and they open the door for  more advanced magical operations.

Human SacrificeTorture Cut In HalfThe lunar cycles do not control Satanists when planning rituals and magical workings. As I have said in previous blogs, there is more magical energy during a full moon and a new moon than there is at other time and this does benefit by increasing the energy force available however, Satan nor Demons are bound to “full moon arrivals” and are free to manifest as they desire. When you call a demon, it does not matter what phase the moon is in at that time. If you are sincere in your intention and approach, you will get results; I have witnessed it countless times.

The  calling of the blessed guest from Hell should always be the first order of business when conducting a working. You need to establish the connection early so you can communicate your will and desires to your “guests”. As the energy is heightened, the being will connect with you and the ritual performed. When the events unfold, some new practitioners will become frightened; it is natural, after all what they are witnessing for the first time is in direct conflict with their physical world. Even the new initiates who are excited about experiencing these manifestations will be taken aback when the event actually takes place. No amount of mental preparation will be adequate.

Anton Lavey wrote and spoke many times about Satanic Ritual Sacrifice by proxy. Satanists will perform these rituals from time to time since people will inevitably wrong one another. Ancient Satanic cultures practiced actual sacrifice of animals and even humans. In modern times, everyone like to “smooth over” the sacrifice subject and always use the “voodoo doll” analogy. In the past, sacrifice was not by proxy, teddy bear nor Barbie doll; it was a real sacrifice. This was no different from the virgin being thrown into a volcano to appease a tribal god. The Satanists believed the blood (especially from a newborn child) held magical properties that would enable the energy to be heightened during rituals. Some coven believed that the infliction of sustained pain by the victim would greatly increase this energy.Kill Them

For instance, increasing the pain of an animal such as a goat would release adrenaline into the bloodstream so when the animal’s throat was finally cut and the blood drained into the ceremonial chalice, increased power could be extracted by drinking the blood mixed with certain drugs. Aleister Crowley experimented extensively at the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily. One approach was to have sexual intercourse with and cut the animal’s throat at the time of the human’s orgasm. The blood was ingested and a higher spiritual plane was reportedly reached.

The workings of the ancients have taught us a lot in the form of “what works and what does not”. As Satanists explore the realms of magic in the future, I am confident other workings will be devised and new ways to harness Satanic energy will be found. Until then, we must always reach for the outer limits of magical operation and strive to discover new territory for the next generations to come.

Until next time,


Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

Each year, many Satanic coven celebrate the Summer Solstice (Sommersonnenwende). Rituals, celebrations and other happenings are often observed by Pagans, Wiccans and other beliefs. Satanists enjoy this celebration as well. The rituals used by the different practitioners vary greatly from group to group however, an excerpt of the ritual our coven uses is below.

Photograph by Haarvey Aardvark

Photograph by Haarvey Aardvark

The themes of the Summer Solstice Ritual are Sex and Blood. Both are represented in the ritual we perform. Part of the ritual is acquired from the Throne of Moloch ritual. This ritual amplifies the “sacrifice” element which symbolizes the sacrifice of an infant or small child, intermixed with cannibalism of the body and drinking of its blood. The ritual is believed to have been created by the Pagans and adapted by other belief groups, including Satanism, however, Moloch is actually in the Law of Moses.

The beginning of the ritual is focused on the acquisition of blood and the conjure of Satanic energy. The remainder of the ritual fulfills the carnal, sexual desires (as below) during which the energy is increase to the point of orgasm and then released through orgasm. The ritual is not an orgy per se, however it becomes very much sexually driven to the point of climax when the energy is dissipated into the sanctum. The opening of the ritual mirrors the beginning of any other ritual. Once the coven has gathered in the Inner Sanctum and the opening completed, the Summer Solstice Ritual is performed as below.

Satanic Ritual of the Summer Solstice (excerpt)

High Priest

To you Satan, Prince of Darkness and King of this World.


We dedicate ourselves to your service and glory!

High Priest

To the Demons of the Abyss, wondrous with Satanic spender.


Carry these words into the World as we worship of our King.

High Priest

Deliver to those in need of Satanic Blessings, these words in our Master’s name.

We call upon the four Crown Princes of Hell; Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan!


Satan, may our magic be blessed with your flame. May your wrath pour upon the earth!

Lucifer, bless our words with your enlightenment. Carry our voices upon the wind.

Belial, bless our ritual from the dark earth. Unleash your wrath upon those who would desire to bind us.

Leviathan, bless us from the watery depths. Allow us to drink deeply from your chalice at the gates of Hell.

High Priest

Blessed are those who hear these words, for the unfit shall flee from the sound of His Truth.

Blessed are the believers and practitioners of Satanism, for they command the darkness to fulfill their every desire.

Blessed are the Satanic Brothers and Sisters working diligently to nurture and ennoble evil for Moloch.

For the blood of Baal’s athame shall bring forth our Master; on the altar of Moloch, we shall deliver so that we may descry the Highest.

I will spit upon the kindred of the weak as they call to an empty sky; they have sealed their fate and are unworthy of the Devil’s knowledge.

The coven members circle the Altar as the High Priest begins to stimulate the Altar’s vagina area with his fingers. As each person touches the Altar’s nude body, the Coven chants the phrase below until her first orgasm.

Sanctus Satanas, Domine Inferi

The Sub Deacon raises the chalice, blesses it and drinks. He gives the chalice to the congregation and each person drinks and passes to the next person.

Until next time,


The Satanic Coven – Satan’s Aphrodisiac

Satanic Sex

I have been involved in the Satanic Black Arts for most of my life and that is why I have a very, very large extended family within the Satanic community. I do not use the word “family” lightly. I have a wonderful family that worships together and supports one another. While involved with the Christian church, I never felt as close to nor as comfortable as I do with my Satanic family. At the very core of this feeling is my local coven. I feel the nucleus of my family is the coven and all other involvement, whether with affiliated covens or the larger demographic, is adding value to the basic group.

All humans desire to belong in a group of like-minded individuals. We all have a deep need to be desired and loved. For me, the coven fulfills that yearning and makes me feel whole. There is also another wonderful advantage to belonging to a coven and getting to know the members intimately; the mental and sexual connection with the other demonic kindred spirits.

The need for sexual intercourse is a most powerful driving force in human nature; second only to food and water, so it is no surprise that people constantly think about, talk about, dream about and fantasize about Sex. The need to spread the seed or receive and nurture the very fluid that, when combined with the egg, can bring forth the possibility for another human being to be created is the very essence of continuing the human race. The very word “intercourse” stirs warm feelings in the erogenous areas of both man and woman; both aching and longing to satisfy the urges in orgasmic release. With the passing of time and the free exchange of sexual encounters in every corner of the world, it was only a matter of time before something would go terribly wrong…….enter AIDS.

As the epidemic swept across the globe, there were those narrow-minded fools that believed AIDS was a homosexual disease and heterosexuals were immune to the spreading illness. It was during that critical period that many “heterosexuals” contracted the deadly illness due to their ignorance. In the current society, everyone knows unprotected sexual intercourse could possibly be a “death sentence”; literally. So what does all this have to do with the satanic coven?

In today’s sexual protected and tense world, the satanic coven is an oasis in the desert of celibacy. Knowing the members of the group on such intimate terms is an advantage when dealing with the undeniable urge to “fuck”. Yes, there are many possible “mutually beneficial” alliances that can be successfully cultivated and both (or more) members can have very rewarding experiences. This begins with penis and vagina but sometimes, the sharing of a few moments of passion lead to a much deeper connection and sometimes reveals the illusive “soul mate” link that so many people search for their entire lives.

Another of the benefits is the fact that neither person needs to feel uneasy, uncomfortable or embarrassed with their desires and / or preferences. In the coven (as in Satanism itself) there is no place for shame or feelings of fear concerning their sexuality. If both (or more) individuals are satisfied, “mission accomplished”. Who wants to feel like they are being judged for secret desires they want fulfilled? Certainly, a Satanist will not have such feelings and / or apprehensions.

Deutsch: Frau und Mann in der Reitstellung Eng...

The Satanic coven can be much more than friends; the coven can be the strong social glue that holds the members together and allows them to fully realize their true potential as Satanists. Take the time to cultivate relationships in the coven and within other covens as well to expand your knowledge of our magic and to support one another while perhaps serving a much greater physical need.

Until next time,


Satanism and Demonic Ritual

Vias Diaboli Vagina
Inverted Pentagram

Hail Satan

I have touched upon some of the mechanics of demonic ritual in previous posts. The actual implements, approbation, tools, techniques, etc. are  outlined in the Book of Satanic Magic so I will not cover them in this book.

I will however open the reader to the acceptance and responsiveness of demonic powers that culminate into an incontrovertible corollary for the practitioner.
First, let me point out that the ways of magic are not exclusive to the Magus; anyone with the proper training, tenacity, patience and determination can expect consummate results. As with anything, the reward is equally proportionate to the investment made by the practitioner. The mind and body must be attuned to the slightest dimensional harmonics to make compensatory redress and lessen the attenuate course of action.

As the ceremony is opened, you should pay close attention to vibrations, sounds, temperature changes, etc. Some demons manifest as slight changes in ambient lighting produced by candlelight. Others will bring an uneasy “chill” to the otherwise temperate conditions of the sanctum. I have experienced the movement of small objects caused by a quick puff of air from an undetermined direction. These are all examples however, none are constantly present. Demons are individuals (as we) and they make their entrance as they wish.

The choice of demonic force desired is usually according to the ritual being conducted; In Rem:  Destruction ritual would necessitate a menacing and contentious being with the ability to do your evil dealing without any reservation whatsoever.
I prefer a demon such as Samael (Demon of Death) for this type of working. The match of tactic and tactician is very important. This is magic where real and tangible results are produced; magic is not a stratagem.
The Ritual of Baphomet can be used as an opening for the Ritual of Black Flame. Both rituals are precursors to a summons and both work well together. Advantageous transitions into the conjurations can be found by using these rituals. The right frame of mind is both necessary and conspicuous for the practitioner. One only has to experience the true working of the conjure to be forever transformed through a satanic metamorphosis; just as caterpillar to chrysalis (pupa) to the butterfly.
All actions play out to the five senses and some are overwhelming. For example, when the being Azazel (that great shepherd and scapegoat) materializes, there is always a sound that reminds me of a goat bleating. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, each being is as individual as we humans are.

The ringing of a bell nine (9) times (during ritual work) clears the air inside the Inner Sanctum. Anton Lavey described the Inner Sanctum as the “intellectual decompression chamber” in his book The Satanic Bible.

Clearing the air inside this “chamber” allows the resonate harmonics and low frequency oscillation to manifest in useful satanic vibrations. His explanation is quite simple yet cognitively advanced.

“The formalized beginning and end of the ceremony acts as a dogmatic, anti-intellectual device, the purpose of which is to disassociate the activities and frame of reference of the outside world from that of the ritual chamber, where the whole will must be employed. This facet of the ceremony is most important to the intellectual, as he especially requires the “decompression chamber” effect of the chants, bells, candles, and other trappings, before he can put his pure and willful desires to work for himself, in the projection and utilization of his imagery.”
The imagery conceived in the mind plays a part and as I have discussed before, imagining the outcome of a ritual (in this case the materialization of a demon) is very important. You (and the coven) must be prepared for the visualization of the demon and the group should discuss the imagery before entering the Inner Sanctum and opening the ritual. Without this all-important step, the members of the coven are each imagining a different outcome from the process than the other coven members; and thus confusion and a failed conjure. Speak with one voice, think as one mind within your coven, and ensure everyone is mentally prepared.
Purification of the body, just as the air, is very important as well. Bathing before rituals is not only a courtesy for your coven members (who may perform fellatio on you later) but is ultimately respectful to Satan and the Demons you invite into your rituals. Respect is not only desired but it is required of the hellish hosts. Any less that absolute reverence, tribute and worship is unpardonable and should never be condoned or allowed to manifest within the working coven. Members should understand and comply with this simple precept.
“There is no difference between “White” and “Black” magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness and self-deceit of the “White” magician himself. “
Anton Szandor Lavey
When performing any incantation, the culmination and focus of energy is vital and conjuration is no different. The focus of the group’s energy allows for the frenetic controlled chaos to be channeled into a powerful medium with fantastic results. The group begins building this energy long before entering the Inner Sanctum.
This energy is identical to that of a child who is looking forward to a special event (such as the arrival of Santa Claus) and the anticipation amplifies as time passes. The magic of the coven is no different from this crude analogy. By the time the practitioner finally enters the Inner Sanctum, he/she can hardly contain them self. Thus, the unabated pure power.
I also equate this feeling to being sexually stimulated but not to the point of orgasm. The result is the same.

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht


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