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Fall Equinox Satanic Holiday

Keeper of Satanic Darkness

As a Satanist, I am a messenger of unflinching truth for Satan; the great Dragon. From abstract to reality, evil courses through my imperfect veins. I offer praise to Him as illumination of my Left Hand Path is found in His presence. There are many people who claim to have knowledge of Satanic rituals, yet they glamorize the atheistic view of Satanism. It is a slap in the face to Satan and His Demons; from hall to Satanic Altar. Freedom is offered to those who wish to fulfill his / her desires and, as a byproduct, happiness through indulgence. Finding the Satanic “center” is paramount for the long and winding journey. Call forth those awaiting the summons. Hail the gothic, ancient Master and Keeper of the Gate. Collect the flesh for the flames.


Fall Equinox Satanic Ritual


Fall Equinox Satanic Holiday


“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” 

                                                                                         Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 When searching for your belief in Satanism, you will try various approaches until you finally find what is right for you. I know; I have said this many, many times before however this topic always returns to the forefront of inquisitive emails I receive from readers. Some have read one paragraph from my blog and they are ready to ask a million questions. I try to answer their questions or at least send them a link to a blog post that will give them the information they seek. Hey, I’m a nice guy………..but more than that, I remember my past and how I endured some “know it all” belligerent pricks who loved to hear themselves talk much more than anyone was interested in hearing.

Satanic Demon

I also receive emails from those who disagree with my ideas and beliefs. I don’t mind hearing from these folks even though I did not ask their opinion still I might engage in an email reply just for amusement. In the end, I have my belief and they have theirs and apart from a conversation, neither party comes to the realization to change their beliefs. Then, there is the occasional “unofficial Critic”. This person wants nothing more than to be a wise-ass and provoke anyone. These idiots are not worth the time to reply……..that is what the Delete key is used for and it feels rather good to flush their two page meandering email down the virtual toilette. As a Satanist, one of the most liberating feelings is the lack of obligatory personal commitment to another person. I do not owe anyone an answer nor do I care about their issues with my beliefs. They can “pound sand” in my opinion. If someone is being a dick head, I am not obliged to defend my beliefs. My beliefs work for me. I digress.

The theologies and beliefs of Satanism are numerous and very diverse. Most people take the “I’ll know it when I see it” approach which is the method I choose many years ago. When I first became interested in the occult, I researched several different belief systems and none were really to my liking. Satanism was the one that made sense; although I did not (and do not) agree with Anton LaVey 100%. I am not an atheist; I am a Satanist. I began to explore the path that has led to my current beliefs.

Nude WomanDifferent approaches work for different people and what brings me success may do nothing for someone else. For this reason, one should not become bogged down in dogma unless that dogma produces pleasing results. The idea that one Satanist must replicate another Satanist’s ritual, prayer, etc is wrong. If someone “dictates and mandates” in Satanism, this will be the first indication that you should seek knowledge elsewhere; rather quickly.

I have pointed out numerous times in my writings that the practitioner must open the mind and visualize the outcome of a working. Many searchers read a few articles on the internet and perhaps buy a book or two and begin performing rituals without knowing what they are doing. This approach goes beyond simple experimentation to almost a laughable blasphemy of evil. In many cases, the practitioner looses interest because “nothing happens”. What did the practitioner expect to happen? That approach is similar to dialing phone numbers at random with the hope of reaching another Satanist. Logically and mathematically, there are better chances of winning the lottery.

Also, do not become bogged down in the minutia of having the right incense, the right color altar, etc.  Having those items does not guarantee success. You cannot replicate magic; you can replicate the inner sanctum, candles, incense, rituals, etc. however, these things do not create magic. These things help to “set a mood” for the magician just as a prop can assist the actor but it is the actor, not the prop, that delivers the performance.Messes Noires Satanic Black Mass

I have reiterated the fact that the practitioner should align their desires with the desires of the Hosts of Hell in order to reap the most from their magical working. What does Satan want from the practitioner? That is for the practitioner to learn and understand; NO ONE ELSE KNOWS THESE DESIRES. The techniques of Satanic Meditation can assist the practitioner in opening the lines of communication with their Familiar or other beings. Satan does not email His desires so stop waiting and begin working. There are many extreme beliefs created by incompetents and fed to idiots. These so called “satanists” are nothing more than atheists or anarchists. True Satanic Magic has never, nor will ever, be controlled by these posers. 

Satanism is a journey and even the Satanists who have been affiliated with the dark arts for years should still be recording their works in a grimoire and striving to increase their magical dominance and improve their Satanic processes. There is no such thing as a Satanic PhD. All followers of the dark arts must explore, experiment and seek to increase their knowledge and skills.

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht


Bloody Girl In Woods

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Satanic Sanctum of Devil Worship

Satanism, Murder and Sexual Satisfaction

Satanists and Covens

Humans are social animals and as such, we all seek approval and acceptance from our peers and friends. We as animals certainly want to fit into a clique or circle and it is important for us to seek out those who are like us or seem to be similar to us by certain attributes. The Satanic “Coven” is a prime example of like-minded individuals who come together to accomplish certain goals or tasks because they enjoy one another’s company and that which they are doing together. A coven is some what a family unit; you may have that older and perhaps ‘wiser’ Matriarch or Patriarch who keeps the group focused and moving together with solidarity toward the groups goals. You may also have those who are like sisters and brothers. The younger generation is also represented as those who have come of age and are now flexing their magical wings as they set about on their path.Satanic Sanctum

The Satanic coven is a cohesive unit that should be a functional group. Roles and responsibilities are very important within the coven and also the norms of the group (the acceptable behaviors) should be established in order for everyone to feel comfortable. In intimate situations or environments, the coven can be a source of support, joy and true friendship. The coven can also devolve into contention, disarray and the lack of guidance and supervision will cause the coven to reach the point of dismantling.

The Satanic Journey

We are all on a life-long journey of discovery. Even those who have practiced the Satanic Arts for a lifetime, should be constantly searching for better processes, higher enlightenment and the revelation of illusive knowledge. As we live, so shall we learn and master new techniques and methods. We, in turn, pass this information to the generations coming after us in history. We sow, reap and re-sow; making the Satanic landscape fertile for the future.Lovely Vagina

Satanism and Devil Worship are often misunderstood concepts for the public at large. Anton LaVey was a pioneer, bringing the Dark Arts out of the closet however, Anton was clearly an atheist. There is nothing wrong with a person believing (or not believing) in conformance with others yet, the “face of Satanism” is always seen as “LaVeyan”. For the most part, his beliefs leave true Searchers ‘empty'; at least that is what the emails I receive seem to indicate. So where does one go when the he / she travels suddenly ends?

From left to right, the metaphorical junction is a source of abject frustration for those who wish to expedite their journey. Long theological detours add to the discontentment, often producing a feeling that belief must be “made to fit” as a round peg into a square opening. Some are so beaten down by life itself, they simply resign to accept their reality without so much as a whimper. The established religions are full of Searchers who ran out of steam on the way to enlightenment.

Religious Hate

The uneducated of the world view anything “different from their beliefs” as evil; always have and always will. If you want to stir the bucket of hate, just mention religion in the wrong company of people. Those who spoke of love, happiness and freewill moments earlier, will certainly “show the other cheek” when confronted with logical questions and /or assertions. If valid challenges are introduced, the conversation devolves into the prohibition of “questioning ______”. The answer most recited: “_____ does not like to be questioned”. If you cannot ask questions, how do you learn? Well, most religions dictate what followers will believe…….unquestionably. 

Surprisingly, these gods often require the senseless robbery, murder, rape, and slavery of others within and outside the herd. While I might expect to read about such barbaric acts when the human species was very young, humans claim to have “evolved” into the cognitively enlightened. So why are we witnessing such acts committed unabashedly in “civilized” societies now? Death is a measure of status; “win or lose”, as peace is sodomized in the name of insert name here. To quote Gavin in War of the Roses: “At 15 I became an evolutionist; and it all became clear. We came from mud. And after 3.8 billion years of evolution, at our core is still mud.” 

Established religions are murdering each other while the collective world “looks on”. This is not Satanists, Devil Worshipers, Witches or any other Occult practitioners performing these crimes against humanity. How much blood must their ‘gods’ receive before it ends? The cycle of bloodshed continues……………. 

Crucifix Dildo Satanism Demons

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

In the past week I have received questions from 3 newlywed women and 1 newlywed man asking about Satanic Sex Rituals to enhance their newly consummated relationship. It is not unusual to receive questions about sex however, I found it peculiar that all 4 instances were from newlyweds. I usually receive questions from those who have been in relationships for some time; “How can Satanic Sex spice up my long-term relationship?” To my surprise, there were some common denominators………..

The 3 women had 1) abstained from premarital sex with their chosen partner; not total premarital sex, since all admitted they were not virgins before the marriage. 2) All 4 individuals had received “religious” counseling which firmly implanted a notion of abstinence as a requirement for a ‘blessed’ union. 3) The man admitted he and his soon-to-be bride had one night of “wild, unadulterated, passionate sex” one month before the marriage. After the nuptials, sex with his new bride was “like fucking a rag doll” and any requested act beyond the Missionary position was  met with “strict refusal” by The Mrs. Suddenly, the reality of their respective situations had ‘sunk in’ and was so troubling, all sought answers in the Satanic.

What is right for one person will cloud the perception and judgement of another. Compatibility is an essential ingredient for a happy and healthy relationship and knowing two are compatible before taking a plunge into a legal relationship is even more important (in my opinion). How does abstinence help this situation at all? It doesn’t and statistics prove this point. Getting married and then expecting your partner to change (or trying to make your partner change) simply ends badly. Find out prior to a commitment and you will be glad you did.

Until next time,

Satanic Blessings!

Bride of the Beast and Fall Equinox Feast

Bride of the Beast and Fall Equinox Feast

Aleister Nacht:

Information for our coming rituals!

Bride of the Beast, Fall Equinox Feast and Joining a Satanic Coven

Hail Satan!!


Bride of the Beast and Fall Equinox Feast


Originally posted on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog:

“She enters and a response from every eye is demanded. She is a beautiful Black Angel; so delicately and perfectly prepared this night for our Father. Her natural scent is intoxicating as she approaches the altar. As her robe falls to her feet, I can feel the blood in my veins like a crazy man ingesting an overwhelming drug. She waits in silence for Him as He claims what is rightfully His.”

Nuns Masterbation

In my last E-Newsletter, I asked subscribers what topic(s) they would like me to write about in future blog posts. The most requested topics were 1) Satanic Holidays / Celebrations and 2) Joining a Satanic Coven, so I decided to combine the Bride of The Beast (September 7, 2012) celebration with Fall Equinox Feast ritual while at the same time, explaining the process to join a Satanic coven.

In our modern world today, the bonds of matrimony are………………as…

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Grand Climax 2014 Satanic Sacrifice

Grand Climax Satanic Ritual – July 27, 2014

Opening the “Gates of Hades”

Our numbers grow – 362,701 visitors

With the Grand Climax approaching, I wanted to provide some thoughts to those who are busy preparing for this unholy Satanic holiday. The Satanic Grand Climax is celebrated worldwide by covens of all sizes and walks of life and sole practitioners near and far. From eastern Europe to the tip of Argentina, the Black Flame will burn to honor Satan and the Hosts of Hell. The conjuration of Satanic and Demonic power used by the coven is both enjoyed and savored by every member. The true freedom and uncensored actions of the Satanist allows one to be totally honest without feelings of shame or perceived threats of ostracization. We belong to Satan and we look to His power for our wants and needs to be abundantly satisfied. This is Devil Worship; always has been and always will be. Hail Satan!

Satanic Rituals

There are countless conspiracy theorists who twist reality into their desired meanings. Many others seek their “15 minutes” of fame by allegedly discovering a plot; then speak on the subject as an authority. These purveyors of rhetoric come and go without substance or justification. To me, this is entertainment, not to be taken seriously at all.

We Are Going About The Father’s Work

As you can imagine, this week has been quite busy. Now, as we catch our breath, our Coven prepares to usher the Satanic celebration and receive the benediction of His charge. We send our Satanic Blessings to those of the grove and wish you the very best hijinx! You are a wonderful Satanic Concilium! LOL

As you can imagine, we all struggle with our collective goals and the metaphorical roadblocks placed in our paths. With this passing weekend, we begin to prepare for the coming of more nuisances. I am constantly bombarded with xtian aggravation and the atheistic “Satanists” who simply want to “speak of which they know nothing”. From one to another, I do not know who is the greater fools! “The Work” continues……

Father, Illuminate Our Path

I sincerely wish those who travel the LHP the very best of success tomorrow night and know that Magnum Opus is with you in thought and spirit. Do not be dissuaded nor let your hand tremble upon the hilt for mercy was decided long ago. From corner to corner, let the illuminating darkness fill the sanctum while flesh is rent and blood flows. We kneel before the blackest of love and the power of His will. We transverse the Parallax Dimension and invite the Satanic Court from on high! Grand Climax Satanic Sacrifice

Stand tall and offer the Praeludium as a conquering army of souls. Ring the bell and drink deeply from the chalice. From the Cardinals of the compass, our voices overpower with hate. They shall grovel at the feet of a stone yet their pleas remain unanswered.

Those who slumber in congregations, you shall soon be awaken to the glorious dawn; The Star in the night! This shall begin, as ages of old, with a voice in the wild. We shall answer and prepare HIS way.

Satanic Blessings!!!

Until next time,


Inverted Cross

Inverted Cross

Nude Woman Blindfolded

Aleister Nacht’s Manager Resigns; Pays Settlement

For those who have asked, yes it is true. I have issued a release on my website however, I decided to post the information on social media as well.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding while going through this difficult time. What has been done is in the past and I choose to look to the future instead of reliving the past. A sincere “Thank You” to my close friends who have messaged me with concern. All is well and I look forward to putting this behind me. Let’s look at this as a victory and now focus on the Grand Climax of July 27th. Again, thank you!


Aleister Nacht’s Manager Resigns; Pays Settlement
July 19, 2014
Pass-A-Grille, FL

Adam Cohen, manager and longtime business partner of best-selling author Aleister Nacht, resigned earlier today and agreed to pay $425,000 to settle allegations of fraud and misappropriation of the author’s funds. In a statement issued this afternoon, Nacht called the circumstances surrounding Cohen’s resignation “A betrayal of trust motivated by greed”. “Adam was a business partner I trusted and he took advantage of that trust. He will now pay for his greed”.

Details of the settlement included Cohen’s immediate resignation, an uncompensated surrender of his 30% stake held in Loki/Speckbohne Media, and the payment of $425,000, which includes $225,000 owed to Nacht in back royalties. Due to the agreed upon settlement terms, neither Loki/Speckbohne Media nor Aleister Nacht will file criminal charges or seek future legal remedies.

Cohen could not be reached for comment.

Satanic Nude Women Magnum Opus

The Grand Climax Satanic Ritual

Aleister Nacht:

Nude Woman Magnum Opus Satanic Altar









This post remains relevant so I will repost it.


Satanic Nude Women Magnum Opus

Originally posted on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog:

As the Grand Climax week approaches, I wanted to share our coven’s beliefs and rituals of this most Satanic holiday. If you google the words “grand climax” you are sure to retrieve a gambit of information ranging from anal sex (the climax part) to Xtians claiming to have demystified the Grand Climax with descriptions of virgin sacrifice, child abduction or elaborate rituals performed by music superstars. Many Xtian “authorities” on the subject of Satanic rituals, holidays and celebrations are simply misguided fools who cut and paste horrid fabrications of human trafficking and “baby mills” to serve the escalating needs of the ever-growing Illuminati masses. From the elaborate schemes to kidnap just the right virgin to visitors from outer space who look like reptiles, the stories grow more outlandish and grotesque. If we are to speak on the subject, let’s use facts and truth instead of “Satanic panic”.

Satanic SexOur group, Magnum…

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The Coven by Aleister Nacht

Sinister Chant, the Ritual Bell and the Satanic Altar

The Coven by Aleister Nacht

This episode answers some common questions about Sinister Chant, how to use the Ritual Bell to increase the effectiveness of your Satanic rituals and female vs. male Satanic altars………which one is best?


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